Oscar Mercado talks about the Tribe's confidence

no we're really confident right now like I said earlier everyone's feeling really good obviously we don't have this antenna out right now as well but just the fact that anybody can jump in and it just speaks of how our team is built and we're a dangerous team right now and we and we know that especially with we knew you know people from the outside we're diving us a lot and just the fact that we're able to go out there and compete every day at a high level and prove people wrong we love that you know they make when you got to give so much credit to him he's helped us out a lot and he's been he's been nothing short of amazing especially lately and just over all the guys on the teams is everyone picks each other I'm gonna know we're built we're built really well in our chemistry's really well too see I wasn't it's actually pretty incredible because I wasn't on the team last year and I keep asking I'm like man this is this kind of what it is and then he was just kind of knowing how he performed last year the whole year and just going into this year and then watching him do that you're like wow it's pretty incredible and in fact that he's been doing that almost every day it's no it's fun to watch and which like I said it's what makes us so dangerous right now


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