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OSCAR FOR J-LO?! Women of color doing the damn thing! Hustlers MOVIE REVIEW

Hi guys, my name is Gyliano! Welcome to my YouTube Channel! As you could see by the intro and the title of the video of course… In this video I will be reviewing the new movie Hustlers! The talented strippers Ramona & Daisy decide to turn the tables after they suffer from the 2008 economic collapse. But when greediness kicks in, their friendship gets tested while the law is coming for them. You don’t even know how much I looked forward to this movie! These are all women who I love! That being said, when I saw the trailer, I had my doubts. BUT THEN! Out of nowhere that Rotten Tomatoes score! It had me like: I have to say that the trailer is a bit misleading. A lot of people thought this was going to be ”just a stripper flick”. Which is pretty dumb to say in my opinion, ”just a stripper flick”. Look, I understand you’re not thrilled if your daughter comes up to you and says she wants to be a stripper. But it is still a profession you should respect. Strippers are humans like us you know. Some people need to do what they need to do in order to make money. The movie goes deeper than what the trailer shows. You probably would think that it’s a buddycomedy about a group of strippers who steal money from rich men. The movie is way more than that. The movie is based on a true story. There is a real article about the life of those strippers. I will talk about the cast first and then about the movie itself. This is 100% the best performance she ever gave in a movie. A lot of people think J-Lo isn’t the best actress. Well I do agree that a lot of her movies are… Questionable. But this movie proves all her haters wrong! She did great in this movie! And think about it for a sec. She does all this incredible stuff on a pole. She isn’t a stripper in real life, she had to LEARN all of these things for the role. She plays an expert. A pro who has been in the industry for years, I totally bought it! And her opening scene! Her openi- She did things… That did things to me. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Not even sexually. Pole dancing can be very sexual, but this movie- I LOVED that about the movie by the way! Pole dancing is way more than something sensual, it’s a piece of art. The movie highlighted this very nicely. Especially in a scene where J-LO’s character showed another stripper the ropes of pole dancing. It was beautifully shot and presented as an artform, which it is. There are rumors swirling around that J-Lo might get nominated for an Oscar for this role. Look, J-Lo was very good in this role. No doubt. Oscar level good though? Let me put it this way. The role is great, what J-Lo does with it is great. She had a whole movie career behind her and never really got recognized for it. So if she gets an Oscar nomination, I’ll be very happy for her and I can definitely see why she would get nominated. But something she deserves more, in my opinion, are better acting roles in the future. She got this ”bad stigma” around her acting because of the romcoms she previously starred in. She proved everyone wrong in this movie and deserves more great roles like this. Maybe then down the line she’ll get an Oscar nomination. But if she gets one now, I’ll be okay with it. Constance Wu plays Destiny (Daisy) in the movie. Constance Wu did a good job aswell. I liked her way more in this movie than in Crazy Rich Asians. Everyone loved that movie. I personally thought it was just another romcom, but with a higher budget. Constance is great here, she is the one who narrates the story a bit. Therefore she has the biggest role of the cast. Her character was probably the most sympathetic one, because her reason to ”hustle” was the most valid. The movie is also surprisingly funny and that’s mostly because of Keke Palmer and Lili Reinhart! Especially Keke Palmer, forreal! I said this once before, wait. Roll the clip! True Jackson VP was THAT underrated show! Just putting that out there! By the way, Keke Palmer is such an underrated actrice! Finally she is getting a new movie role in the upcoming new flick Hustlers! I don’t know how that movie will do, but I’m really looking forward to it! She is so hilarious in this movie, I swear! There is a scene… With a character named Gary… You need to watch the movie for that scene alone, it was amazing. I had to show my love for that scene on the internet and then… The secret is out! Keke and I are best friends! I swear, I freaked out when I saw that. Anyway, Lili Reinhart. Her role is a bit smaller compared to the rest of the cast. But she did have a few really funny moments, so if you are a fan of her, you should really watch this movie. Then there are two cameos I want to talk about. I am a HUGE Lizzo fan! I didn’t do an album reaction to her masterpiece Cuz I Love You. But… Best album of 2019. I said it. Mic drop. But if Lizzo is your main reason to see this film, she is only in it for 2 minutes, so keep that in mind. And then there is Cardi B. This movie is perfect for Cardi B. Because in the movie, our hustlers drug and rob men. Which is basically Cardi B’s lifestory. Yeah, anyway, no matter what you think of her… She does a pretty good job for like… The 5 minutes she is in this movie. Now that we talked about the cast, I will dive a bit deeper into the story. It is kind of weird, because you really feel for them while they are obviously unsympathetic individuals. It’s never okay to drug and rob people. You go on this journey with them, thinking ”well, if stuff goes wrong, it’s your own fault”. I think it’s nicely done in a way that doesn’t romanticize drugging and robbing. It also isn’t like this movie idolises those women. It just gives you their perspective. What they’re doing is wrong, but in this whole movie you’re in their mind. Therefore you can understand their side of the story and why they did what they did. I really like those types of movies, where you get the ”other perspective”. I always find that interesting. That was definitely a plus for me! The worldbuilding was nice aswell! It felt like you were IN the stripclub! They made that work with the music. The story plays off in different timeperiods and when the timeline switches, the song choices change to fit the time period. I really liked the coloring choices. They did that for example to show a contrast between past and present. The coloring is the stripclub was also brilliantly realised, it didn’t look like a set at all. The cinematography is also great. The movie has interesting documentary-like shots. But there are also a few interesting POV shots where it looks like you are one of the strippers on stage. Does the movie have any negatives? Hmm I think there is one. The ending. It isn’t a bad ending, but it could’ve been way better. It’s the type of ending where you get a short text with what happened to the characters after the movie. With those kinds of endings, I’m always like ”NO! I wanna see it! LET ME SEE IT!” Because the things these strippers did, have consequences. But you don’t get to see those consequences, which is a shame. Instead we get a mini textual recap per character. Like I said, the ending wasn’t bad. I just wanted to see more. There are also a few moments in the second half of the movie, that could’ve been a bit shorter. But I don’t have any other critiques. This movie was really good. The cast was great, the story was interesting, the cinematography was impressive. In conclusion: I rate Hustlers… an 8/10! Have you seen Hustlers? What are your thoughts on the movie? Let me know in the comments! For more updates on this channel you can follow my personal IG down below or my movie related IG up here! Bye!

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