Oscar at Tijuana/San Ysidro port of entry, reporting from Tijuana Mexico

good evening good evening everyone good morning good morning over here good evening at the west coast I'm Oscar Bluth who bought her Network News how's everybody doing good evening I want to do something real quick I want to show you guys this right here I don't do this very often but I would like to show it to you this this banner right here it was put on one of the big poles right here that is a that is right here in a chopper on a border how how's everybody doing I'm Oscar blue for Porter net we're news we're live we're live at the asylum seeker line where it has water down a lot because the numbers already been given so the majority of the people are gonna get their number till December but I will you know I seen this post right here and I want to address it to everybody this is Rachel Geiger her height is 511 180 age 42 eyes green blonde you need sign berry called and slim last seen Tuesday June 11 if you have information please contact the phone 9 1 1 or 0 8 9 or 0 7 8 auntie wanna help us please very tall she's very tall she's missing she's American whoever wants to know that is a you know Rachel Gieger so we are right here walking around the asylum-seeker line as we are seeing you know family we have guys from Africa over here to my left over here you can see let me see if I can approach them and talk to him for a little bit but let us see if we can talk to this guy that is right here this African guy and let us you know ask him uh there's any uh you know problems we're getting the asylum seeking line we see the National Guard right here as we're seeing the National Guard protected this is the entrance for the asylum secret line and everybody knows that this asylum seeker line so get the National Guard right here and there's too much like you're protecting this part this is the entrance for everybody some of yes this is the entrance for everybody right here this is the National Guard that they're protecting the entrance where the asylum seeker line takes place we have three units of the of the of the National Guard there's people from Africa right here let me see if I can approach one Paquito if amigo amigo all right they don't want to talk to us how you doing guy they don't come with us Annette revista Paquita they keep our forgive my English yeah English all right no no right here if you don't want to land I just I want to ask you a few things yes yes for you just let me show you from here to here okay I'll promise you not your face here again okay let me go grab your no come on up no camera okay you're not in the camera you're not in the camera so where you're from tell me room how many days you've been here look come over here so you can see that I'm here not in the camera let you see you're not in the camera so how many days have been here there were two more two months two months man how do you got here from cameraman how's the bus to the jungle it's something very boring what I want to think about it of course namely to shed tears like passing through the forest you see and all the museum transport just so you guys went through the jungle all types of things on your own resources you came over here on your money your family able to help we'll have war in our country so you're escaping right now from coming why there's a lot of violence over there there's a volunteer war there's a war between between who government in the separatist can I ask you something that you'd be honest with me you know because this is a thing that I'm a dick wanna citizen so I mean I am asking is there so there's an Ebola breakout over there man incoming because they told me there was no okay another question like do you guys know that there's that there is a really slim possibility of getting the asylum in the United States you guys know that you can get asylum in Canada yeah but you want to go to the state how much how much time it's gonna take you for your number five or six months to get the number so where did you reach my number the word where are you living right now shelter or you rent are you renting an apartment you're living in a shelter do they filter after inspiration what do you do for a living nothing you know you're on your own you're not a plumber electrician your business is efficient you got you got a degree of Business Administration smart man a union bank I've done anything you're pushing this position the mine you have to like did you cross relatives and do you know the you know Chiapas right Chapas you went through there right I left I left a path to Buffalo okay hey did you cross from watermelon at opportune under under water right yeah yeah yeah I'm the little boat did you cross on that yeah from Guatemala to tapa Chula on the river yeah you got to what the malla right okay from Guatemala to tapa Chula to Chiapas you crossed on under boat on the river where did how he crossed to land and the bridge okay all right well thank you so much all right you you uh hope that uh your process go real quick what is it what is the thing that you guys are suffering over here the most insecurities insecurities – now no food no food on sensitive so now you're stressed of your noggin you cannot sleep forever I think for now the family back home I believe we take in Orillia and hopefully you find because you know junior can only have that that figure on that piece as I have I don't have any family yeah I have one family that in the state's you have one family where at where what state Texas all right you know that the most the better possibility for you guys to migrate because it's gonna take a long time over here it's it's Canada I'm telling you because I've been here and I've seen how long it takes so you know you guys think about it because the United States is not enough United Nations packed and Cameroon is and that pack is for you guys to migrate Maggie was in that pack but the United States is it so that's why it's real difficult to get the assignment alright just read about that United Nations back give you that time alright okay alright my friend thank you so much well there you have it people there you have it basically basically this guy he is from Cameroon and he is he's running away from violence because there's a war between the government and the separatists that's what I understand or I understood and he right now you know he doesn't want to show their face a lot of them they don't want to show their face like there are two of them over there as you can see the other one is hiding over here the one that I just gave me an interview you know and there's a family over there also there's waiting for asylum and we have a guy that is a business he has a bachelor's degree on Business Administration and he's telling us basically that it was really hard for him that is really