Oscar considers hiring Lily as his political adviser | FPJ's Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Mr. President,
Ms. Lily's here. Lily. Mr. President. Am I interrupting something? No, Lily. We just
finished our meeting with the Agency for the
Environment's secretary. You still had time for that despite the crisis
the police are facing? You impress me even more,
Mr. President. Our country is still facing
many problems, which we need to
deal with accordingly. Each Cabinet Secretary has
their own responsibilities to deal with the country's
different problems. Secretary Borja's right. Many problems still need
our attention, such as the environment
protection program you wanted. Thank you, Mr. President. If you're not
too busy right now, maybe we should start
talking about the plans? Secretary Olegario, do I have any appointments
I have to attend to? None, Mr. President. Oscar, the environmental NGOs we're helping have
reported to me. They've started working
on the seed bank. We can start planting
tree seedlings soon. That's great news, Lily. But I also thought that no matter how many
trees we plant, the problem on pollution
still won't end, as well as the destruction
of the environment, and I think I know why, Oscar. What are you
thinking about, Lily? We haven't done enough
to raise the awareness of the people, especially
children, about this. We only think about
the environment when a calamity happens. Floods caused by
clogged estuaries, and deforestation
of mountains. The Agency for the Environment is conducting
an information drive. They visit schools
to teach recycling, and garbage segregation. But I was hoping they would
permanently add that to the Agency for
Education's curriculum, and make it a requirement
to plant trees as part of community service, as well as cleaning up
the seas and rivers. What's wrong, Oscar? I admire your
determination, Lily. I could make you
my advisor. Don't do that, Oscar. What do I know about
the government? I don't like politics. I'm just a simple
businesswoman, Oscar. Serving the government is
all about serving the country, and that's exactly what
you're doing right now. I'm really worried, Diana


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