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Oscar misses his family | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

– Nay, can I taste this?
– Quietly, guys. – Alright, taste it.
– Oh. Happy Mother’s Day! – Aww, how sweet!
– These are for you. – Is it Mother’s Day today?
– Yes! Thank you! I just want to thank you for
always taking care of me, and for all the sacrifices
you’ve made for me. Come on, dear.
They weren’t sacrifices. I’m doing this because
you’re my daughter. I love you so much.
Come here. I love you too, Nay. How sweet! Give me that. Nay… Happy Mother’s Day. – You got me flowers too?
– Of course! Oh, thank you so much! Happy Mother’s Day, Lola! Thank you so much, dear! Hey, what’s with
all the flowers? We got some for you too!
Go on, guys! – Happy Mother’s Day!
– Oh, thank you! Ate Doray, Miss Elizabeth,
Happy Mother’s Day. You’re like our second
and third mothers in here. Thanks for always
taking care of these two. Oh, don’t mention it! – Thank you!
– Alright… Happy Mother’s Day
to all of us! – We love you!
– Happy Mother’s Day! Happy Mother’s Day, Marissa. I miss you so much. You and the children. But I know you’re
up there in heaven, guiding me through all
the challenges I must face as the President
of this country, just as you’ve
always done before. – Ma’am?
– We need to talk. Why? I just need to ask you
a small favor,


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