Oscar Chalupsky Surfski Clinic

Jannie they get the superfood you see these same guys finishing the same race no matter how strong they look and they never seem to break through because what they are concentrating on is technique thank you the Roger Federer's of this world no matter how old he gets he seems to be well not figure that train as hard as them not just because that drink is people whine as them and have a little fun as them I have fun and I'm doing that's why you got to learn how to go fast without as much if it were so many people do this in fact Sean Ross knows this guy Bruce winkers name it he does this and before one Willmar than chapter demos it doesn't ask I'm training class today now what I really think I'm gonna go for and I'm think slower what you have to see a pedal to realize what's going on he just gets worse and worse he practices technique better and again most people don't even know the tools of the trade work because while was this wing panel invented Wow what is the reason for the fit the reason why I've got invented to use your big muscles what happened to Swedish national coach was coaching and Swedish national team any-any actually happened to meet cigar from Saab to Sweden they used to make airplane and car they failed in the car Department for the airplane and he said all my peddlers we used to pedal like this and like this my pedals are petting like this and guess what hurt what this does is carriage using my legs what this does no legs it was mr. space engineer said no no we can make a pedal that can actually work for you so you can actually use your legs and use the portable legs that's why the way to pedal game basically the same as a wing you go along there get upward lift okay so it goes along and goes up and lifts and does the same yeah we put it in your actual part of your pedals dunwall goes in it actually goes forward like this and pulls you forward by the way how will never just come back put it in and they pull the pedal half way back and you go home we're supposed to get there and the pedal pulling you forward the same as you're doing running right rowing is like this there and what am i using legs being rowers and paddlers we use one leg they're rowing and the exactly same smooth except they affected I mean they're roasting and some people are actually doing but the reason why they but they're starting seats we're using a liquid muscle what you gonna learn today is that we're gonna I don't want you to believe anything I say who's you just believe the most important reason okay the most important reason I hold it why don't I hold it as opposed to 90 degrees I do the same thing on be right I think it's change it look at guys seen the gut after a long pedal everybody's pedals yeah and I think they think so well to shot admit again this is the reason why I hold it a 90 degrees to get to the same place I have to do this to get to the same place I have to rotate three to I hold it at 90 so some people is it now final get more leverage as I moved in anything that happens is that you're using less buddy and it feels harder to do okay okay now a big mistake along the shallows they tilt the engine app but if anything as he tilted up those boats don't go fast back there hardly can keep up with what they took that engine up even though the 200 will spell the end what is phrase in the air in fact if anybody been in the back we tilt the engine up but that goes like this and then water sprays out there you don't go that's what lucky pop reason why they do that is but it must pedals Lovejoy and I'm just going bastard I wanted very short it should be this short but I must get the boats to go a long way yeah that's number one the coaches around the world some of them are good confused or you interpret what they telling you wrong and they tell you push the top and punch the ocean plants that opposition correct what I tell you then look what happens I do this I get in the boat and I've been told that it was happening it I haven't even taken a stroke but the strongest part the small muscle takes over and and then I spend my list of my time game there and two things wrong number one I'm using my hand and my arms and number two this is going fast really good in a repertory yeah so how do we now have a look you try and make this blade go forward not using my arms and this is using body so what happened to get to here and we just drop that top hand and look what happens to the back of my plane I broke myself and my blade but actually it's closed and affect it poses if I butchered far back pedal gets stuck in the water and it pulls my hand but you have to focus on something like a tooth powder but keep my hand up Taylor has to come out but people I hand going down handle will go down and make you go for it so those three things alone and in the ocean it's even more the faster you go the more you pulled back down a run and the more you pull back down around the Moors to new paths yeah I'm putting the brakes on that's very important okay now we've got that part you've got to make sure we understand all the basics and undo what we've learned to the past because like most people most people are like sheep that it is Palo Alto in the woods okay thank you okay Wow was it a favor angle even introduced pallets both started three thousand years ago by the way Indian that things and then but no better angle until they call it you're afraid and the reason why you got to feel the angle is so you