Oscar De La Hoya – Interview from SHOWTIME Boxing – June 21, 2014

  • Oscar always been my favorite boxer. It's great all this sacrifices paid off. Really someone to look up to.

  • Oscar was the best fighter of our decade. I have the utmost respect for him and he is a intelligent and beautiful human being. God bless you and congratulations on your accomplishment you deserve to be there.

  • I love Oscar!  He revolutionised boxing in the ring and out of the ring.  Golden Boy Promotions changed boxing, no longer can they hide behind belts.

    Oscar the fans want Pacquiao Mayweather!

  • Mayweather vs maidana 2 then after lara gets beat we can see cotto vs canelo then the winner can get a rematch with mayweather then mayweather vs pac man and then canelo vs pac man

  • Funny as hell how all of these people on here are making comments including myself, we know Oscar but oscar does not know us , He is rich  no one on here can match him financially or his accomplishments. Yet he knows nothing but everyone on here knows it all. 

  • In other words Schaefer worked for Schaefer, it's been reported that he has bank accounts in other countries an d more stuff will come to light. Oscar is well advised, and remember, yes Richard did a lot for the company, but when you have a company that became huge, it works by itself that what big company do, now it's a corporation and a big one. What happened when Steve Jobs passed away? Apple is still going, even if Oscar wasn't involved the company will do fine, like a said before it's a corporation and there are stakeholders. Everything will be normal.

  • Al Haymon is a business man, in the business world there is no loyalty really, Haymon and Ellerbe will work with GBP, cuz it makes business sense. If you ever had or have a business and enterprise you would know that you never fight against money, money is what is all about. Schaefer made a lot of "moves" that made his pm a millionaire and that was out of GBP and know he is getting sued. You guys watch how Mayweather, Al Haymon, and the rest will work with Oscar and GBP

  • Make Danny Garcia REMATCH VS Mauricio Herrera!!!!

    Make Danny Garcia REMATCH VS Mauricio Herrera!!!!

    Make Danny Garcia REMATCH VS Mauricio Herrera!!!!

    Make Danny Garcia REMATCH VS Mauricio Herrera!!!!

    Make Danny Garcia REMATCH VS Mauricio Herrera!!!!

    Make Danny Garcia REMATCH VS Mauricio Herrera!!!!

  • ",..the Golden Boy is extremely fake,." Floyd Mayweather (but seriously congrats from ME to Oscar. It's a shame we DIDnt get that rematch)

  • Great Champ, I'm glad he's trying to settle his differences with Top Rank and put these big fights back on the horizon.

  • They have to work with GBP because they have all the fighters, right?

    How much of an impact is Al Haymon in all this?

  • one of the most overrated boxers of all time. his resume is weak.

    95% of his big fights he was either given a gift decision or he lost

    Chavez was washed up and Camacho had a padded record of nobodies so they don't count

    Pernell beat Oscar easily and got robbed
    lost to B-level Quartey but got a gift decision 
    lost to Mosley twice
    lost to Sturm but he got a gift decision
    Hopkins KOd him on a body shot
    Mayweather beat him clearly, but a judge was stupid enough to gift Oscar the win on one scorecard
    Pacquiao stopped him

    The only top level guy he beat that wasnt washed up was Tito – and thankfully Oscar got robbed after the gift decision he got when he robbed Pernell

    not even top 75 all time

  • im happy for oscar man… the guy came a long ass way, the sport of boxing is the most lonesome sport in the world.. he was doing it way back as an amateur and then the hard years of a Pro… All credits to Oscar man he deserves it.. Boxing and combat sport in general is extremely hard to do good in…… the dedication it requires is 110% or nothing.. if you come at 109% then some where down the line you'll meet someone who comes at 110% and you'll lose. 

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