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Oscar condoles the family of the fallen members of Task Force Agila | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano

Sir, Ma’am. How are you two? We’re okay, Ma’am. Our injuries weren’t
too serious anyway. That’s good to hear. You should try to
recover faster. We will avenge our fallen
comrades together. Yes, sir. This is my chance. I know Oscar is dejected after
everything that has happened. And I need to be by
his side right now. Ma’am, where are we going? At the Palace. Okay, Ma’am. The president has arrived. Attention! Where are their families? They’re here. – You have my sympathy.
– Thank you. My condolences. I am deeply saddened
with what happened. Me and the whole Palace
are offering our condolences for what happened
to your families. Please rest assured that we will do everything
in our power to help you. And we also promise you that we will give your
children a good future. Just like how your husband,
brother, and son protected our country… our country will also
protect you as well. Thank you very much,
President Hidalgo. You are our only hope. Please give justice
to our families. We will. You can count on that. I’m deeply saddened
because of this incident. They’re still too young
to pass away like this. But I still salute them because they died
in the line of duty. We offer our sympathies to
the families they left behind. To the children who
lost their fathers, the wives, siblings,
parents, and friends of these valiant
law enforcers. All of you must know that I’ve also lost my family, just like all of you. I know exactly how
painful it must be to go through this. When I lost my family,
I promised to myself that I will do
everything I can to give justice to
my family’s death. And with the help
of my friends… …I’ve given them justice. I want you to
achieve it as well. I want you to give
them justice. And that will
definitely happen. I also promise all of you that we will catch
whoever did this. We’ll make them
answer to the law, and they will pay… for all the evil
they’ve done! Once again, my heart
goes out to you.

  • Who is the next person die in PROBENSYANO in real life. Rhis shiw has been curse as long as pressman is in that show.

  • Pinagta2wanan lng n markang bungo Ang task force aguila dpat msugpo n ksamaan nla wla ng mdamay n iba regards s Ang probinsyano gumaganda n naman mga eksena god bless more power

  • I love probinsyano and I love cocoyass forever at sana walang mawawala sa task force agila ni cardo god bless you all from abroad

  • Saludo tlga s inyong lhat n bmbuo ng AP ang galing ate ang galing mo ndala mo clang lhat damay damay s iyak.. Bweset k nga bungo ko paktay k ky cardo at task force agila.. πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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