can that's why when I started paddling you had 90 degrees left all right I'm lit feather while my left whether you live in my father taught me he lifted then this stuff that he was that was lift with it and that's why anybody my father taught us live better it's funny enough in Oslo Norway everybody is and chillin next door with it you know them trying to defend Altos and Denmark where the club became the guard from him up a little but again okay so now we've established that the reason for the fit angle now yes don't be shy most people pulled out in the right-hand side and how many can remount on the right-hand side put your hands up sure exact most people fall on the left-hand side right inside and can only remount a little left answer because this thing called a Fed angle look there and there so when I go for my brace there's something there that's not there so when I teach people now I teach it but no no good angles so those people that are supposed to please well that's the bar guys see one guys gonna teach whether to learn how to teach when I teach people now here okay the reason why we think we hit like lip and we think we like Brad fillers was somebody told you before I can tell you all you have to do is get a new person peddling and anybody gets a new person you put them on the boat like this and they go they don't take it out to see em to tell them anything and when they pray say like no see this is so easy but you good like the other sheep and you put them on a now you know see you're new to paly to get sixty right anyway watch the blade okay they spend their laughs like I said don't actually go anywhere believe you me I take somebody with 0:03 feather and then prove so far it's funny now when you've got a feather and you start getting risk problems and things I can just reduced you better so you cannot change your feather once you put it in unless you reduce it slowly they don't believe that you are zero be fantastic no it's not you've got no chance of changing if you've been planning a long time you forgot because it becomes second nature just like you said pills couple don't mean a lot under those nobody else it doesn't but if you started again and and I was at ninety lift now I'm on 70 and and every year I'll just produced by five and and I'll be down to zero well I have Soros and why worry about racing even race I get but for me it's natural to bracelet and it says depending the biggest cause of people being bad it says keep anything they don't graceful enough so they don't get the confidence and they won't go out there but if you can have bump bump proof race you'll never ever fall out I always do zero zero and if they want to change its uneven interesting fact now no no just go we didn't Sarah your even think about it it's a motivator we are so tuned into Frank it's a cashew good one guy a feather and how the other guys racing and doing everything naturally who's vo7 to miss the most amazing and I've worked on it working this diner the higher your pedal that more you put you holding on if you don't hold on it goes absolutely fine this one zero now but again if you depending along time you can't change but he gained it's better to keep before you two dudes it's harder to you on believe it so they don't understand how into you are from doing this for twenty or fifty or a hundred thousand hours I'm gonna go zippers go just go go back to zero it feels funny you'll see oh and look angle of your angle and also 1906 was the first ever to add affront I like to use cycling puddle but they took a smoke and then they kept on pushing up the hill which is like so steep unbearable 19:06 why do you think they pushed up the hill one yeah exactly exactly who learns bicycles yeah okay so the difference is there's no difference between paddling and cycling this thing yeah by the way is a mechanical tool a tool buzzes mechanical tool is 70 enhances your buddy without seeing the mechanical part and this is a mechanical part with a logic if you don't have this being another sport bullying or another sport okay so this is a mechanical tool that we should use it essential so do you think you go to st. speed against the wood as with the like this okay any questions okay don't believe me go talk to yourself yeah downhill Big Bang uphill you want a higher cadence so all you do see what happens everything must stay the same because it's like your print on your okay that stays the same but everything else is the gears change get me go up today and you're sort of riding up and down and increase increase their rate to catch the right and now now you're actually going fast and now if increase your run rate even more well I'll make my rate go slower it's like starting a sprint races normally one two three slow hard powerful strokes as opposed to game wheelspin English most people do and then when you're on the wave now in game 20 case now you're still trying to get the cable even higher what to be longer and stronger okay and they said going back to the bicycle and this adjustment is your friend cook very simple big front yeah big blade shorter paddle you're doing 200 meters big and big just like a shot you didn't practice and he fell out okay so now we're gonna go how'd your paddling and the most important stroke in peddling is everybody knows the great stroke okay it's just me I was gonna shoot the answer how many hours a day depicts the stress how many times a day you practice the racetrack so we split the brain