Oscar Carboni Teaches Day Trading & Long Term Trading Stocks With OMNI 07/29/2019 #1973

good morning good afternoon good evening traders Macross McLovin welcome to the 1000 term day trading live with us with Carboni traders youtube fans thank you for tuning in to my channel this should be exciting because not only will we talk about where markets should go tomorrow on Monday but I've got a longer term view outlook on the board for you as well so let's get started as you know trading is extremely risky futures trading stock trading ETF trading any type of trade baseball cards reading these days can be risky that is risking everything so please do not trade unless you put your stops in first you understand the risks behind this game and you literally have risk capital to lose it we don't hope to lose we don't plan on losing but these things happen so know this and if you know these things then let's get moving because we got a lot to talk about this video coming at you on July 28th a Sunday for trading Sunday through Monday July 29th and I've got love to buy so two topics on the board they're very interrelated indices like the e-mini S&P the NASDAQ and the russell remained firm at these lofty levels on the daily charts interestingly enough the weekly charts basically agree the longer-term weekly charts agree at least for now I'm going to show you those charts in just a moment trainers Omni cam times going to run out on you to get your tickets and get out here September 19th is my omni camp coming up here at the end of it should be the last one for the year I don't know that we can fit another one in so come out to Omni Camp that's me teaching you the art of Oscars market navigational indicator which is the Omni I will teach that to you personally here in Las Vegas over a five-day seminar live here with me nobody can teach you better than I can so come on out grab your seats while they still remain open I will see you here in Las Vegas do you have anything else you want me to say before I show the charts I see them looking at me oh yes I have to ask you to do this you know traders you've been subscribing like crazy thank you so much haven't subscribed subscribe right now stop with you stop what you're doing I'll give you a set you know to look down hit that subscribe button and subscribe to these videos it could be above depending upon your browser subscribe now and this way you'll be notified each and every day when I put out one of these videos because they're timely and they're there to help you what the markets going forward with no further ado let's go look at some choice Omni action traders alike the next time the camp is coming and I am raising my prices I'm here to tell you the price is going up but I'm gonna add a tremendous amount of value with this new pricing when you leave Omni Camp you will leave with a brand-new laptop high quality laptop it will be programmed with everything you need my software the Omni everything that you would need so that you can go home and practice on the plane ride on the way home from Las Vegas on top of that if you come out to Omni camp I will offer you a 50% discount on my Omni recommendations for the entire year for the rest of your lives you join the annual subscription it is half price for the rest of your lives and on top of that to make things even sweeter as I post courses in the future as I post online courses you will get a 30% discount on all of my new online courses for the rest of your lives fill out your army camp application now and I will see you in Las Vegas traitors even in ESP daily bar chart and you've seen this in many videos prior to this one you know we had that double cop and we got back above the double top and tested it and held and tested and held and now we're rallying into what I like to call an Oscar ism known as an eff flag so while that's continuing with a green Omni I say we buy the dips and even yes and P for trading on Sunday through Monday that is that beautiful in the channel nothing wrong with that you can call the same sort of things some sort of a flag type thing going on here if you wanted to find it this way but I say the whole thing just looks good because we're inside that channel and we've got a green omni for trading on Monday now the Russell the Russell just broke out of if you asked me in my technical opinion of both leg inside of a bolt channel and it started that looks smart right here so I think Russell moves higher based on the green Omni and what I'm showing you here in this simple form of analysis and then you've got the Nasdaq on a weekly now let me show you this the Nasdaq after it hits the omni average on the weekly chart now this is much longer-term this is not trading tomorrow but this is out for the next few months if you'll note when the Nasdaq gets below the on the average and gets back above you have a really strong rally gets to it again and rallies up let me go back a little further the same chart I'm going to take you back in time now look at this now this is what I'm talking about look you hit the omni average and look at the extended bold one then you hit it a couple of times and look at the extent that bull run and now you hit it a couple of times and it's starting to run and we're above that could have been a double top that could have popped us out a while back we're above that as well so I have to say the weekly agrees with the daily for now that we're going higher obviously interest rates are getting baked into the way this chart looks