Oscar Carboni Teaches Day Trading OMNI style in Gold Bitcoin TSLA, IWM, ES Dow 06/25/2019 #1958

good morning good afternoon good evening traitors but cross the globe and welcome to the 1950 edition of short-term day trading love with Oscar hello traders hello long the acti yet they weren't fans I'm so excited to be here oh let me say this ho Steve pan o Dakota of Vince David Tony thank you guys so much can be around tonight you know he gave me so much time love you guys thank you for the help I'm sure this is gonna go really far so I really appreciate you guys and love you to death man thank you so much don't know what else to say but thanks man I need you so I appreciate your help this evening for you traders that were at the meeting the staff meeting you need to be careful about the risks involved in this business it is a very risky business trading day trading long term trading short time trading options trading futures trading you name it ETF's very dangerous in today's environment never trade without money that is earmarked to be lost never trade without money you can absolutely afford to lose if you can't afford to lose it you shouldn't put it in your trading account never trade without stops and what's coming at you next if you like what you're about to hear if you like what's in these videos if you like the way I present this analysis and I'll tell you right now this is winning trade with the army five weeks baby maybe we had one gold slip it is just rocking them dead if you like the analysis if you like the army if you like me please share these videos like them I want Facebook I'm on Twitter I'm on Instagram I'm on stock twins I want LinkedIn I'm all over YouTube as you guys know and I'm live in a chat room at all times but you know what I kind of need more exposure because there aren't enough of you out there that I'm helping you can help me with that exposure please like these videos share these videos subscribe to these videos by clicking the subscribe link then click the little alert that little bell click that as well and you'll get notified every time I'm putting out a YouTube video so please subscribe at YouTube make sure you click the alerts and get me no doubt their kids come on now like me on Facebook and everything else help me spread these videos so I can help you help me to help you with that Mon let's get moving so what is on this crazy board for trading on 620 519 read on the e-mini S&P Russell knows that and the usual suspects that travel along with that crowd how about this on that you need to save this with me as a group we're saying this together read this and you're gonna say this with me are you ready on the X 1 2 3 when we see a double top and down we went thank you to that double top thank you on me for such great analysis I'm the on these messenger boy I thank me for giving you that information but it's all about the Omni method you know that if you'd like to learn the Omni method and be able to go five weeks without losing trades you need to come to my omni camp this September 19th probably the last one for the year and I will only invite six of you out that's two this on the camp September 19th 2019 I will personally teach you the Omni the Omni is Oscars market navigational indicator and it is one of the best navigational indicators I've ever seen in 38 years in this business 14 straight years I've been putting out the Omni and videos my fans know it anyone who follow me who follows me know it my children know it the place I live reflects it the Omni has been fantastic to us I would love to teach the Omni to you so that you can learn to fish for yourselves and you would no longer need me that will happen for you this september 19th at my army camp come to live with oscar come and fill out your omni camp applications now what is on this board we're going to say this because I like hearing it and you need to reinforce this in your mind once again what I showed you on Friday afternoon for trading Sunday through Monday is the double top and once again what is the old adage when we see a double top we smell a double top and with the ESPE looks like right now is what up a better top came down made another top and is sitting right here as I do this video came down from that double top and is breaking and guess what omni gave us it had to sell the highs tonight before the correct hand thank you on me I will teach that to my army camp I promise you so well we're seeing that with hot we know that we're supposed to sell that double top and not 100% of the double tops are going to work that'll never happen in technical analysis but from my experience 80% or greater the double cops would work if you sold 100 double cops you'd probably get eighty winning trades and those hundred double tops not all will work but if you sell them all you will get the double top high percentage win in your favor then gold and soybeans bullish bullish bush on these men already and it rally ten points already so soybeans and gold the bullish do you know why the dollar is making this so let me show that to you at a chart segment then I've got the IWM which is basically the Russell which fits right in here with that red army and Tesla I've shown you how Tesla operates how it runs to that certain thirty board moving averages and cracks and it worked I don't know 20 times in a row maybe 15 in a row where it went up to the 30 boy moving average and dumped and it got to the 30 ball moving happens the last couple of days and people wrote Sandoz but what's going on Tesla just keeps rally and I'm here to show you what's going on kids yes it rally but only rallied right back to the same old usual spot and now I think you can get your Tesla again traders remember I'll be can't market eats all of this to you September 19th with no further ado let's go look at some of these wonderful charts okay traders shot you seen in the very last video Oscars have noticed the F flag now we're down underneath the F flag we failed at the top of the Oscars have known as an F flag and the 200 ball moving average failure right there and here we are now I say down we go tomorrow nice big fat down there at least it should start off that way we're already short we stayed short in fact the Omni got a short on Monday evening or Monday during the day kept the shortened from Monday evenings closed we're still short now and we shorted more on Monday night go on the X go so here we are then when we see that double top we sell the double top so I showed you this chart in Friday's video right after the close on Friday so that's it double tops it we've got confirmation do you know where we are right now about walking over a crack this evening at least down to there it might be even lower at this point in fact I think we are a little low but I'll just show you that illustration army got a short right here this evening and it's already down a lot after being short so go on me go so when we see that will pop we sell it we're expecting at least one down day and we'll see where it goes after that we aren't a traders go baby look at this thing rally what a monster you got above that double top it didn't actually stop at the double top and drop and we sold it that day and we actually did really well then we went long and we did well there and we went long and we did well there and we got long and we got long and we keep getting more good we keep getting winning trades trade up the trade day you are me thank you and if you'd like to be part of these winning trades I offered a two-week trial of my omni real-time trading recommendations just come to live with us but calm ask me for