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Oscar Hernandez Trio | Nuestra Música con Ernesto | AARP en Español

♫ [Piano] Wow! What an honor. We are at the home of maestro Oscar Hernández, leader of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra. Friends, stay with us, because he brought in a Latin jazz trio that will perform one of his original compositions. [Nuestra música con Ernesto] Oscar, thank you for inviting us to your home in Los Angeles. First, I’d like to ask, what was your inspiration behind the creation of this wonderful orchestra, the Spanish Harlem Orchestra? Well, back in 2000, a producer called me with the idea of recording an album of 1970s salsa music. The album came out in 2002, was nominated for a Grammy and, since then, it’s been my destiny. That music that you’ve cultivated since Afro-Caribbean music’s peak, accompanying people like… let me see, where do I start… Tito Puente, Celia Cruz, Machito, Rey Barreto, Ismael Miranda, La Lupe and so many others, what memories do you have of that time when you were accompanying those artists? Well, in a sense, those times were pure wonder because it was the time when the Latino identity was discovered in New York City, and I was part of that through the music. And today, we have a wonderful Latin jazz trio. Let’s see, who are the two musicians with us? They are two of the best musicians of Los Angeles, the bass player is René Camacho and the percussionist is from Chile and his name is Christian Moraga. The song is one of my original compositions titled “Danzón” for my father;” “Danzón para mi padre.” A “danzón” for Oscar Hernandez’s father. Let’s listen, maestro. ♫[Piano]♫ ♫[Piano, bass and percussion]♫ Wow! Thank you very much, maestro Oscar Hernández, for this incredible Latin jazz performance that almost made me cry. Don’t forget to include your comments and subscribe to our channel. May music live on forever! Chino Espinoza Daniel Jimenez Afanador


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