hard for him to explain what happened and hurt in his journey and his journey to – over here to the north he's telling us that is that is uh that it was really hard to talk about the jungle and talk about all the places that he went through and now that he got here he has five months to wait for him to go to port and try to get the political asylum it's contradicting because the other day I asked a guy from Cameroon and they had an Ebola breakout over there and he said yes and now I'm asking him and he saying no so it's contradicting yes a lot of them are saying yes and a lot of them are saying no so this is right here we are basically you know with this uh a lot of family members right here a lot of them are from Mexico and a lot of them are from all types of parts of the world for everybody to know this is right now the asylum-seeker line and there's a tent that I was giving you guys the other day that I was telling you guys the other day the tents are for the attention for the immigrants that they're coming deported from the United States so let us let us stand right there for a minute as we are going to be giving you guys full coverage of you know situations the migrants that they're getting deported as recently deported one of the s and as we are watching right here there's a lot of people with backpacks you know waiting but there's again you know this is uh this is the tent that is awaiting immigrants from the United States that they're coming right now deported from the United States and it is constant it is a constant deportation you know all these people that you did I'm gonna show you in a few minutes over here on my back they are the ones that they are you know they've been recently deported so apparently the number that they are you know the podium right now is between 30 and 100 so yes we're gonna see some action right now we wait right here for a second eventually we're gonna see some action and we got also we got people that are waiting right here with backpacks and luggage over here on my back that's you know basically that basically are waiting for the asylum seeker number so for everybody to know I'm Oscar blue for border network news we're doing a recap right now on the asylum seeker line we're right here at the border of a chopper ride where we just talked to an immigrant from El Cameroon he did not want to show his face you know a lot of them they don't want to do that because they're political refugees or they're running away from a political you know subject over there they're really specific about what it's going on in Cameroon they're saying that they have in a war right there between the separatists and the government that is you know the problem over there and that is the reason why there are basically migrating to this part of the of the city this you know migrant told me that they had a really hard time migrating over here he went through the jungle and it was really sad for him because he was gonna cry if we explained to every single one of us how was its journey which you know it's you know it's debatable because a lot of them I already know how they come and the majority of them are coming I'm playing to Panama am from Panama they walk a little bit and they take buses so you know is debatable you know what he's telling us is debatable so this is this is basically what you guys see right here and we have a lot of people when you're waiting with vamp X as you guys can see a lot of them they don't want to talk as I'm approaching for everybody to know as I'm walking every time that I'm approaching people with you guys don't see it but I'm always asking with my hands if I can get a minute and they nod or they say you know they turn around they don't want to talk so that is basically you know giving me the signal that they don't want to have an interview they don't want to explain that one you know for a lot of them they the experience of a migrating has been it's been for a lot of them you know as you see the guy from camera was saying that it was a horrible experience so you know so this is the situation right now let's wait a little bit I'm going to wait a little bit right here to see what is happening for everybody to know I knew a new Caravan is about to arrive it's going to break between the 1st and the 20th of august why do I say the first in the 20th of August this is the reason why the new Caravan that is coming for in between the first and the 20 of the LA Ibaka's is because it is is not just one full Caravan it's just not one stack of people it's different people in different locations organizing to come to Mexico that is that is a thing that is a lot of people and different groups you know there's groups of 500 is there's groups or 300 this groups of 1000 and that there's different quantities of groups so this Caravan that is coming is going to break supposedly between between the 1st of August and the 20th of August we are trying to go to the petula again on that specific time depending on the security issues with our contact over there and to bring you guys coverage of what is really going on over there with the National Guard and the National Board needs to contain all these old all these caravans that they're coming that they're coming eventually their caravans that they're really where we really well-organized and I was the whole purpose last time to put the national guard to you know water down the caravans and to a point that when they crossing the river they will be easily you know intercepted by the National Guard but they are not so you know it's a continuous fluency of migrants while we want to know how they are protecting over there the rivers which happen and if it is a reality of them stopping the caravans from the 1st of August to the break the to the break point that is going to be the 20th apparently let me drink some water is a really hot day over here really really hot day and that's for everybody no I'm Oscar blooper for tonight we're new something that's a recap over here we're just walking around right here and the asylum-seeker line as we are broadcasting for every single one of you guys what is going on and what is happening over here in the asylum seeker line and we see a family of three over there let me see if I can go talk to Ellen or Lynette then this is the problem you know the problem is that the problem is it you know a lot of people are saying that there's no organization that there is no there's no security issues that nobody's thinking controlled and with this five thousand five thousand capacity shelters there there are about to make and built it's gonna change it up it's gonna change a lot the reason why is gonna change a lot is because this five thousand shelter is gonna is going to be the one that is gonna be taking charge of every shelter it is going to be the one and