Oscar De La Hoya (USA) vs Marco Rudolph (GER)

as they're coming into the to the arena and he appears warmed up boy he's like making a lot of motions he appears to be ready to start fast we shall soon see at the 1991 World Championships Rudolf defeated De La Hoya 1713 the 1991 world champion a tough first round win over Vaseline Easter and then Marco Rudolph able to just move along Julian lor sea gave him a bit of a struggle but Rudolf a 13-10 winner there and then beat fire sake in to advance to the gold medal fight and Oscar De La Hoya of the United States very impressive in his first fight of the olympic games against addleson silva and a tough one over dmitriy ton Shaw as well and then advancing with a win over Sun Hong in what was a wrestling match in a very quiet close final score [Applause] and there is Oscar De La Hoya 19 years of age from Los Angeles with his entire family looking on his father Yoel is here and the big rooting section is father right in the middle of your screen waving the good luck hankie Oscar De La Hoya and we begin round number one referee subhana Fogg to watch over this lightweight gold medal fight he started out with a stiff jab did Oscar De La Hoya he's put in four or five pumping jabs and standing riding already with a referent hitting with the palm of the glove it's not even 20 seconds gone he's already got a a caution he's getting that jab in there if he continues the right hand should start to follow [Applause] he certainly looks more active and more up then does Rudolph [Applause] and a left hand by De La Hoya which should be interesting to see if Rudolph will result to some of his holding tactics that he used in his last fight now all right now he's dangling at the end of delahoy ayahs jab which is good he's gone to the body now has De La Hoya he's looking for that right hand after the jab he's just waiting for it to come in so up to this point he's starting to fight like a Cuban these guys fight organized just got hit real good by Roy and came back real good that was a right hand by Rudolph and De La Hoya snaps off the left of his own a minute 38 to go in this first round this is Rudolph kind of fight look rookie backed off he must want to fight from the outside why when he's getting out jabbed I don't know but he certainly is live action the lightweight gold medal fight Oscar De La Hoya against Marco Rudolph of Germany oh now what in a shoulder by referee Subban apong of thailand a caution they're too cautious but for a different thing there must be three cautions in the same for the same foul before they add three points to the other man so the body shot by Rudolph at De La Hoya answers with a right exchanging well Rudolph not timid about throwing his punches out right now he's getting out speeded by De La Hoya De La Hoya putting in good stuff to the body into the head good jab now hooking changed into hooks there's that body body attacking uppercut they don't score points but they hurt you see him dancing up and down he wants to get away from that clinching of Rudolph that we've seen him do so effectively La Hoya so far managing to fight a very nice clean fight on his grounds he is the one that's jamming he's the one that's doing the leading and Rudolph presents a good style for De La Hoya right in front of him not a lot of movement right hand at left hand by Rudolph and De La Hoya tries to come back in the waning seconds of round one and De La Hoya taller and has a bigger span so that reach advantage so he should work that jab and Rudolph should try to come in more good off not fighting very cleverly right now but eating a jab you soon see what the scoring is here though Hoya should be ahead in the scoring and that is the end of round number one we pier toward the scoreboard and 1-1 the score and let's listen in with Jill Bird [Applause] okay you gotta pick it up for more Oscar you okay get yourself off before he does you gotta do it before he does and work on your combination okay every time he starts pawing that means he's coming with a right hand gotta pick it up Oscar well Joe Burton Osmar Alaniz the US air force coach telling us gonna pick it up Ferdie as we start round two well you know in all fairness is what I'm talking about I think the computer is it just it doesn't work this more than one blow landed by both fighters both rudolf and oscar the chain of oscar and the chant of marco for marco rudolf of germany as we start round number two della hoya and rid off tied at one no has to feel a little let down after all those great jabs and all that good action only to come out tied Hey at least he was in behind look at that look at the way he's jab De La Hoya has got to keep his spirit up and do what they just told him pick it up pick it up and it's not like Rudolf didn't land more than one punch either in that first round what I said I think is it possible Rudolf in a lambo of course not it's just that maybe this is going to be another one of those constricted