stroke and we don't practice it why don't we practice it and pick this up their techniques okay now why is the brace trip so important let's get that day we actually on the same page why stability yes that number one the most restful scrub my hand the reason why we hate hot pitch power exit recovery left and right very simple people so the reason why I've started and I've been doing this for quite a long time and playing us it's funny how it takes quite a lot of long time for sheep do everything now in Spain maybe even what mechanisms now I've got a brace it's secure so you can keep it all over done so they finally seen the luck taking them 15 years 16 years touching us forever because let me tell you when you get start getting sore shoulders you actually realize you can't have your elbows here unless you twenty-one and getting prettier every day sleeping okay so defaults your elbows down Wow my elbows done let's give a few reasons okay next thing very relaxed if I elbows are done I don't use my cheap easy okay what else you engage engage it can be numerous announcer folks they're telling it to call and your hips the basis of every single Go Daddy pay-go tennis even ranked me everything comes take it out yeah you can do whatever your arms to do and they're not connected to my legs and when I dropped my elbow than that in all the martial arts they do it better okay let's and you'll never get social he might have her deploying his tarifa he was a backstretch live for the film get well Gary and national TV suck make it a silly wigs team but he he came to be he was living in the body started painting full-time teaching he's not gonna give up on family cannot the excuses about solar compatible remember having plenty for 45 years and with 25 years we told this with and you can see how being feel help thank you my dude pedal baby and sneak up yeah okay the fourth string all very simple all the various problems and okay on doing maestro where the back was ever started okay my catch is very simple from here rotate to keep my paddle parallel with my chest use gravity I'm sitting in there and the people are shooting at it yeah the hawk that I'm getting my whole panel in every stop so the cats very important catch 90 degrees the book river what's your this angle 90 degrees I'm not really too faced better thing same thing here 90 degrees not this and helping the swing saddle up and not this boat so 90 degrees and then as I said most people to pay full price for the panel use the whole day right up to you whose most people when they get it in that way the air stroke pickup yeah anytime they use the full braid is the time that's uses from going through the catch again rotate nasty notice I've didn't do this this XE the problem with that kind of catch I'm doing the air stroke with no arm with no leg this in now drop part of my buddy makes a drag on they cut to the bottom and once my legs touch the bottom stroke is over ever gone poverty Aragon post vertical no but I can easy do that my coach told me to punch forward and then I'm going tomorrow okay so keeping it back then now faced with to be told to exit at your hips yeah okay so this is what happens to those people when they tell the exit dialog excellent no I meant by hips I take it at my rudder most people I can tell you right now who's the brains are picking up when it gets to the hips thumbs out yeah now what you start taking out by your knees look I rotate in purchase to thank for seamless that's why you look in the video he does this hey it's one part understand that's what confusing thing with videos you think are nice doing that I'll simulate that you slow it down okay exit hand only hands five percent of your body based as opposed to 10 percent okay now it takes it recovery recovery I'm not to phase again I'm there's so many different bulbs when you so many different techniques could be one basically but if using putting my toes pick it up our knees and elbows down and this heart stay consistent consistent so we'll it's love or ha on my face doesn't really make a big difference yeah I mean the heart just might get you a little more purple thinkin if it doesn't make a huge difference in the circuit betting maybe on a 200 meter Barbara meter can make a difference but ever 26 kilometers I'm not really worried about now what happens with most coaches now this uh that's the easiest thing in the world give me that new lease of life let's go and practice it all they do unlike what every other sport that our players the Gulf the tenants the cricket the water power the swimming they've all got rules believe me even though swimming you cannot stops I think that like 60 teams but you can do 60 through how many drills do you guys done okay nobody's got through so how do I take my rule to take apart into small little parts that I can build it up to the right way it's impossible when you start playing golf as he has the golf club yeah bingo and play your first round that's what they're doing oh no this is getting a boat you better in fact the worst thing I see coaches they never even teach anybody the brace truckers how many people when they've learned about the first thing that's in it too so you do the bracelet it's gonna keep you afloat gonna peddle how you fell over I don't come back to our game you've got the base drug did this time the most important stroke no guarantees and you even the top sprinters they come better skis they can't brace it so when our develops because