Oscar Carboni Offers OMNI Picks In Gold Silver Copper Platinum S&P 07/25/2019 #1971

good morning good afternoon good evening traders from doing those best top shoots for you but that's because markets have been moving quickly and I haven't had enough time to let a few hours pass and then do a video for you the next day I'd have to run out and do a Camtasia shoot right away so tonight I get to stand in for this camera and speak to everybody so hello hello and welcome and thank you once again for coming to my youtube channel traders this is all about education this is the education of technical analysis and if you're good at technical analysis you can figure out where the markets are going to go next but for someone to teach you how to be really good at technical analysis they've got to be a master to begin with and one of the problems I'm noticing from a lot of the students that show up here is that you're getting lessons and you're buying programs and you're learning from people that don't really even know themselves what they're teaching you so let me show you something does anybody know what this is can anybody tell me what this is out there in YouTube land this is called a point & figure charts chart is an actual chart that I used to keep up when I was down on the trading floor while the markets are going nuts breathe in six minutes pulled it out of my pocket they got my pen they went up and went out I went up to 1,000 sticking back of my pocket and that's how we kept these charts but the point behind this there were no bar charts there were no computers there were few books not many people even knew what to do when I started doing technical analysis in this business I kid you not John Murphy was just becoming John Murphy and he was known as the forefront of this stuff I took John Murphy's courses at the New York Institute of Finance who what I am trying to portray here is that if you're going to learn this from somebody you learn it from someone who started back in the day before there were computers before were simple charts before they were even BOTS you had to keep up a point figure by hand during the day as the market action took place that is meat that's where I started I am absolutely an authority to teach this to you so pay attention and learn from someone who really knows this not some schmuck that read a book that hung around the markets for a year read a book and then decided to write one and teaches it to you guys I am trying to help so many of you that get caught up with those really really horrible office things that people do then make a few dollars and think that you know they're good at something they make you think they're good at they know they're not because you know what you cannot be great at this so you've done it for years and years and you understand from the beginning of time so where we are right now in the computer age and I have crossed that entire spectrum I started before there was anything there wasn't even a computer that would give you a point figure chart you had to come up with this on your own then finally we got these really big massive computers but you couldn't bring them down to the trading floors so you still had to keep these up bar charts came years later I've been part of the entire evolution kids you want to learn this right you learned it from me here in Las Vegas I will show you from the beginning to the end how these charts operated I've got an army camp I'm holding here September 19th I'm the campus a 4th day seminar four full days you're with me until I teach you how to call the markets the way hopefully you get marveled at the way Omni calls these markets which you guys know if you've been in my training room if you take my recommendations that I give out to you cats went to buy and sell he's just killing it but hey head down most of the front stone on to the next trade but we expect Omni to kill it again tomorrow and until it doesn't it'll just keep on working for us you want to start making money in these markets instead of trying crazy systems that don't work I will show you how to get there live with Austin come join me at my on the hip if you're a serious trader you will come down to Las Vegas and me now traders this is a very risky game I don't care how much you know or think you know you must trade with stops put stops in first never trade without them never trade with risk capital that is an earmark to be lost because in this business you sell short something even if you buy long something you can lose all your money you can sell short and end up owing more money than you had in your trading account this is a serious game so if you don't know the game don't trade but if you understand the risks and you put your stops in first come on down blah blah spit and watch what's going to happen next this is exciting it is to me July 25th is what this videos being filmed for it is being filmed on Wednesday night the 24th for trading on Thursday to 25th traders I have got a great on me on the board for even the S&P Nasdaq in silver on the board topic number one indices remain bullish I've got a green army I'll show you a chart I think you'll like that although there is the possibility that we can run into a double combo we'll worry about if it happens from now just take the bullish I mean go crazy I kid you not kids this is not happening for no reason we'll get to it in the future for now let's enjoy the metals rallying with the stock market that will not continue forever I assure you for now let's worry about the battles metals rallying which one is next traders have been looking at many of the metals that we like to trade the ones that are actively traded in New York and or Chicago and I have found something interesting are you a fund manager do you trade long term are you a metal strainer if you like what you're hearing right now pay attention to the chart segment that you are about to see let's go look at some chores you I've been a member of Oscar an omni act for six years and I wish that I would have come to camp six years ago the reason I came to the Omni trade Academy after six years was I was skeptical at first because I have spent a lot of money on other seminars and I mean over thirty thousand dollars in useless information so I was very hesitant six years hesitant it is so simple to learn it is almost eerie usually the best