tight fights I hope not we're one point can make the difference [Applause] well this is the second meeting between the United States in Germany Germany in front one to nothing with corsten mais controversial win over Montell Griffin I didn't understand that last question I didn't even know who it was – the both fighters referee Subhan upon wants to fight us to fight for nice punch and there's the hook to the body by De La Hoya now it drove the head back of Rudolph and boys that is not the definition of a scoring punch I don't know what is but you remember the the judges have to see it it doesn't not good enough that you see it on television they have to see it they got to punch a button within one second and that's where the error is in this system some judges sitting in places where they don't see the punch just past the midway point of the second round [Applause] Danny right in front of them presenting a target that's so inviting I mean if you drew up a blueprint for how you want somebody to fight De La Hoya and donut you would want a guy to stand in front of you neat jabs he's been doing this not a lot of movement from either fighter delle hoya trying to unleash that left up in referee subhan upon really making his presence felt yeah interfering too much they'll be good that was it even enough of a bunch to talk about he called it a low blow I see how high up the Germans the trunks are and a holding caution that a route off well we mentioned the judging and there's De La Hoya moving back read off he scored with two that's a fencing move and it was perfectly executed by della and I his they've got snapped back by a right hand by Rudolf so you know hard to judge these fights I would say if you're just watching a fight De La Hoya is ahead here if you're just watching a fight you pick that first round superior ring generalship and the jabbing none of which makes any difference in the Olympics by the way it's just the point discounts that's the white of the glove on the anterior surface of the body and it's got to be more of a powerful punch because jabs usually do not get recorded 10 seconds to go in the second round nor do body shots I think delle hoya did much better this round than last we will soon see if it's recorded and a left hand by De La Hoya at the gun and to the scoreboard we go 3 to 2 in favor of Oscar De La Hoya [Applause] his father Yoel throw that hook Oscar [Applause] the information we have received as part of NBC being able to tap into the official computer scoring none of those judges none of the jazz being thrown by De La Hoya are scoring with the judges I'd like to know why anyway not for us to reason because the judges are equally bad for a Rudolf there's no cop out here both guys are subjected to the same incompetence we start the third and final round Oscar De La Hoya ripping off some left hands against Marco Rudolph the gold medal on the line in the lightweight category and he's got the right advantage if he's got tight scoring he's ahead three to two and he all he has to do is lead and keep up this is choke up time for either fighter who's going to take it who wants to go more this is Olympic fighting in its best another caution if only Jack Bowser of Ireland was refereeing this fight yeah and right now holding on this is what he used against kneestr and round number one and got a victory out of it and dollar hoya cleverly bouncing up and down that's what breaks that hole better than anything De La Hoya the quicker of the two in the exchanges De La Hoya is landing many more punches in Rudolph no matter who initiates it though Hoya coming off four more punches but are they scoring we don't know just over a minute gone by a left-hand snapback the head of Rudolph yeah you see that look at those party punches that scores nothing but it has to be effective has to be effective because it takes it out of Randolph a rudolph la jolla keeping busy here throwing in bunches and that's what's gonna get them points even though that doesn't get them points but it does discombobulated rude often he doesn't come in punching while that's happening that's advantage well they asked Oscar De La Hoya to pick it up for this third round and he has a minute twenty to go and it could well be right here here it is that minute twenty that's so crucial remember all my straight shots and you lock down with a minute seven to go in the third remember that to only one point it doesn't clinch it for Rudolph but if you lose if he wins now is there going to be a roar here he's been down and while it's not dominating he's certainly in charge Oscar De La Hoya is in charge he may not be on top of whipping him like a kid but he is in charge and he's dropped them 45 seconds to go on the fight an excellent third round by De La Hoya stepped back the head of Rudolph again he naps he snaps that back again like that with a big punch and he could get a standing $8 hyah looks like his dream will come true all he's got to do is