Oscar Carboni's OMNI Says 4 Stocks, "NO MORE SELLING" on Wednesday 07/31/2019 #1975

good morning afternoon evening traders Krauss love welcome to the one thousand eight trading line with Oskar Carboni traders YouTube fans thank you so much for showing up at my channel love you guys please stop what you're doing right now and subscribe to my youtube videos and then hit the alert button so that you are alerted every time I put out a new video these videos are geared for immediately trading the very next trading day sometimes they give to start trading the moment you view them so make sure that you have subscribed and do me a favor if you don't mind comment on the videos like them and share them across the internet much appreciate that kids I look for your comments and I'll be sure to reply as you know this is a very risky game trading stocks trading futures trading options trading ETF straining anything at all is extremely risky you can lose way more than you put your own trading account I know you've heard stories while they're true you can lose way more than you think you're gambling with make sure that you have risk capital that is earmarked to be lost just in case something goes wrong never trade without stops know that this game is certainly not suitable for all traders okay just know that what many of you out there are various fantastic traders and if you want to continue to get better at this make sure you hang out with me at live with oscar calm in my live trading rooms right before i get into what's on this board and this of great topics and you know what tomorrow is Wednesday is a big day let me just remind you I'm the campus coming September 19th I've got a couple of open seats at my omni camp omni camp is a four-day live seminar held here in las vegas i invite you not just Las Vegas I invite you to my home to the inner sanctum into my office where I will personally train you how to handle Oscars market navigational indicator the Omni I will teach you how to run the Omni for yourselves I will give you a brand-new laptop programmed by me you will receive that laptop you will receive your education I will house you I won't clove you you gotta bring your own clothes what we're gonna feed you we house you we transport you around and I give you a laptop plus fantastic education all of that comes at you in a four day session on the camp September 19th this September make sure you're here allow me to give you financial freedom traders what is on this board for trading on July 31st it is the last day of the month there is no more selling in the e-mini S&P of Nasdaq and how about that great Omni cool to go short on Tuesday on the gave us a short right at the highs the market cracked we got out we sidestepped and whatever happens for the rest of Tuesday happened without us now comes Wednesday no more selling I told you sell it Tuesday no more selling I will show you the reason technically why we've hit the bottom of a channel I will tell you that there is window dressing to watch out for on the last day of any month not as much as on the last day of the quarter but the last day of any month there is window dressing where big stock companies tend to purchase the stocks that are doing well and sell out the ones that aren't doing so well you'll get some of that and you've got the Fed decision this is Fed or FOMC for you all time is the Federal Open Market Committee this is day two of a two-day meeting they come out on Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. Eastern and make an announcement about lowering raising or doing nothing with interest rates right that's what the FOMC does well we know Powell is earmarked right now should be earmarked to lower rates by a quarter this point that's expected I think medals rally from that I think the S&P rallies from that I think it probably will be well perceived I think that will well receive I guess it's not gonna be perceived because it's going to come out I also think that if they did a half a point it would get a little bit too much a little bit scary I don't really think does it need to do this anyway but it's coming right and here's what you need to do there is going to be thick volatility markets are going to go like this your job is to do nothing tomorrow keep your powder dry here's what I've learned in 38 years in this business on a Monday the market seemed to be here when I get up in the morning Tuesday guess what they're here or Wednesday they here again if you don't trade tomorrow I promise you this markets will open again on Thursday and you'll have your chance the volatility becomes extreme even if you're right your stock could be hitting then you watch the trade go in your direction it's one of the worst feelings when that happens to you and that happens more often on a Fed day than any other day of the year so be careful try not to trade I do like metals here I'll tell you that much if I was going to do anything I'd buy a little scalping silver and you get out on a quick pop maybe or gold but for most for the most case we're gonna keep our powder dry stay out of the indices we're gonna stay out of any interest rate markets let's just let this happen without us tomorrow we'll pick things up after the interest rates done markets go nuts for a little while Thursday we'll pick right back up where we left off traders with no further ado let's go I'm the action traders alike the next comedy camp is coming and I am raising my prices I'm here to tell you the price is going up but I'm gonna add a tremendous amount of value with this new pricing when you leave Omni camp you will leave with a brand-new laptop high-quality laptop it will be programmed with everything you need my software the Omni everything that you would need so that you can go home and practice on the plane ride on the way home from Las Vegas on top of that if you come out to Omni camp I will offer you a 50% discount on my army recommendations for the entire year for the rest of your lives you join the annual subscription it is half price for the rest of your lives and on top of that to make things even sweeter as I post courses in the future as I post online courses you will get a 30% discount on all of my new online courses for the rest of your lives fill out your army camp application now and I will see you in Las Vegas okay I'm the axe here is the reason for no more selling look at this right here watch I'm going to delete this for you what you are looking at is the very same chart I used in last night's video Monday night for trading on Tuesday in which I said we had a Red Omni for training on Tuesday 7:30 2019 for day trading the e-mini S&P that was the short call from Omni now let's populate the chart with Tuesday's bar look at that it was exactly what Omni called for and Omni got a short right at the heart a beautiful great trade thank you on me but what I'm saying now is that's it because we came to the bottom of this channel what you can see holds so often even if it gets near it we're at the bottom of that channel and now this is day two of a Fed Day meeting this is day two of a two-day Fed meeting and the Fed will make an announcement at 2 p.m. and believe me there will be fireworks but I don't want to be short the market any longer we took our day trade and we will not solve a market for trading on Wednesday in fact no trading in the indices for trading on Wednesday if we take any train at all it'll be in the form of a room trade in my live trading room that's the chart I wanted to show you traders we're back down here Tuesday's ball was an absolute perfect call from Omni no more selling ok traders get ready Pawel power tomorrow pow pow power power power power that guy's this drug has got the planet you know that right if he wanted to move rates this big you know what that would do to the planet my goodness this guy's got a lot of muscle this mr. Powell dude let's see what he does with it on Wednesday remember keep your powder dry kids I promise you the markets will be here Thursday I'll be a Thursday we'll do a thing like we always do come join me alive with Oscar calm please be careful out there tomorrow and remember keep your emotions out of trading one of the best things you can do in my opinion to help keep those emotions at bay and believe me I know that's not easy but put your stops in first before you trade that helps believe me and then say this to yourselves every morning every afternoon every evening and you stop past performance is not indicative of future results futures trading is risky and can cause substantial financial loss we do not claim or guarantee that you will profit from the information provided

  • Wow Oscar 10 min long for 1 chart. Not your best effort Dude. I think your Great but lately less charts more self promo and ads

  • I think each omni camp should consist of 5 virtual seats also each camp. online virtual seating as well. maybe a cheaper rate too! just an idea. GOD bless you omni, JESUS loves you today!!!

  • Good timing big O, just as I was adding to my gold positions you come out to say no more stock selling. 🙂

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