that they're going to lower rates insanely but they will and that's getting baked into the Nasdaq chart especially on the weekly and if you look at the e-mini S&P now we go out to instead of the omni average we got to the 200 or moving average the fund managers green light special if you will or blue light special in this case this shows you that when the S&P hits the 200 ball moving average you go up for a very long time and we just hit the average and we just started to go back up so for now you can't call anything then more upside and the dollar index is probably one of the reasons if this dollar was very expensive right now like up at the top of this channel or even up here we're plunged trouble you might have a little bit of difficulty with the stock market but it's nowhere near those levels it's not up here it's actually quite low after having a bounce off of where the blue light special the 200 ball moving average it bounced off of it it's been rallying up it's in a very comfortable spot between the top and bottom of this channel the 50% walk is here you're not even near the 50% mark of a rally in the dollar so the dollars in a comfortable position for the stock market to rally and now we're going to discuss interest rates when we get back from this chart segment join me if you will ok traders you've seen the charts you've got my technical reasoning why you've got a green on the on the board you see the daily charts look pretty decent here the weekly charts from now agreeing with the daily chart interest rates are going to be lowered you know I wouldn't if I was a Fed president governor board whatever you want to call me I don't know that I'd be lowering rates but hey he's got to be smarter than I am right I've been watching for 38 years I don't know how long he's been watching my work says you do not lower rates in this environment however there is this going on around the world across Europe and some of Asian you've got negative forget about positive you've got negative 0.25 interest rates you know what that means if you put your money in the bank it loses interest it loses money when you put it in the bank you don't get more you get less it loses 0.25 percent of its value every day you leave it in the bank in Europe in some parts of Asia the United States has interest rates of two and a half two and a quarter percent positive there's nowhere else to go right now even if the Fed lowers rates from two and a half to two and a quarter or if they go to two even does it really matter if your money's in Europe it loses 0.25 percent if you move it to the United States at today right now it's like a 2.75 basis points swing in your favor negative 25 in Europe positive 250 in the u.s. it's a 2.75 swing just to move it in the US what do you need to buy US assets and bonds you need US dollars so even lowering rates should not knock the doll it down much because you need dollars to buy our rates which are lofty compared to the rest of the world unless of course you want to do something like this you can find better interest you know where you can find it in places like Turkey if you want ty yep Aragon will give you 19 and a half percent return on your money just lock it up in Turkey if you think it'll be safe in Turkey put it there barring that there's no other game in town but the u.s. to get your interest and by the way turkeys rates for like twenty four percent last week Aragon thought it was a good idea to lower and he lowered him down to 19 and a half or 19 in three quarters imagine being in that environment kid so if you don't look the good old USA we've got solid interest rates where we might lower just a little the rest of the world is not in the same place so make sure you understand how these things work the interest rate is still going to be fantastic for the US for the world that will certainly boost our economy and it'll make your mortgages cheaper if you go out and get one so go out and buy your real estate don't worry about what's going on right now it looks good to me remember this year end targets on the board 28500 to 29,000 in the Dow right when I gave that to you we were at 22,500 you know where we are now right twenty seven thousand one hundred a little bit to go we hit 28,000 the projections almost been made already so you know we're gonna get there that means we're going higher so don't get nervous if these markets come down a little lower interest rates pushes up markets omni says we're going higher for year-end anyway come on down to live with us go comm grab my two week free trial of my membership I will give you my trades as I put them out as I'm gonna trade for myself you get those same tricks for yourselves it's called the platinum service join the platinum service I'll give you a two week free trial at live with Oscar calm a my gun lit about you my gun huh you finished I think I'm out of here traders them go back downstairs to take a look at the markets and see where things are remember meet me at live with Oscar calm and don't forget keep your emotions out of trading what are the best things you can do in my opinion to keep those emotions at bay when you're in a trade that's against you especially is to say this to yourselves every morning every afternoon every evening past performance is not indicative of future results Futures Trading is risky and can cause substantial financial loss we do not claim or guarantee that you will profit from the information provided


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