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Oscar formally announces Lily as his girlfriend | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Are you sure you don’t
want our help? We can handle this. I thought we were
preparing dinner for Mr. President and Miss Lily… What’s with the other plates? Mr. President
ordered us to prepare food for everyone. What’s the occasion? – Nay?
– Yes? Did Mr. President say
what we’re celebrating? Maybe he just wants to
eat dinner with us. That’s enough! Just stop asking questions! What’s got you in a mood,
Miss Elizabeth? She doesn’t like Miss Lily. She doesn’t like Miss Lily. between Miss Lily and
Mr. President! Miss Lily just thinks there’s
something budding between them! But there isn’t.
There’s nothing there! Absolutely nothing – Calm down!
– Miss Elizabeth! I’ll tell you what you are! You’re in denial! That’s it! That’s it! You’re ganging up
on me again! She walked out! – Lily.
– Oscar. For you. It’s beautiful.
That’s my favorite color. – Thank you, Oscar.
– I’m glad you like it. Are we eating out tonight? No, we’re not going out. We’ll have dinner here.
I asked them to cook for us. Lily… I have something
to ask you. What is it? May I have
everyone’s attention? You might be wondering
why I asked all of you to join us for dinner. At first, I wanted to have
a private dinner with Lily. But I thought that it would be better
to make this official. Mr. President, just like what
Diana and I told you, we’ll support any
decision you’ll make. So, Mr. President has
already told you about us. About you and
Mr. President, Miss Lily? Oh my god! I know where this
is going! Hey! Let Mr. President
do the honors. – Calm down.
– That’s right, Doray. You may have noticed
these past few days that Lily and I
have gotten closer. I got to know more about her and I’ve discovered that
we have the same beliefs, such as making the lives
of the Filipinos better and improving the economy
of the Philippines. But aside from that, we’ve also talked about
things between us and how we feel
for each other. I want to share our
happiness with all of you. We are officially together. Is there anyone who’s
against our relationship? Don’t worry, Miss Lily! If there’s anyone against it, we’ll just ignore her! I’ll do everything
for you, Lily. To make you understand
that you need me too and to prove to you that I’m also someone
you can love. Will you be visiting us daily
and take us out for trips? If Mr. President isn’t busy. Is that what you want? Yes, Mr. President. Okay, we’ll make plans so you’ll get to be
with Lily more often. And not because
she’s your adviser, but because you’re
officially together now. – Yes!
– That’s right! And I hope… …you’ll all accept her
as my girlfriend. Mr. President, you don’t
have to tell us that because we already think
you make a good couple! Here’s a toast. Long live, Mr. President
and Miss Lily! Long live! Long live, our First Lady! Long live! First Lady! First Lady! Mr. President… First La– I mean, Miss Lily.
Here’s your coffee. – Thank you, Doray.
– Thanks, Doray. Oscar. You don’t know how happy
you’ve made me today. I’m very happy too, Lily. Thank you so much. You shouldn’t be thanking me. I should be the one
thanking you, for bringing happiness
back into my life. Is something wrong? I’m just nervous. Why? Your staff here in
the Palace accept me. But what will the people say when they find out about
our relationship? I’m no one. The people know how much
you’ve helped our country, from taking care of
the environment, to supporting my administration
by being my adviser. That’s different. The people might not accept me
as your girlfriend. Don’t worry, Lily. If Miss Loring,
Secretary Olegario, If Miss Loring,
Secretary Olegario, I’m sure the public
will also be glad when they find out about us. They will love you, too.


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