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Oscar invites Lily to Flora’s Garden | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Hey, I’ve got
great news for you! What is it? Alyana called me earlier. They’re inviting us
to the grand opening of the eatery of Lola Flora,
Cardo’s grandma. I think we should ask
Mr. President first if we’re all going there. I’ll stay here because
Mr. President needs me. Don’t worry about me. We are all going to
Lola Flora’s grand opening. Oh yeah! Mr. President. – Thank you, Doray.
– You’re welcome, sir. Hello, Lily. Will you go to the grand
opening of Flora’s Garden? Yes, they invited me. Are you sure you can go? Your condition might get worse. It’s alright.
I’ve completely recovered. I see. I have nothing to
worry about, then. Would you like to go there
together? Are you sure, Mr. President? Of course. Thank you so much. Bye.


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