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Oscar Fox’s Construction of Age – Web Series Trailer

A TOUGH TIME AT WORK Pl – please. Please, please. CUT! Sorry – uh. Uh, sorry . Uhhh. Was that ok? Yeah, you were good. Thank-you. You too. Uhhh, if the knife is
– if the knife’s too sharp, I can talk to the prop guy. He likes me so it wouldn’t be a big – WITH LOVE Ugh, it’s good – all this – all these women.
All of the women are causing me so much… anxiety. Kelly, come on. Kelly, come back here! For
one second. Sorry. Jesus Christ, Oscar! Sorry. Dad? The girl I love is moving to Peru.
Okay? I… BEING “A MAN” We’ll all pay for you to go to fucking Peru. No you won’t; that’s a terrible idea. We’ll all – we’ll all pay for you to go to
Peru – That’s really… That’s almost offensive! That’s
almost offensive. Because I don’t need your charity Bitch! GROWING UP THIS IS NOT HIS COMING OF AGE STORY I am a gentleman. And I am someone who’s – Um… I seek quality. OSCAR FOX’S CONSTRUCTION OF AGE (In French) This shirt is too thick! Oh my god.


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