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Oscar is alarmed about the increased rate of crime | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

The CIDG is now
looking at the possibility of that case being
connected to Hipolito. Nicolas Mora? He’s an owner of
a furniture-making company. A group of armed men
abducted him in a restaurant
the other night. His abduction was
very systematic. As of now, his wife Rosalyn is also missing. Sir? Yes, Cedric. Come here. This is for you. I added more this time… …because of your
good service. Thank you, sir. I’ll give you more. Just keep up
the good work. This breaks the pattern,
Secretary Borja. This time, the victim
was a businessman, and not a syndicate leader. Yes, but just like
the other victims, he also had connections
with Lucas Cabrera. He also contributed
some funds for Hipolito’s senatorial
campaign before. Alright, Secretary Borja. Tell the CIDG to look
into this further. Yes, Mr. President. The police were alarmed
by the series of crimes these past few days. A man named ‘Bungo’
and his group is wanted for the robbery of Golden
Bridge Bank in Manila, a pawnshop heist, and most recently,
the death of two cops who were having
a lunch break. Many more crimes are linked
to the said group. Boss, you’re on TV. Good thing the footage is bad, so they couldn’t recognize us. Too bad they know what
you look like now. I don’t care. You’re not on
the news anymore. Looks like they’ve
forgotten you. Not really. We have yet to see what
Hidalgo’s task force plan is. Now what?
Will you carry out your plan? No one can stop my plan. Not Dalisay, his group, and most especially,
Hidalgo. And definitely not you, Uwak. Come on. Let’s get going.
I’m getting bored. Boss… Let’s chill out first. The cops are looking for us. Timo… You want to chill out Fine. I’ll turn you into
a cold corpse. You want that? Boss, I was just kidding. Look. I’m ready. Come on! Get ready! Let’s go. Stop wasting time. Come on. Let’s go! He won’t stop until
we take on Dalisay. As of now, Mr. President, only the murder
of Carlson Chan is the only thing implicating
Hipolito to the crime. What about the others? The rest are simply
based on speculation? We also need to consider
the other victims who were connected
to Hipolito. General Borja is right. We have to follow all leads. Rest assured,
Madam Secretary, we will continue
investigating in order to obtain evidence
that will implicate him. What about the kidnapping
case of Nicholas Mora? Wasn’t he kidnapped
in a public place? In a restaurant. I’m sure there are
CCTV cameras there. We can find leads
from those videos. Hello? Mrs. Vergara? Lilly? What do you need? Loosen up. I just wanted to check
on your restaurant. Have you guys reopened? Not yet. We’ll wait for the news
regarding Mora’s kidnapping to die down first. That’s your decision. Have you told your
men about my orders? Yes. I had the CCTV
cameras destroyed. And I had the
footages deleted. Very good. Because of that, I will give you an
additional two million. Thank you. Just keep your word
and don’t betray me. Because if you do, something worse
than a kidnapping will happen in
your restaurant. It will turn into ash


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