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Oscar is worried about Task Force Agila’s safety | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Not long after the recent deaths
of four policemen, another law enforcer was killed. Task Force Agila member
Police Captain Francisco Rivera was found dead
on a garbage dump in a market in Kasaganaan
this morning. Rivera was very close to me,
Mr. President. He was one of my most-trusted
subordinates in CIDG. He was like a son to me. That is why I will
personally ensure… …that his killers will be
caught and punished. Gosh… Another officer
was killed. Yeah. It’s really
dangerous nowadays. Until now, authorities
are trying to find leads on who is behind the killings. Bungo took out another officer. And this time, it was
someone close to Dalisay. I wonder what’s
driving him to do this. Did Dalisay do something
to him in the past? One down… Who among them should
I finish next? What do you think, David? Should I kill one more? Fine.
I’ll kill one more.


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