Oscar Cichlids Amazing Recovery!!!

everyone this is DW Darius and welcome to another day in a fish room so you may have noticed that recently my video activity level was pretty low and that's because recently I've been upset because I have a week ago I came home and I found one of my fish dead on the floor if you know my fish if you know the different tanks that I have you probably guess which fish jumped out I'll talk a little bit more about it later on but yeah that had me upset and because of that was really post honest I want to like the post so I do apologize about that but during that period of not posting so much stuff has occurred in the fish room I definitely got to get back to making these videos I have fish Breeden face changing colors just so many different things occurring in a fish room I got to bring you guys up to speed so for today's video I have so many people requesting to see the oscar cichlid and just for me to give you guys an update on an oscar the last time i showed you guys the oscar he was in my 350 he picked the fight with the red devil and the red devil ended the fight the fast cars and looking pretty terrible and that was the last time you saw the oscar so for today i wanna give you guys not the owner house could show you how he's doing and all the other fish that i moved in that same video i'm gonna give you guys an update on them oscar has been living inside my children taking on aquarium now for about three weeks and I must say he is doing awesomely so originally when I added him I did fear because of the size I don't that because he was so much bigger than all the fish that were already in a lieutenant he might become a bully but that definitely is not the case so first off when it comes to tank mates the fish that were in a 210 before the outskirt include just a mix of cyclists I have a pair of Jack Dempsey's I have a red spot several I have some now tilapia a red Texas a gold Jaguar some silver dollars some catfish a Bichir so it's really mixed up and the biggest fish are mine now tilapia which are about seven inches but my Oscar he's 10 inches so I did fear that he was gonna bullying them because in the 350 he was trying to bully fish bigger than home so I thought he was definitely gonna bully the smaller fish but so far that definitely is not the case now of course he did show his dominance he did put everybody in check but he's not chasing anybody he's not being overly aggressive and that's always awesome on top of that he made a full recovery it seemed like just a couple of days after home to my 210 he was completely healed of all the damage that the red devil did to him his fins his scales everything back to normal so that was awesome now one of the things that was weird was his change of personality when I was doing water changes he would come and attack me in the 210 he never tried that in a 350 but he's actually bid me a couple times and he's three weeks of being inside my 210 gallon aquarium now I do believe that this is because he is now the dominant fish of the tank so being more dominant you get the express as opinion a little bit more so I guess he never liked me digging in an aquarium so that's the reason why he comes and bite me on top of that his activity level is also different and its reef in thehe pretty much stayed in one section of the tank and it's 210 he's swimming back and forth all over the tank now and this could be once again because he is the dominant fish he has full room all of the aquarium or it also could be because he's just not settled into the tank a lot of times these sickos when you are happy they'll just choose one territory so to see him swimming back and forth I could show that he's not fully happy because he's now fully comfortable in aquarium I'm not really sure yet and if he keeps moving non-stop throughout the months to come I mean that's just as new activity level but if he stops and kind of chooses one section that means that the time he was swimming back and forth it was just because he wasn't comfortable in our quarry you know as far as how long Oscar is gonna be inside this tank I'm not sure I do want him to live inside my 350 because he looks awesome in that tank and he puts in a little bit better and I know he likes the extra space but of course I can't put him in there with the red devil because the red devil will have flashbacks he will remember and they most likely will clash again so for now he's in the 210 for who knows how long but I do know with this 210 in a long term I want to breed Jaguars I have my female goo Jaguar which is actually my favorite fish in this aquarium just a beautiful fish and then I have a male Jaguar downstairs growing out and eventually they will be the only two fish in this aquarium but until then the Oscar is gonna reside with these other tank mates for a couple of months and that's what's going on with the Oscar at the same time when I moved the Oscar sticker I moved some other fish around including my or Nicole peacock bass now this fish I must say is doing awesomely this fish is at the bottom of the Harkey my 250 gallon aquarium and he's showing some of the best color so when he was my 210 he was showing a brown body with speckles people were asking me if he was a hybrid if he was a different type of peacock bass but the moment I put him in the 350 he saw the competition and he came alive and if anybody keeping our bass if anybody keeps sticklers you know that he's defying nature and fish and did they build a hierarchy and he's small he's at the bottom of the hierarchy and yet he's shown the best color so that doesn't make any sense but I'm not complaining I'm definitely loving it definitely loving his beauty now the only thing is in his tank he's not with the same appetite when he was in 210 he ate anything I gave them and there's 350 he only wants a car east floating sticks so that will be a challenge when it comes again catch up in size all my other peacock bands eat the pellets along with smelt which is our frozen fish food well a frozen fish is raw fish and they eat it this guy he's not even so that may make him go a little bit slower so that it is a concern on top of that my sick celery is a little bit aggressive tourism every now and then chase his own not as much as when he first was an attending when he first was that the cyclist Elias was I'm non-stop he has calmed down quite a bit but on the dress is still there my signal is old no problems with this little guy but yeah I'm loving the color and I can't wait to this guy grows up when that same day I moved my lima shovelnose catfish into 350 and I must say that this fish isn't really doing bad but at the same time he's not doing good he's not doing bad as far as he's not being eaten he is a skinny fish so I did think that some of the fish in his tank will have tried to eat him they didn't but this guy is I'm not sure if he's afraid of some of these big fish or what but he's not really active he spends the majority of his day perched behind my circulation pump and he doesn't move I'm not sure if he moves around when the lights are off one day I have to come and check at night but I'm doing it throughout the entire time the lights are on he's in this corner when I do waters changes he does move around a bit but he's in a corner I never see at me you probably eats at night I don't know but um he's not really moving too much so I'm guessing that he's afraid of all the other fish on top of that my catfish can be pretty aggressive so yeah he's not really doing great but he's not doing terrible so I'm just gonna have to keep watching him see if he's eating at night if any food is left see if he's scavenging if he's going around scavenging at night that's a good sign but if he's still in the corner at night that's definitely bad I'll probably have to take him out of this 350 put him with some smaller fish that I could gain his confidence then when he's bigger added to 350 and see if he does better and finally everybody the last pitched around to my 250 gallon aquarium my super narrow one as you can see he's not in an aquarium okay everyone so this is the scene that I'm coming home to my heroine is the owner of more dead that's the size the question is how how is there one on the floor when there is no opening on top of this tank all bacteria have the wood blocking up those openings so know if you were jumped out back there he was definitely may have a high anything so he definitely didn't jump out over there how did this fish jump out now that was definitely very upsetting the seed that's the reason why I wasn't really active when it came to posting videos because I went so far to make sure that this fish was safe the wood crossed the back of the tank the lids and everything he must be jumped up when a lot of acceleration and got through the lid the lid closed back perfectly and he landed on the floor now the crazy thing is that he was just becoming a little bit more confident in a tank at first he was very shy he was just coming to the point where he's willing to eat almost out of my hand he was getting along with everybody nobody was attacking him or arrest him so I really don't know why he jumped but I definitely sucked and because of that I'm now gonna declare that I will never ever keeping everyone again I don't care if I get a bigger tank if I get a pond I don't care where I get I would never keep Terra wanna again because I just lost so many species to jump in I lost three I don't want us because they don't jumped out of my tank so you know I'm pretty much becoming the Erawan a serial killer and yeah simple solution never by Arowana again to just not for me um they're just born to fly I guess and I just can't keep them in tanks yeah that definitely was a discovery that I hate to see and I'm live and learn I'm never keeping everyone as again okay everyone so yeah that was just a few of the updates I wanted to give you guys I still have a lot more to show you guys like I said I have some fish randomly breathing a fish that I did not plan on breathing they now have frying some of my tanks I have on fish transforming looking one way today a different way looking like a completely different fish the next day so a lot of Awesomeness to show you guys and I will be showing you any dates to come but for now I do want to thank you guys you guys watching you subscribe to the channel the support you guys give me as always the reason why I come back always the reason why I'm able to keep going because I just looked online look at the channels here you guys just keep hitting that subscribe button Dolf some comments that you guys leave no doubt is definitely encouraging it's definitely the reason why I'm still inners hyper today and I'm just doing awesome and I will tell you guys that if you look at my 350 on aquarium the fish in tank are getting big and I'm gonna need a bigger tank

