Oscar Carboni Teaches OMNI Day Trading in Gold IWM TSLA DOW IIPR ES DJT 06/26/2019 #1959

good morning good afternoon good evening traders from across the globe and welcome to the 1/3 day trading live with Oscar good evening traders so this video the 1959 jeez a lot of videos together don't we kids a lot of Education in these videos this video is coming at you on a Tuesday night for trading Wednesday that is June 26 2009 team before we get involved in the top it's on the board and we look at that crazy arrow you need to know that Futures Trading stock trading ETF training options trading any type of training these days comes with extreme volatility and extreme risk you do not want to trade with money that you cannot afford to lose so if you can't afford to lose money do not put it in your trading account don't listen to Broncos out there who will convince you to do that whatever you do be careful trade with money that is earmarked god forbid we lose it against loss and always put your stops in first you need to know the rest is behind this game ok kids now that you got that down if you like what you are about to see in this video follow us on Twitter Facebook like us on everything you can possibly think of share these videos and if you and you will I promise you this you will like the analysis that you are about to see whatever you do before the video is over hit the subscribe button and subscribe to these videos then hit the alert button to things it's easy and quick hit the alert button so that you will be alerted and you will be notified every time I put out one of these videos the reason why you need to do that is because these videos are geared to tell you what's gonna happen the next day or in the next 10-15 hours so you need to watch them when they're fresh make sure you subscribe now I'm gonna show you something really really interesting I want you to take a look at this when we see a double time we sell listen and we sell a double top kids this is the exact double top I put before your eyes in last night's video told you what we see a double comp we sell a double top this is where we were last night and this is what happened I mean look at that you can't ask for better wheel number say it with me out there in YouTube TV land are you ready when we see a double top we very good so now that you have seen the double cop in action you've seen the double top work it is just one piece of analysis of many different pieces of the puzzle I've given to you in these videos so what's behind me a really interesting charts to show you what's gonna happen over the next couple of days at least for tomorrow because you know we're day traders so we got out of the way when we see a double top and sell a double top number one on the board second thing on the board is basically this evening S&P russell nasdaq transportation average the IWM which is the Russell ETF the Dow Jones the whole game it still looks bearish for another day trade Tesla still bearish and I'd like to talk to one of my Omni acts out there about Tesla during the Chuck segment I will show you a test little chart and that will reply to your comment thank you so much i IP are still a buy and hold out here where the rest of the market is going some stats NOAA i IPR is one of those that you buy and hold on to and it's been strong through this down a move and no more buying gold at least for a day you'll see the chart I've got what the nos tourism known as a swing day or a swing bar which tells us back off on buying gold for trading on Wednesday so I wanted to reiterate that to you traders with no further ado I want to get right into this chart segment so let's go look at some choice my expectation coming to omni camp was based on the conversation with oscar where he said by the time you leave you actually absolutely I would trade I'm not definitely one needs to live it well my experience is that oscar has refined his instruction to a science he's able to deliver the information albeit complicated in a very easy to follow fashion and you come away here from here with almost step-by-step instructions about how to create an omni on our own he told me on the phone that he would help me you know maybe get 20 years of experience and saved me 20 years of time and my after going through the camp and my responsibly I wouldn't have gotten it in 20 years what he did is different than I ever would have thought doing he looked at something that all the books I've read all the things I've done was different than I expected so I told him I would have gotten this in 20 years I've been training for about a year previously and I had some expectations that were just blown out of the water the content wild simple I appreciate the genius behind it and I met some great like-minded people as well okay traders so once again the same chart you've seen how well that double-talk work now I have told you 80% in my opinion I have seen 80 percent of these double tops work out of a hundred percent that I've seen in my life so of course not everyone is gonna work but if you sell 100 double tops you're gonna get eighty winning trades as far as I'm concerned we'll see what the results are for you Dow Jones Industrial Average double topped out as well now the interesting thing about this chart is every other industry topped here the Dow never did came down went back up and just about finally put in its double top here so it never actually hit the line here and here with that far away see the green space if you filled in that green space you would have hit the exact double cop so that double popped out so that doesn't look good right now remember to Like share and subscribe to these videos look here the Dow Jones transportation average we have an Oscar ism called an F flag below the 50 ball moving average I showed this to you in last night's video this is where we were when I showed it to you and this is what's happened so far me a round of applause for how this analysis works right fantastic so now we move forward and you've got the I W M now this is an ETF it's called the iShares Russell 2k and in last night's video I showed you this very chart showed you that we had the 200 ball moving average underneath us or at least we're below it now we fell out of the channel and we got below 250 so below the 50 below the 200 dropped out of the channel we call that bearish this is where it was last night and this is what happened so far I mean what's been the goals have been and the analysis is working out just fine gold no more buying gold I would not buy golf with my mother-in-law's money I actually love my mother-in-law so that wouldn't really apply here but you know what I'm saying they're right kids um I wouldn't buy gold with an enemy's money for trading on Wednesday at least do if they like the ones that wouldn't go near this thing this is a classic Oskar ISM known as a swing bar so let's see what it's going to amount to we're holding off on buying for Wednesday Tuesday night into Wednesday then we've got the Tesla chart and I have to say Tesla chart last night's video one of my omni acts pointed out to me honest where I put the 30 bar