I'll getting sick and tired of teaching people in the next year they came back and they're still as as they were when I was a really bad teacher but all it is it's all about time to break the struggle just won't be when you go away from this lesson that you keep on a group pieces at a time and just pending around here's not the way to do it breaking up into small cars and having drills for every part so what I've got is three catch drills with every body part over shoulder pull together elbow to knee so all those parts you can work on them one stroke at a time and what I'm normally doing when I'm in when I was living in South Africa training for the Molokai I had a dam which is 450 meters long and 350 meters wide let's say I did most of my train doing drove my drills always said they were better exercise but the difference was was concentrating and in my drills was Bray stroke 50 percent of the time 45 percent of time embracing and those drills basically a do the drill for 450 meters turn around you can pick a kilometer that'll start at speed 8 Commodus 450 meters 10 kilometers finally do the same thing and that's where I'd start my pedal at 220 the long as it goes then I got a shorter and longer and miss around on the pedaling to see what works for me from that day that's the way that there's a few ticks – doing what they must be on a stable boat no use being a nun sailboat you see I'm standing with a duel they don't even do even draw all I'm doing is balancing number two what are you doing it drill just do one drill at a time don't try and do ten drills and I'm trying – we confronted this catch tool and that – one good try and get that one right we've got that one right Kazu to the next one in the next election that's our union to make sure watch – my buddy by the way and I'm watching in a brace back full race back full race back yeah guys opposed to what most people do is holiday they're normally looking at the play because that's what happens to Busby next one is love tell them for you elbows look I have to use my buddy and again racing is very important when you're ready sit brace into a blade then I put it in and I push down and pull back push down and pull back lifting myself up the boat my extra kilogram pushing down wait okay Racing racing and again it's one soul it's quite a difficult one to do but it's gain it's so simple rotate in shoulder brace back so notice I'm looking at my shoulders you can shorten the hours from ten thousand to five thousand by just looking at probably being most people look at their paddle your shoulder it'll work Oh most people do this actually looking at played next one is a poor hard against your chest was the look you look like penguin by the way and it makes it unstable what happens to my legs then go put them in again I'm paralyzed okay see this one you caught myself but even they feel good okay let me see if I can do it it's close enough to my chest next one is handling elbows in and all I do is watch my shot No now watch the shop watch my leg here as opposed to the same people they go how am i doing parallel there and I can watch it big and next one leg drive is the most important but it's one of the hardest ones to get right end of the day we go forward and we drive this leg into this paddle blade what should happen to my feet your legs your feet what's my feet connected to the footrest so that is hard pushes that's how you get your song from it so many people get the saw is they pushing against the back of the cockpit foot I'm back of the seat first and then pulling away or they don't pull away then it's been the whole time here and they get rubbed yeah and they get a big saw yeah what you trying to do going to be just full of filling it away and then push the foot against the put to it and we'll catch up yeah that's what you're trying to do and again when you put concentrating on one drill at a time you can do it while you pending at the inhalation and trying to worry about 3,000 things that say worrying that 10k this time you don't worry about to technique feel no way even be thinking about your legs the more you do these drills the more when you're paddling the more you'll think about him in the race so many people so many people the jewel as well coming to race first thing you goes out the window is what they learn and they go back to default okay the bombing men come on biscuit raid your fridge that loss to execute Judy let go to the power just lift your head the big power go to power if you keep the power going this happy you take the power up you can do this as our sister store back in your hand most a lot of people do this okay the last row is putting it all together and if you put it all together it should happen naturally elbow to knee so let's have a look if it happens eventually all right Tate and look how it's happening didn't have to think about it then I go rotate in our guy rotate elbow to knee the elbow touches in a gun in how about touches and nothing else as you get better you can maybe use the top off and when you get really good you can use everything and when you're using everything that's when you your most efficient self when you've caused getting used paddle that's at least not now the next thing is that you should do all these drills and wasting who's wasting water most people can stand on their own two feet and you get the feeling and in sensation I'd rather have you doing these drove will change to the sliding we pull pulling and