things are the simplest things and that's what Oscars did all cheer with this honor on the first day I said that's it so simple Oscar is the perfect guy situating light on your ear comes on so on the first day of anything your life sucks such anger if cost is an issue with you guys you should really get that out of your head because the amount the wealth of information you get from this guy is just unbelievable so based on that ID you got to get to an account any chance you get go this is the place to come if you ever get a chance to come to omni camp seriously you come ok traders the e-mini S&P deli bar I have been showing you this chart in video after video night after night if you recall we had a table then it turned into a double table while he dropped got back above that double top so I gave it a green dashed line right double top then it got above so we give it the green line hits it and holds it starts to take off and I'm there's been a buyer since that whole day and we've been doing all right so so far so good another green Omni now there is the possibility that the market might stolen the whole that a double crop when he gets up there tomorrow but for now we're just going to get long on a dip let it run up get out and whatever happens will happen but this is what I wanted to show you if you're a fund manager if you're a longer-term trader if you're a metals trader take a look at this gold has taken off the last I don't know five six months gold has really started to go seven months and literally on 14 1500 now it's getting expensive compared to what it was just a year ago so the gold started to go all right one precious metal started to go we'll discuss the fundamental reasons behind this in another video for now let's look at the technical aspect Gold is gone silver has started to go so it was getting very smart now I've been participating in silver by the way I started my career in 1982 in the silver pin this is one of my love so fear of soap offense on my kids I don't trade it when it's down here but stuff like this I'm gonna play around with silver I like I've got a green army but the point is silver rallied very smartly right look at the increase in price from 14 all the way to 1665 in a very short period of time so-called is gone silver has gone palladium the price of palladium was 900 in a year it's 15 at 1600 at this point 1500 now in a year it's unprecedented so metals are starting to run next platinum platinum slower than the rest of the group but platinum has now started to see the rest of the metals and platinum in sympathy with the others are starting to run so you've got palladium you've got silver you've got gold you've got platinum all starting to run fund managers take a look at this gym copper has not started yet no move no nothing copper is cheap copper is one of the same metals that trains on the Comex exchange where you could trade platinum and palladium and silver and gold and copper copper hasn't gone but everything else has that is looking cheap now we're gonna look at these same four charts again gold this is my omni average it dips under the average and then it explodes when he gets back above it you see that you get the dip under and it the explosion that gets back a moment I'm the average check this out next chart silver does the same thing but I blew up the chop more but it dipped underneath and once it got above it exploded on the average palladium same thing kind underneath once it got above it's starting to explode and this one platinum got under finally got above started to explode everything that's gotten above my arm the average after dipping on there has started to explode let's go back to copper under the Omni average just about near it now the next thing that should happen over time I'm not saying where I'll buy this for trading tomorrow or for trading on the 25th of July I'm saying that the other metals have ran copper is cheap if the other metals continue to run copper is on the price keep your eyes on fund managers that's what I wanted to share with you join me at live with Oscar comm traders you've seen the charts right now you've got my technical reasoning why of course I like the S&P still it might be that double top don't worry about that I think it'll blast right through it but the metals I mean that black platinum is just starting to go so platinum is cheap but look at that copper copper is cheap down here if the other metals continue on copper is very cheap so keep your eyes on that now speaking of have you seen the charts I showed you this gold chart that I started to keep up on the trading floor when I first started in the business note the prices I started to keep this chart up in 1982 maybe 1983 price is 290 at the low of this chart and 400 at the top of it I was keeping this chart up for that long this is alive what was at the time real live active chart that I used to trade Boston the gulper trading you know futures and options so if you are going to learn about technical analysis you are going to learn it from me I started when no one else knew how to do it so make sure you come on down for log with I've got plenty more of these to show you their traders that's about it that's what I wanted to show you Meadows traders take a look at that long term traders fund managers you may or may not want to look at that copper in the platinum but they are starting to join the silver gold and palladium traders join me don't forget keep your emotions out of this game you've got to make sound decisions based on technical analysis if you don't know how to do that you need to be with me if you're losing money you need to hang out with me so I can teach you how to read these charts and hopefully stop you from losing that money we can't win every day right nobody can win every day but if you're following the omni you see it's been consistent it's been winning week after week join me as they say step in the water while it's warm hang out with me alive with Oster calm keep your emotions out of this game and say this to yourselves every morning every afternoon every evening and you know what [Applause] past performance is not indicative of future results futures trading is risky and can cause substantial financial loss we do not claim or guarantee that you will profit from the information provided


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