Oscar board expels Harvey Weinstein from Motion Picture Academy

this could be one of the last times Harvey Weinstein will be seen in an Oscars red carpet the Academy as it's known which hands out the film industry's highest award says it doesn't want him as a member anymore do something like this and it does set a precedent and asks other questions about you know other members that have had scandals or different things in their personal lives and things like Roman Polanski like Mel Gibson like Bill Cosby none of them ever this never came up but it did with Harvey and there was tremendous pressure as his power in the movie business has grown Weinstein has been surrounded by beautiful people but there's been a series of sexual harassment allegations against him recently more actresses have been coming forward Weinstein has apologized blaming his behavior partly on growing up in the 60s and 70s when he says the rules about behavior on workplaces were different but the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences says the conduct described in the allegations is repugnant abhorrent and unethical and Weinstein must leave I think this is a watershed moment for Hollywood it's never gotten to this point before and the Kowski casting couch as it were are those kinds of things that kind of behavior has been going on as long as Hollywood's been around quite frankly and it's been kept as Hollywood's dirty little secret in some cases some very open secret the great moguls of Hollywood founders of Hollywood were involved in this in one way or another you just read the history of Hollywood but this time it's a different time and for the Academy to a take notice like this proves that 81 films linked to Weinstein's company have won an Oscar those and many others have earned millions of dollars but he's been sacked from the company which bears his name though no formal charges have been brought against him the Hollywood star of Harvey Weinstein continues to fall Rob Mathison al-jazeera

  • OK, the guy is probably a pervert. But can we have at least ONE finding of guilt. Presumption of innocence. McCarthiasim, remember?

  • lmao their decision only comes after the bafta and others did it! Everyone knows that the academy loves child molestors & predetors as it recently honoured the famous pedophile woody allen!Just imagine the number of still uncovered predators?!!

  • “Guys, can you sack me to look like I’m being punished then just bring me back next year when this has blown over? Thanks”

  • If Hollywood pulls up the rug even a little bit more of these people will be exposed. Please don't believe this begins and ends with Harvey Weinstein.

  • Wow! They only covered up for this stain for 20+ years… Ashley Judd, Angelina Jolie, Paltrow… no excuse for you not saying something decades ago… but of course you people only care about yourselves. Your public statements are all hollow virtue signalling you scum.

  • I have to wonder why they are throwing this guy under the bus now when all of them do the same and much worse…. Its a controlled world(Hollywood) so for there to be an coordinated "outing" and attack against this guy, he must have done something to somebody with a lot of power.

  • As if they didn't all know what he was up to…now they sack him?…. Seriously….To eradicate this sort of behaviour, they'd also have to sack themselves.

  • WEINSTEIN is dogshit you scrape off your shoe.Shut these sick pychopaths and pedophilez down in hollyweird.All child molesters too.Wheres LAPD?

  • He's not that wrong when he talks about the 60's and the 70's, but he just forgot to add one small but very significant word: NO
    So, what he meant was: "I came of age in the 60's and 70's, when there was NO rules about behavior at the workplace. That was the culture then"… and that's the culture now!!!
    PS: It's 2017 and women that are choosing to be engineers are still considered lesbians!!!

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