string back is not the same as putting a panel in including yourself pause but if you want to use Chania bond but rather due waist-deep another basic nice shallot beaches just before you go at medal practice pull the truth in waist-deep water and then let's have any questions on the food truck have you got much spice tiredness thing but further apparel is out there the more weight you carry here the closer it is Ania close your arms are so awkward tenders that I actually rather seen and felt like this without stretching too far and you'll notice with my technique I'm not right out here yeah just like a bicycle never never come PD I'm always there and there and again as you get tired you bring it in as you say what happens if you bring you to shorten your paddle you should be able to bring your pedal in cosa and still keep the same technique but I'm not going as far and obviously your mom driving this happens pushing it okay guaranteed that's why is any good none Monica no not okay I understand you've got a strange starvation the basics are get the pan in earlier which he does here's this port which he does and he's putting a little bit and he flips lopsided which is not a bit lopsided but the end of the day he's using the fundamental using big muscles Musil cool can you paddle in early take it out here hours yeah and we emotion eyes when you sort of paddling roughly yeah a little bit longer and then I just added a strain gauge as well which is interesting they had I had a strain gauge my pedal Michigan scientist cool strain gauges that was ready hissing see an oil pattern militant or panel was like power up and power down yeah yeah mine one wasn't mine just like a-tryin Greek a power straightaway long power and in home so he that was that there was like a lightbulb under the old days our nose looks quite good and then our panel was obviously strange paddles strange Berg early in the morning but still mine was power unity up straight up and that comes from the power heart and its trade-off we guys are still putting too far back and I get this which makes sense when you think about it you you put that power they this should be the same we got your whole force of your both side of your body climbing a saddle for that breaking at the hips yeah it should be done exactly the same thing the okay so it's very simple get anybody remember every boat service there is no way that this thing will ever work that is just waves it then Oh [Laughter] I just I've pulled back on this bar and that's the only for self-worth understand whenever is an hour we've discussed so many times yes coming back should be driving forward is only pushing harder than the other one pressure going forward foot plates also very important to be at this angle pea pea on shape ducks to try and give at this angle is in fact Deng down run if you came too fast and you put your pedals are too far back when you push on it it goes to quickly say if you're feeling a bit twitchy when you're going fast he sensitize your head just before you do is just knitting gang everything I teach instead it helps you in a worse situation okay we all can get in like John Wayne but you can't get it like John Wayne okay this is something really once again some people gotta beat guts but and we own I can get to anything cap way down like this maybe tell you I don't care how old the earth it's quite difficult to get out of it I need to get some of the hard bottom and it doesn't look real even and the same thing trying to get back yeah oh we get something back here if you are always practicing like this you become a master of re-entry remounts always there's a never dance you'll notice one thing I'll already if I'm teaching people you must never have your paddle out the water it's very simple but again it's nothing to do with lifting my legs as well as rebound and you can see how easy it becomes easier of course like anything is a change why would you want to do it listen this because if you caught rebound on the right hand that's easy you don't worry okay so this is again it's a very good skill but available who's the best people when I do this they got I guess what I do this I did it oh it's moving like this yeah this is a game teaching you how to she's taking your title what do you see I made it longer and watch watch me the paddle isn't it see iPod moves back Nellie's era is locked and loved him and yeah we'll help you with the power to understand when you're going on the other side this is not Sam and this up are the whole it this way all this way but it's balancing all the time I am stable and if I really were unstable I'm normal and then again you can mean right over doesn't matter okay now we're gonna go through the drills for this drop just the wine out of Kachin and I can be excused but I don't know if there's my fellow would so the one-handed catch is just basically dropping in as opposed to this and this understand I'm not using pushing down this is how I'm leading the boat into both ways what a bit of weight one to use it those with extra okay same thing always it touch the bud and it's look and bracing all the time bracing and very soft grace not dripping it again very soft break so the drill [Applause] and it takes a lot of practice to get that time Iran whose base is there and again I'm trying to get my bum or I'm getting my bum of the seat I'm moving this boat forward exit drew thank you again remember get off the power at the right time rotate notice how much