  • I bought a 1" albino oscar and 4 jewel cichlids on the same day. They attack the oscar a lot and have nipped away at most of his fins. IDK if he will survive this or if I'm doing something wrong. Oscars are supposed to live with other cichlids.

  • Fish room and tanks look so good! Oscar looks amazing in the 210 and goes so well with the stock and scape in there. You need a new love nest for the jags. Sorry for your loss on the arowana 😔

  • sorry your plaqued by the arowana.

    most successful come from pond like set ups so you can net the top and it feels safer not being stared at etc

    show tanks are usually used for temporary housing and display, photos etc . but overall the more natural set up is used long term

    these are based on prize fish in Asia so the fished well being in par to none – natural pond set up – show / display tank – good diet




  • I’ve been lucky. I’m fortifying my lids very soon. Also driftwood can be dangerous for Saratoga and aro as well. My Sara has smashed into driftwood a couple of times. I’m getting rid of mine or moving them around right flat at the bottom.
    Sorry about the loss man.

  • So sorry for your loss man. But it's good to see the oscar doing well! And glad to see you back at it!

  • So sorry to hear about your loss, oscar looking great and your other fish look amazing , pleased you are back

  • My bitcheer is what Beyonce calls her fans! 🙂
    Happy to see the bug guy doing well. Obvs.
    You need to get on them covers, brother.

  • Sorry for your loss Darius. I lost my Oscar 2 months ago. He was a Fry when I brought him 6 years ago.😔😔

  • So sorry for your loss! So sad! I lost one of my Oscars 2 weeks on the same day I found my 15 year old dog dead in my yard! It’s obvious you care about your fish and take impeccable care of them. So no you’re not a serial arrowanna killer! You did everything you could have done to prevent him from jumping. But can’t say I blame you for not wanting any more of them! What a bummer! Glad you’re back on tho! You’re my favorite YouTube person in the hobby!

  • Sorry for your loss. Lost one of my Oscars two weeks ago. Still can’t figure out what happened. I see yours bounced back! Wonderful!

  • Arawanna are know to jump out of tanks example( Joey diy).. You just have to correct it… btw have you ever heard of "Horsehead catfish" ??

  • Glad your oscar is good he looks great so do your tanks. Sorry about your arawanna. Can't wait to see your salt set up again 👍

  • My Oscar has white on him eyes like a cataract. This appeared over night. What is that and how do I cure him

  • There's a legend about the arowana, aka dragonfish. The legend says that the arowana will sacrifice itself to save its owner. maybe that's what happened.

  • The endurance of fish recovering .. Oscars are thought of as being mean but they are not aggressive like a Jaguar or a Dovii

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