fight 30 seconds like he's like he's never fought before you can't take it easy now he's got the nail us down and he's doing it final seconds De La Hoya dropped Rudolph here in round three and what a dramatic finishes is going to be for the story of the Olympic boxing 19 year old Oscar De La Hoya as he defeated the world champion and captured the gold there's the Bell yeah well [Applause] and Oscar [Applause] and the tension has got to be big in the corner as well as in his family all of us think in our hearts he's one to some fathers they're his sister as well [Applause] his sister ceci on the other side of his father part of the delahoy a continued here's the moment he's been waiting for [Applause] Oscar salutes his mother who passed away a year and a half ago he has brought the gold home he's got the Mexican flag into the bar he's got the American and the Mexican flag up there he's of Hispanic roots from LA and from East Los Angeles McDonald Avenue to Barcelona the delahoy celebration is underway [Applause] a little pansy DeGeneres and ammonia the popular mercy avocados that I had every intention and let's take a look at De La Hoya dropping Rudolph with a left hand in the third round 30 and I think that's a turning point boy after that it was an exclamation point it was that's it right there that's pure gold and you know it wasn't even that great a punch he's been hammered it's just that he was coming in flying in when he got hit see that was a good hook good hammering hook it no question about it but it caught him coming in and that that combination of force coming in against force going out results an impact and usually results in somebody going on the Duff of their pants and he did did Rudolph but you know I thought Rudolph all a very good fight very tough strong fight he didn't maul him and grab he tried to fight on even terms of De La Hoya a lot to be said for Rudolph's performance performances for the United States team in 1948 they won just one silver and 56 two golds and a silver and here this year they have won gold and one bronze with a chance for another gold any reasons why yeah I think the reasons are principally the Cubans the Cubans and a couple of glitches one by computer and one by a boxing referee and then one of one of those strange occurrences it happens when a guy just disconnects under pressure I think the Cubans to the main story of this Olympics they came and they conquered and the United States team was in case putting up any kind of fight against them we got one more left and that's a bird against Hernandez Ariela and is a very good very good Cuban and birding about the medal ceremony the goal to go to Oscar De La Hoya for the lightweight division las Medallia Sara narada's Paulson Oh Francisco la falda membra del comité olympic international accompany Oksana turnstile mr. Presiden donors receive international the box I met a young Sonia handling member of our committee executed a las cruces international approximate a amid I saw a nice family literally Francisco Mamadou committee Internacional on a peak accompany the Monsieur tonestar this president Eliza at the mercy of Henry mom would accommodate the achieve the life of the medals will be presented by mr. Francisco elizalde member of the International Olympic Committee accompanied by mr. Tunstall vice president of the International Amateur Boxing Association and mr. Henry member the Executive Board of the International amateur boxing association las mañana's sedan interrogators por el Senor Francisco Laval de miembro del comité de Alivio international a company added el Senor Tunstall miss appt Presidente de la Sofia Anita methanol devoxx imma tell y el señor Henry miembros del comité de código de la Sofia Fiona terminal devoxx mohamed el cambio lee peak in medina de representin also star to needs america champion and peak ma died of a present Olivet as in Idamarie Olympic champion and gold medalist representing the United States of America Calvin Olimpico in Madonna de Oro represent Ando losses sonidos de America Oscar de la la [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Sigourney in medina de plata represent an alum anya DME middle of java present al alamin second and silver metal is representing germany Segundo Amidala de plata represent ando Alemannia [Applause] [Applause] says invalid a bronzer represent an Mongolia equal 20 ma died upon a pendant Allah Mongolian October 3rd and bronze medalist representing Mongolia and Korea tell Pharaoh Medallia Doubront a represent and of Mongolia Korea nama hill by RC can assume sick honk [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] eres para eliminar national tall stature needs seroma tonight with daylily nacional de freitas you need Emily we shall now listen to the national anthem of the United States of America a continuation escucha Ramos elimination al de los Estados Unidos de America [Applause] [Applause]


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