Oscar Bullpen 2019 06 26

so let's look at this real quick you were talking about posting your front leg and you go right to here you already have weight bearing here right at this mark which is good the only thing I would say is that your arm is a little early so instead of it being cocked back in this position we'd want to see it be a little bit more up in this direction that might be a little too high but you kind of get the idea where I'm trying to get this to be at versus your arm being back in external rotation a little too soon all right a few other things that I see we'll just go on to the next pitch for this one so as you lift up watch your back foot see how it kind of shifts this way you might as well go ahead and start with your foot in this position so that way you don't leak energy and rotating around and it's also due to possibly the turf that you're on as well but then again you land weight-bearing here this throws so much better than the previous one because it's already cocked back and I have to do is rotate forward like that all right let's see and as far as a front leg goes though like I think it was more of just timing not necessarily what your front leg was doing independently of each other well look at this one drops down ready to rotate yeah I think it's good and you also have what I like to call a foot plank from above so that we actually land in this position versus sliding into it and then as you rotate in you have what I call a negative why is here and your leg pulls back towards second base goes that way so I was nicely done there and look at this last one delete those lines here don't up this one was really prominent again look at the back foot just go ahead and start it there and try to keep your heel down on the ground and on this one in particular you kind of had a little bit more of a pushing action with your back leg you want to do more of a riding out versus trying to extend it like this triple extension isn't necessarily the greatest because you can't get your femur to rotate down as well and you'd want to see that femur be a little bit closer here and then the back leg also right here just my two cents I know that it's easier for guys to clear their back legs which in turn helps that efficient front leg to get to that position I think Porsche EO calls this knee Drive or something along those lines I haven't listened to some of this stuff in a while but that could also help out with your forearm being up a little too soon again with a rear view I might have a better look at what your arm action is actually doing but on this one it's really good just on the first previous one what you might have been feeling was that you're armless already externally rotated and ready to throw before you had weight bearing flip plant and you want it to be here as soon as you get to weight bang there and this one might even be a little bit too soon your weight bearing here and you're already externally rotated when again you want to have this right here you want to be at this 9090 position and then rotate in at the same time

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