my two week free trial and of course I'm the kid I'll teach you how to do this for yourselves you won't need my free trial now let's look at the next chart because boy they industry choices even soybeans beautiful looking chart at this point why it's above my on the average it built what I like to call them bold flag and if you're real good an analysis you'll recognize that there's a trend line that comes from way back up here somewhere cuts right across the highs and comes right across here so we broke out of that trend line as well nasty looking trend line it's actually straight and we're above that and the omni's green so I like what I see in soybeans please like share and subscribe to these videos so that you will be in tune and you will be notified every time I do another dollar index this is why soybeans are strong this is why gold is so strong we do not break the 200 ball blue light special in the dollar unless something's amiss didn't break it here big rally came back down only to the bottom of the channel big rally down hits the bottom of the channel and what the 200 ball moving average rallies out comes back gets near it rallies out again gets into the 204 moving average and the trendline rallies out comes back down and smash this is where we are now look at the difference help help help help broke that is different the world sees it the dollar is coming down a little bit it will make commodities bullish and it will make things like gold bullish that's the way this works and probably put a little bit of weight on the stock market I'm assuming because you're breaking in the dollar and you're breaking in the stock market at the same time so this will lean on the stock market as well and that takes us out to something even more interesting Bitcoin traders remember I showed you this and I told you this is an absolute continuation pattern do not consider that a head and shoulders it will rally out of here was I'm wrong rally gap rally o monstrous rally we like Bitcoin quick little story you've heard this from me before I have told you this in many videos and I've told this to my chatroom many times I've been doing this professionally every minute of my life for 38 years and I have told everybody eventually we're gonna see something like this and probably this year what we'll see is Bitcoin will start to rally for no reason or whatsoever just keep going and so will gold that will wolf come out of the woodwork nobody will know why it will just start to slowly quietly skyrocket and those are two of my five signs that tell me the top is coming so I've told you about other signs two of them I see happening before my eyes two others are already in place that's about one of the have signs missing kids kids you're not we can't call this complete yet these two maybe one of them is complete half of the other one is but out of five signals I'm looking for you've got like three three and a half of them in place right now on average so we're getting to a spot where eventually you're gonna hear me call cop kids but that's not coming today for now we've got a double top and with short term day trading the double cuff on the short side in the e-mini S&P from Bitcoin we'd be buying dips because we were expecting this kids I called you about it all the way from here if you remember I started to tell you I started telling you to get long this thing months ago and boy have we been right the Omni has been all over a round of applause and then we've got this the I W M this is the ETF for the Russell 2000 and I've shown this day before but I showed it to you when we were smartly in this channel but look we fell out of the channel broke the 200 ball moving average broke the 50 ball moving average and dropped out of a strong channel I'm gonna blow up the exact same charge because this will tell you that Russell's going down tomorrow look at that now st. chalk more blown-up failure at the 50 breaks out of the average comes down here this guy belongs lower for trading on Thursday excuse me for trading on Tuesday and then we've got this traders I mentioned Tesla I've been telling you for how many months I do not like this chart I love the car I love the inventor I love the whole idea behind it I love SpaceX I do not like this chart happens to be a Tesla chart it's been ugly for months you've heard me this every time I look at it and what I've shown you recently was that the market basically fails at the 30 ball moving average every time it gets to it this time it didn't get as high as it if it doesn't fail at the 30 it fells at the top of this channel okay you can see it every time gets above the 30 fells at the copy channel doesn't even get them top of channel comes near the 30 fails well the 30 top of Channel failure above the 30 top of channel failure doesn't get there 30 fails doesn't get the 30 fails then we get out of the channel come back in what just happened we got involved the 30 ball moving average and started to come down already that's probably set up for another drop now you just about hit the copy to channel 2 when you've noticed when you do that the next thing is down right well I think it's starting to set up for some downside vessel maybe a teeny more up side and then back down we go unless we completely break out of this pattern and go up here for a while and then of course we'll start changing our thought process for now this is what it is and I'm not going to say we're out of that pattern by any means keep your eyes on the short side of Tesla tractors those are the shots I wanted to show you come on down to LA with Oscar comm join me in my free trading room so traders you've seen the charge and if you like the analysis that you just seen and you have to like what I just showed you stop when he will stop what you're doing right to second look down hit the subscribe button make sure you get notified when I do these YouTube videos they're geared to show you what's gonna happen the next day so you gotta watch them when they come out fresh subscribe and hit the alert button so you know you're gonna get them all right traitors that's about it I'm outta here I'm going back down to my office I'll see you cats live at liable ouster dot-com in my trading room remember to keep your emotions out of this bad boy keep your powder dry put your stops in first and save as to yourselves every morning every afternoon every evening and you know stops or rock'n'roll trance thank you for tuning it I'll see you all my training along with Asperger phone past performance is not indicative of future results futures trading is risky and can cause substantial financial loss we do not claim or guarantee that you will profit from the information provided

  • I don't know what im going to do if you stop posting videos… I do my own homework and my own analysis… But it makes me smile and builds my confidence when your video matches my trades…. I don't expect you to believe me but I was in IIPR before you announced the fathers day gift.. I jumped up and screamed.. then I called my buddy about your video… I could not believe you called that stock out…. crazy .. have a great day Oscar..

  • Hey Oscar, are you using Simple 30 day MA for TSLA? When I chart it, it crossed over Jun 11th and is currently around 208 while yours is closer to 220. I charted it with 3 different platforms and it's all the same, so I don't know how you're getting what you get for the 30 MA. Thanks.

  • If Fed cuts rates, markets will go higher. If not, markets will go lower. That’s my prediction. Markets are 100% dependent upon Fed policy.

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