splash I'm making for those people that splashed me when I'm fending it to zero because you can't actually give any splash to be doing it and I'll make I'll make a long run there's an elder to me and then I'll show you some remelt elbow to knee so what hard work should look evolution is the closest thing to how AXI power and are you thinking about it if I do it right you notice I've been like worried about my knees day everything should happen automatically and even the way our paddle is very close to that well fellas very close to that thirty differences you'll have different versions luck they all sake is one perfect girl doing the same thing is your body and make sure you do but everything's the same now penny deep water once you cut on this side or the other side just make sure to tap always make sure it's ready so this is full of deep water remount again same thing wrong side for me notice I always paddle out just to the it's an SOP building then they jumped on and they did this thing what's up handle is your balance from there then get your paddle start peddling get your speed up don't put your legs in before you got your family okay now remap what a few what is the most important part of arena what are some if you don't do this with tons of you remanding r02 nothing what is the most important part of a rebound in wind listen nose to the wind we're gonna be upstream of the wind why why that's not the way to do that okay so you simple explanation this is cooler sail this is gonna sail and if the wind is pushing the sail along it's gonna pull me along like this so I'm gonna be parallel to the water's edge what is water line who's gonna pull me away so that's what I'm trying to do I don't want to do a rebound from underneath the boat I want to pull me away so just think of a kickboard keep cool I'm in there thanks to this go take a step back okay so that's the most important part is make sure the wind is at your back I can tell you right there are 95% of people who not to be able to remount to the winds and front to be placing what happens you have to have it behind it becomes very easy okay few things you gotta remember it's funny simple thing make sure your pedals ready to tell them how many people get and they did all the hard we're gonna get up very important part is this done this thumb is very important the thinner the boat is the more important to them this then must always stay in the bucket to the last minute okay so the thumb stays in you have the last one I'll show you what L know that the deepest part of the bucket were gravity slows head of gravity and it positions you the right place yeah position your right place that arm care gonna hold ya in the same natural form there and there okay and from there from the I'm gonna picking and again I should be able to lie like this barely come to be the tradition you should ride trying anybody did you see my bag lady I never send Mabel from may utter my hand around and then I just slide my body in but tell me if you'll end up like this but that's I see you be coming out for the last minute you push down on it notice my legs and then I'll get paddle blade okay so I lead my family as long as possible that's gonna push the side of the boat down if I'm these narrow boats or if I'm struggling if I didn't if I didn't get over far enough there's many people end up doing this very same thing again they want to get the pedal ready don't want to get are you gonna leave your thumb and push it down putting my legs and until I've got my pedals safety ok any questions catching rent you just eat some of this Perry yet tonight no I mean that's like a different topic but I mean it's the most the basics of catching runs is to be understand that you must only look forward you must narrow your field of vision to where you going ok smaller field of vision and always be 90 degrees to the left to the way 90 degrees no matter where you going you must only be at 90 degrees to the wave once you're on the wave then you decide which way you're going all the way around you should know where you're going and you once you bundle on the way you go towards weave it you must know we're going in this race we don't know where you just do one what I'm gonna make you catch good runs and then be explosive and risk when you're gonna catch a run and remember that there's always another way behind the one that you just missed that you killed yourself to try and catch and you flatter yourself always judge it especially you guys judge judge that you are hundred percent guaranteed to catch a wave gather yourself and him go hard again when you're catching runs make sure that your hundred percent chance of getting it and not fifty-fifty there's nothing like it hand represent a chance go for it and then catch it and if you don't think I get it stop okay but okay but that's simplify so what happens is it probably what you're talking about is that when you gain oh the wave and then it you start shooting left and you want to go right and you've got no rudder Greg and you just end up going out this way okay so okay so basically the next part of it is that you always want to be on the top of the way okay so the reason why you want to be on the top of the wave for a few reasons if I'm on the top of the wave all waves are shaped like this and out there is a shape like this if I'm the top of the wave I take my five point six meter surf ski and make it into a 3 meter surskit that's why it turns very easy