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Oscar gives Lily a gift | FPJ’S Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

where’s President Oscar? One moment, please. I’ll tell him you’re here. Thank you. I have to become the
First Lady. I must make Oscar propose to me
as soon as possible. Hello, Mr. President! Miss Lily is waiting for you
in the living room. My inspiration. You know, I enjoy making her happy. Mr. President, what’s that? It’s for Lily. Once I become First lady, all of you should beware. Lily. Oscar. Edwin, you can leave us now. Did I keep you waiting? No. I just got here. Lily… There’s something
I want to give you. So what if Mr. President
has a gift for Miss Lily? What’s wrong with that? It’s because of that thing! What thing? Mr. President’s gift
for Miss Lily was inside a small red box. – It was a ring!
– Oh my! Mr. President is going to
propose to Miss Lily! – Finally!
– That’s great news! We should prepare a feast
for the celebration! – Let’s surprise Mr. President.
– Great idea! Turn around. Do you like it? Thank you, Oscar.
It’s really beautiful. But I don’t need
material things. All I want is to spend
the rest of my life with you. Lily, we’ll get there someday. Miss Auring, Miss Loring… We’ve been standing here
for a while now. But, I don’t see any
signs of a proposal. Maybe Mr. President
already proposed to her. Then Miss Lily should be
wearing a ring. But there’s no ring, is there? No. Why don’t you just join us?
Come, sit down. Oh, it’s okay, Mr. President. We’re just waiting here. Who are you waiting for? We’re just waiting
for an announcement regarding a… – …wedding.
– Hey! Or, maybe an… …engagement. You know, we haven’t been
thinking about that yet. Right, Lily? I know there’s
a right time for that. Right. Anyway, get your plates
and join us here. – Alright!
– Thank you, sir!


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