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OSCar eO Podcast, Episode 1: Arrival of Batteries for OSCar eO from Winston Battery

Today is a happy day for us here in Ogre. We have received 28 boxes of batteries from Winston Battery in People’s Republic of China. It has been six month since we first approached the Winston Battery company and introduced them to our OSCar eO project. And after two and a half month in the sea these yellow batteries have arrived today in Ogre, Latvia Batteries are one of the most important components of electric cars and we chose Winston Battery because they are one
of the best producers of such batteries. Today we have received 660 such battery packs Inside OSCar there will be 172 of them The potential difference of each battery is 3.2 volts. The charge of each battery pack is 100 ampere-hours. Combining them in OSCar in series, we’ll get the
total potential difference of around 600 volts. Which is a really high voltage. What do those 100 ampere-hours actually mean? For example, I have here a simple photo camera and inside it is a tiny battery and comparing them side by side we notice that This one is much smaller but its charge is
132 times lower compared to that one So, if we combined 132 of these small batteries,
we would obtain one 100 ampere-hour battery. The batteries inside OSCar will have the total energy of 61 kilowatt hour. Which is a lot of energy. A regular electric car on a regular highway could
go more than 300 kilometers with that. During the Dakar rally, when the road conditions are much tougher we will be able to drive approximately 150 kilometers. Not all of these battery packs will be placed inside OSCar eO. In the coming month we’ll build an electric Nissan Navara test car in which we’ll place the same amount of batteries as in OSCar And the rest of batteries we’ll be in
the support truck during the Dakar rally in case we need to service the car.

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