I don't even need a rudder because that's the first thing I wanna stay on the top so that I can use gravity when I want to go down the wave I can just go down number 2 I can see everything from the top and I'm a fear but much more control and it also gives me opportunity to go and catch the next wave and when I see the gap remember these are all seconds and seconds and seconds that you waiting on top and then you get the opportunity then you let yourself down and on to the next way but staying in the top takes a little bit of effort the most important things I understand the top is to start early and stop it start catching the run early and stop Bernese these days right on top the next thing is to break we can do that by using a paddle using an elbow for journey of your rudder left and right very fast it will make the boat slow down and you do like a surfer you go left and right on these big waves like that just no probably gonna stay on top so you want to do that as well if you want to try and stay on top and then when the gap comes anyone to go through the gap we're going to set determines which run you when it catches on you direct from the right and on these waves yeah same thing watch the waves coming for the left so you always feel the focus should be basically but this is running down yet the reef is here and I only looked just past the reef and only in the waves about a 35 45 degree angle from the left of it don't look at anything else so it gives you a little focus and you'll find rhythms you'll be rhythm and patents in in the wave so it makes it easier for you to pick up to a quadrant all the time I know where my 90 keep focus on so you had a focus on going downwind no one is technique number twos where you going number three is where's my quadrant and most of what your GPS would be going slowly and what's your opposition where though but don't focus in the opposition too much otherwise you will take a concentration of the way that you try you might do some big metaphor that tomorrow this gives you more time any other questions yeah exactly yeah it has to be you missed the first blood test that's that's the way to at the moment when I wrote a properly they look Harvard I'm touching the bottom and we look the lowest the lowest sort of a default button gives you a lot of big guards so that's that's how much my leg drive here look at blood a lot of videos you can see this is how much go for you have to twisty dips it's like anything at seventy people get back travel nice in honor and Chris as I told you before you kill your core is there for balancing okay – Hannah catch they're just so much easier to do yeah catching boom just go there and same thing here penny a depo look it but maybe now this is a classic one if you do this properly be been joined a band I need love this Palin and if I'm going forward what is my budget okay no rocket science and this was just pure natural there but then I got straight my legs exit see there's no flesh beneath it and in elbow to knee this is this is the best exercise this is my closest to yoga – yoga elbow to near that place TV you see look at all the mistakes I can hardly pull the pedal that I do this yeah and this is the telling victim I'm doing this I can't even move it everybody do this this is holding a pedal tutor okay that's a good fish in fact that lifts out something you try to test you guys have spent my 15 top where you hold the paddle yes right what if I told you everything is easy why you hold it there hey believe me I understand as I said don't believe you understand what I'm telling so you hold your paddle at 90 degrees wide goodnight you know what there's number one it's one of the most natural thing okay look it's natural your first pull up with your first benchpress and your first push up you get too tall at 90 but that's not the reason honey the most important reason there's a lot of people that see kayak industry they hold it shoulder-width now watch what happens here I'm the good is white lot see where my paddle against you okay simple it is to the white line notice how much my body's moving huge amount zero now now I've got a ninety degree that do the same thing so what altitude forces you to rotate to get to the same place okay so holding it at 90 days before Seletar it tapes if you win today okay so holding about the pedal you put your hands or claws claws like a claw like this this is how you hold a paddle so you'll notice when I was paddling forward again be that's hockey makes you hollaby and then claw I don't think just like that in fact if you fell properly you can hold it like that now you won't be able to hold it up there if you do that catch don't even I can hold it toilet doesn't work but if I do this and after do 9 kilometers an hour because that's what it takes your hands of course I shouldn't get blisters now you say that I put too much wax on my pedal I rested a cold out at this pole that is economical in video and and all I could explain was it was cold I was cold hands-free I'm always loose and when I get up Lister and then I don't have wax but if I put too much work so the question is why do you put wax on is it before race like this but if you'll take good luck and they've been send speed in hand and then you get bigger blisters who's now your holding time tonight it's so forearms are you holding tight for the pedal slip in your hand so if you put wax on it but you must put a little it works the reason why I use wax and