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Oscar ensures his new family’s safety | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Are the kids asleep? They can’t sleep. Who can blame them
after what happened? I hope Lola Flora, Cardo,
and Alyana are okay. I still can’t believe
what happened. What’s so hard to believe? The President’s life is
under constant threat. And we almost got hurt. That’s what you’re
worried about? Sorry. I really thought
we were going to die. What matters is no one got hurt
and the President’s safe. Yes, he’s safe now,
but what about next time? Whoever threw that grenade
might come back for Cardo. Why would they do that? If you ask me, I don’t think
Mr. President was their target. I think it was Cardo
and Task Force Agila. That’s possible, but we don’t know for sure
who they’re after. You can’t sleep? I hope that incident
didn’t scare you too much. Next time, you’ll have
your own bodyguards too. You’re still joking after
all this, Mr. President. We’re lucky Cardo
was able to throw the grenade
somewhere else. What if that grenade
blew up there? I know what most of you have
been through in Sto. Niño. I was with you
during those times. I thought if I took you
with me to Manila… …you’d no longer be
in danger again. Mr. President, why are you
so worried about us? I’ve already lost
my family once. I won’t let that happen again. Mr. President, you don’t have
to worry about us anymore. Everything’s okay now. – Right, everyone?
– Yes! We’re safe now, Mr. President. Thank you. Alright Good evening, Lily.
How have you been? Did you get hurt? Do you think Renato
was behind this? I didn’t tell you
to kill Vergara!


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