moving average on there and it was higher and you are correct because mistakenly right before the video started I changed the chart from Tesla to S&P I put the 50 bar on there then I went back to Tesla and printed so sorry kids let's correct that now this is the actual 30 ball moving average on Tesla and what I've been telling you for months on end is this is what happens if you get to the 30 bar moving average you crack if you get above it you never get out of this channel it's like a magnet it just stops cold so you get above the average stops get above the average stops right here and you can see it's just non-stop repetitive pattern here you don't even get above drop you don't even get above drop so here you actually got above what I was pointing out time after time is it doesn't matter if you get above the average you never get out of the channel what happens it gets above the average and here's where we are now all the way back down to here now I'm gonna blow up the Tesla chart just to show you that it is absolutely still buried this is zoomed in a little bit that my friends is a bear flag now building we're right after just about hit the top of the channel makes perfect sense to me that Tesla would continue on down so with still bearish long term Tesla now I do love the cars I do love the car company I think the inventor is fantastic I love SpaceX I don't like this chart and for me I'm an analyst who analyzes charts I don't care personally about the company so as far as I'm concerned yes there's a bigger channel here but what we're looking at a short term day trading I see a bear flag and I see us heading right back down now if somehow we get above the channel and we start taking out other areas that I'm expecting the market to have trouble at I would obviously become a bullet path look but I've been barest for months on end and I'm not bullish now so be careful and Tesla if you're giving more and then we've got I I PR innovative industrial properties now the stock market might be going down but not every stock and the stock market goes down when the stock market goes down just like when the stock market goes up not every stock is gonna go up well I think if you're wrong I I PR you can hold on to I I PR you can buy more when it breaks down if it does because it's in a really really nice formation at the moment broke out of a wonderful channel the fundamental behind the company looks as good as the chart does so it actually has fantastic fundamentals behind it these guys are brilliant they they've gotten into the medical marijuana plus I guess with recreational marijuana business but they don't put their hands on it at all they go out and lease properties to others who want to get involved in the business they're brilliant so that's one of the things I like about them fundamentally technically is with all that matters to me looks like a nice chart if it does come off I think you buy the dips in of industrial so traders you've seen the charts you've got my technical reasoning why I have all these crazy topics on the board for you so you know about the double top rule right do I have to make you say it again you know what there's no other way to teach people then repetitive repetitive repetitive believe me H to go to school myself at some point of my life and the teacher doesn't have to beat the rules into my head until I heard him in understood him and you know things are worse now because it's the internet and I can prove it to you how many times have you heard a commercial on TV see you on the Internet at the end of the commercial will be call 999 to 8 to 8 or whatever that number is that number again is nine nine nine two eight two eight nine nine nine two eight to eight and you still don't hear it right you don't even know what the commercial was about so the only way to really get this into people's heads is to say it over and over again which is what you're going to do one last time with me you guys ready now remember because it's one of the best rules out there and that rule is when we see the rest of your trading lives now Steve pepino thank you so much you want to come up here and say hello Steve better known as spies sniper on my site Steve hello buddy this guy's been hanging out with us doing some fantastic work hey thank you so much and I'm the AK was totally giving back to a Steve model applause thank you so much we will implement his ideas and things are gonna get better and better and you will be a part of what's going on so thank you so much he has been brought in at you where you have really impressed me my friend very brilliant man so the topics have been covered remember that peso unless it gets out of that Channel you cannot think all this one time the channels another story if you were long or long we'll want to get long I I PRI don't think it's got a problem even if the stock market goes down make me down a little but you'll be able to buy it at a better price and stay away from golf for a day it looks me like it's a little bit disease for trading on Wednesday so unless you want to get short called which I'm not gonna advocate let's leave gold alone alright try to self check this out I have made my date for Romney camp I've already called a few of you on the campus so there's only a few seats left camp is September 19 2019 if you want to learn how to coal walk it's the way I show you in these videos and I will teach you exactly how to call these markets you come down to live with Oscar comm click the omni camp banner fill it out to short questionnaire and I'll contact you and give you a short interview and find out if you are approved for one more seats so I will tell you this you will leave Las Vegas with a an education you will not believe you will just fall over well you fit when you find what I'm going to fill you with something knowledge that you can take home and use for the rest of your lives I'm going to give you a brand new laptop I will personally program that laptop with my army so I know you're going home with the exact program that you need I will teach you how to use it and before my eyes and before the class's eyes you will prove in real time that you can pull markets as well as I show you in these videos that is all part of my army camp if you think that's interesting if you need help if you are losing money if you call it bad trades you need Oscar come on down to live Alaska com join me in my September omni camp all right traitors I think that's about it I'm gonna get out of here now a lot of work to do remember keep your emotions out of this game we do not make emotional decisions they always turn into losses and our accounts so no emotions come up with a training plan plan a trade trade that plan if you don't know how to do that the Omni will teach it to you barring that say this to yourselves every morning every afternoon every evening and you see you there past performance is not indicative of future results futures training is risky and can cause substantial financial loss we do not claim or guarantee that you will profit from the information provided


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