nothing else is that with wax after ten minutes it's gone too much wax two hours it's still there that's I'm saying when you wanna brace brace like that you look at my race and I'm doing this race here you don't need any power hand there really keep it and again practice a bracelet pricing is the problem believe me if you get it said blisters are caused by being nervous and holding on touch yeah you must wait for that one to go away understand if you tense up yeah this tensor everything tenses up from the pole I hate to tear that up so if you pray see easy and everything's thing you will not get blisters but if you call you and if you petting jihad any more questions whatever let that why name the I see why it eats babe zero-zero okay so you asked me what is the optimal angle you peddle your family forward or if your ensemble this is far easier to do think about anything in this [Laughter] but don't change but if you having Chris problems just make yours really good and you have you just started zero it's the reason why other reason why the girls can explain why you want to be 0 another reason why you want to be at zero what's this race like you 60 rock this is you guarantee this is it yeah but people again that's what happens when you just follow the crowd and I stopped I stop saying that the 92 Olympics teach this way and there is one zero one sixty in the garden is zero the champion within a week at which angle it's called being used to you peddled fifty thousand Columbia's like and the most important thing for me if it says he's planning is the brace what about the length of your paddle some people could probably ask you so tell me if you had a bicycle will you go to bicycle would you stay in the same gear going up the hill how do you know what gear you're gonna take change into thing up a hill exactly that's exactly the same okay what you might have happened is that your pedal might have been too long so when the pedals longer that's that gives more force and more strain on your hand what's that again okay so the plain side so this is the difference so you've got a bicycle here but the purpose of the back hugs this is the front very simply you want to understand you're pushing hard and then when you're doing that also try and lean back put your brakes on because you want to go just wet space that you haven't you've gone too far down right on top of the way all I do is a little harder my left that side of my nose much easier been leaning I know what leaning does eating really any time you do leave because you lead like I told you into the brace when I'm turning rice I lean right into the race on to your left focus if I'm going 25 or 30 or 40 for longer now and I leave the opposite way I want to fall down you wanted to your your breath so on this way on this way down you're lucky for will you write for the panel most of the time you're gonna be bracing left leaning left turning left instead see where it's coming from the head of embracing leaning turning left and it was another way around you know what you'd be doing what are you doing no now you be leaning left and trying to brace right sometimes like that I'm trying to turn right and it doesn't work that's why some people do better on certain witness and most people if the winds came on the left hand shoulder and your right pillar you're good here comes the other way you say I've seen hard today you should be bracing with your right answer when it comes of your right hand shoulder should be bracing in your right answer yeah [Applause] putting out so actually there was a good person I mean in the air punching only their conscious conscious sort of effort that you can feel that the blade goes away which is actually like sort of help it's a basic and actually can go should go actually fall so that's what you're trying to do if you put this paddle in properly and pull on it it actually wants to go forward up so that's what you're trying to understand you're trying to make this panel go forward and it out exactly because if that panels going forward what am i doing I'm all fake okay so that's what you're trying to do get it in and you do it some tastes like this just like this you can feel it wants to go I'm not trying I'm trying to do it anything it's just going and then as I pull it in and I'm pulling it back with is still going forward I'm pulling it back this by the thing that's how you want it that's that's the optimum together so that decides you all laid aside that's why a sure 200-meter pedal is got big blades and think long shaft because they are a sprinting okay next

  • Regarding feathering, what about if we need to paddle against the wind for a considerable amount of time, would you recommend feathering the paddle to cut the wind better if against the wind?

  • I remember ducking into one of Oscar's clinics maybe 5 years ago, when he was with Epic. It was a life changing event, I was always passionate about kayaking, but he really directed me on how to apply myself and build my technique to be better. At the same time it became even more enjoyable. I absolutely love my surfski paddling now, it has taken me so many great places and I owe it to Oscar's tutelage. I really admire him and I grateful for all he gives to the sport.

  • Bought my Epic V6 directly from Oscar at the kayak show in NJ a few years back. Was the first V6 sold in NJ.
    Great guy. Fun to talk to. Wish him well at Nelo

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