Oscar Fish Tank Setup – Size Does Matter

hey guys what's up it's Chris from fish growing geeks today I want to talk about the tank that you need for an Oscar fish um if you get online and do a little search for Oscar fish I get a little confused because I see that some of these websites are telling me that I need a minimum of 40 gallons and I'm going to say bull crap on that you're at least going to need 75 gallons of aquarium space to house one of these big boys and they grow pretty fast you can get away with having a smaller tank when they're smaller but as you can see this one's about a foot long and you need this is a hot this is a 150 gallon and to get to keep it short and simple these fish need the tank size and there's just no way around it so if you plan on getting one just make sure that you upgrade it in a timely fashion as you can see this boys eating kind of funny it's stuck in his mouth it's probably actually not that great of a thing the pellets would probably be smaller but anyway um setting up the tank just make sure your tank is cycled and your water parameters are good and the tank temp temperature is around 77 degrees Fahrenheit because they're from South America hence the South American cichlids um you're going to be fine these fish are pretty Hardy and that's what makes them a good beginner fish um it's a little misunderstood I don't even know if a common beginner fish but they are sold as beginner fish in Walmart and Petco and so forth so just make sure you balls up and buy a bigger aquarium so own a good place to hang out is the fish the Facebook group oscar fish keepers that's a great place to hang out if you have an oscar fish so

  • Its 149.786 US gallon tank. So it's a 150. I thought it was smaller too. Its just how the camera makes it look.

  • My mom thinks if i put an oscar in my 30 gallon it'll grow to the size of its tank. I keep telling her that its just a myth but she doesnt believe me. I kinda got a bit mouthy with her one day. I went tank shopping a couple weeks ago my 20 gallon had a leak. It ended up cracking. I was looking at like a 70 or 75 and said "that would make a great oscar tank" then my mom kinda jumped in while i was talking to my dad saying "it doesnt matter what size tank, it wil just grow to its tank size" i was tired of her saying that so i got mouthy and told her that it was a myth. Thats not all i said but im not gonna get into detail about it. Anyways thats how i lost my car keys and got grounded for 2 weeks

  • ok, just got a deal on a new 110 gallon = 48LX18WX30H can I house 2 oscars and a few silver dollers in this tank??? have 2 new marineland emperor 400 filters good for 80 gallons each.

  • Can anyone tell me if I can get a Oscar to live in a 55 gallon tub or pond or whatever you want to call it? PLEASE the tub would have a filter and heater

  • I'm going to call BS on his tank size it looks like a 75 gallon and yes you do need a big tank but you don't need one that big we all rich 65 gallon fish tank to Oscar's a picasimus would work just fine you do need at least that you don't need to have a huge tank taking over your living room to keep Oscars

  • That's a 40 gallon I mean like I have a v a full grown Oscar in a 55 gallon and it's fine for just one Oscar in the tank I mean like that's like a 40 gallon that's way too small

  • But you can keep a Oscar in a 55 it just can't be a Fatboy because they're not 4 feet across like that average tank size

  • That is not 150 gal tank. I have a 150 gal tank for my Oscar and itโ€™s 6 feet long. That is to small for the amount of fish you have in it. If that Oscar was a foot long it would be over 1/4 of the size of your tank.

  • all you peeps claiming this aint a 150 gal are morons who don't know shit from clay…..its a 4ft tank………in inches 48x24x30………google tank volume calculator and punch in dimensions and you will see just how fucking arrogant and stupid you truly……nice Oscar bro

  • "One," 50 gallon is what he sd. was the size of his tank and agrees needs approx. a 75 gallon to house one of these big boys. He actually made this video to show what happens and how big they get. What is everyone panicking about? If he took the time to make this video, I'm sure he is in transition to switching to bigger tank. Geez..everyone calm down.

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