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Oscar Gil-Garcia discusses his research on international migration

[Music] My research is focused on issues on
international migration. My family are migrants from Mexico. They showed me through daily practice, the importance of an education. My fieldwork has focused primarily on a former refugee settlement community in Southern Mexico . . . in the state of Chapa. I’ve also done fieldwork where I’ve interviewed individuals that continued migrating from Chapa onto Los Angeles. In my classroom, I always engage with my students and speak to them about the opportunities, in implementing social change. I was immediately captivated by
their ability to really speak to one another, adhere, to learn with one another . . . to really push me to think critically about the material that we are studying. Some of the problems in the real world that faculty in our department are working very hard to address . . . are educational inequality, health disparity, inequities in the enforcement practices by immigration authorities. The reason why this work is so important to study, is that ongoing migration continues to be the fabric of this country. What surprised me the most about Binghamton University is the value of both teaching and research. The ability that we have as scholars, allows students to learn from the cutting edge research that we’ve been doing. The breadth of opportunities are endless in regards to where students can go and I always try to make sure that they know that, in the classroom.

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