it's going to regulate all the other shelters so it's gonna water down all the trafficking supposedly that is the idea of this 5,000 people shelter water down all the trafficking and take control of who is legally doing the the work for the legal process to seek the asylum emphasizing on lawyers so they are the ones that they are going to be emphasizing you know in regulating all this so we're right here in the asylum-seeker line waiting for to see if there's as you can see there's I thought – an immigrant from Africa numel walk through you guys to this place right here we see a lot of you know people sitting down waiting with backpacks with luggage and I will tell you something a lot of them go to this Plaza right here then I'm a walk right now let us walk for a little bit so I can show you where they go with us none of them go to this blossom right here that it's right here on my right and I will show you a little bit of how this Plaza is this big how big is this pasa it is over here but it's a really transit ated area right here really transit ated area this is you know we have as you can see all the way to the back there is a National Guard right there and they're walking around you see a lot of this National Guard you know soldiers right here basically you know surrounding the area and it's a really secure area right now so really secure area right here and you also you got you know police officers over here am i right and there's a lot of questions of a new new viewers so why is making oh not stopping them from coming Mexico is on an agreement that is called the United Nations pact you guys need to read about that and when you read about that you guys will understand why Mexico doesn't want to stop the caravan what is their whole purpose you guys need to read a lot about you know the United Nations back and understand you know how many countries and how many continents they are in the United Nations back hello that way you guys will know you know you can read about that and then later on you can understand why but basically I'm just you know showing you guys right now how it is this area as we are right now broadcasting from the asylum seeker 9 hi I'm Oscar blue for Porter neighbor news how's everybody doing good evening to everyone you're live right here at the border of a chapel um it is the entrance the pedestrian entrance to the United States as we are showing you guys over there all the way to the far end there's a tent that tent is the one that is basically helping immigrants that they're coming deported from the United States so they can have you know they can be canalized to to a shelter of their status not only that we talked to an immigrant from Cameroon that he was explaining to us how he came over here on his own resources and he came through the jungle suffering and also we show you right now that there's still you know immigrants from Cameroon over here waiting they didn't want to talk to nobody the problem is that they don't want to talk to nobody because they have you know they have political refugee issues that is the main problem that they have political refugee issues and you know like that build ones over there all the way to the back right there all the way to the back those ones those ones are the ones that they you know they don't want to talk to nobody and instantly you know it's it's I understand you know you don't you don't want to talk to nobody you don't want to give an interview but it is the fact that you you eventually you're gonna need to talk to somebody you know because you need to tell everybody over here in our city what are you doing over here like you're coming all the way from Cameroon it is it is a reality people so let me just give you guys a little trip of where this big Plaza where for them live the National Guard is right here there's another unit from the National Guard coming right there so it's a really secure ass it has changed a lot since the threat of tariffs from Donald J Trump has changed a lot why because they need to comply with the agreement of sendin the ascending the a telecom monster you're good okay under Linda Lee I was sending the so this is the plaza right here is to show you how big it is look there's a people from all over the place right here and this is the thing that all these plaza it was packed you know not that long ago all the way to the top you see a police station right there all these it was a really transit ated Plaza back in the 90s now it's a lot of these locals are are abandoned but here is where they reunite a lot meanwhile they're waiting for the asylum seeker number right here in this particular place and you have really you know local businesses right here around the place and this is where you know they they rent a lot of warehouses a lot of these organizations from the states nonprofit organizations that come over here and they rent warehouses over here on this particular parts right here they ran two warehouses it this this this plaza it resembles a lot to the one that they're about to rent for five thousand people it resembles a lot I'm just giving you guys a little tour right here and we're taking a little walk to this Plaza that it has a lot of local businesses and speculation is that there's a you know a lot of organizations that they're renting out warehouses over here to keep the resources for the migrants Sam right there for rent it's a really big plaza for everybody that owns a huge Plaza it's not your typical normal Plaza it's really huge it's like the one that we went over there you have really like I've and in parts like that one on the top is abandoned yeah you got this place right here food as plaza la linea the line so all these places there are with these the caravan seekers they intend to come over here and sit down and you know relax and let you see there's a lot of abandoned locals right here the rent goes between 250 to 300 dollars for each you know depends on the on the on the size of the other place and depends and they use it as a parking spot also let me go right there in the middle to show you guys how is in the middle of the plaza they used to do events right here but this is where they usually hide these people I don't know why they all right why are they hiding but they come over here they sit down and they you know they wait see a lot of local businesses abandoned on the top right here is the center of the plaza it's real nice real nice they need to need to bring up this plaza again man and this is why you know it's really important for the our government to be having people that they've secured this place because we don't know what kind of activity and who's renting the the warehouses we don't know really and we need to know who is rent in the warehouses now all the government needs to know who's renting the warehouse is the really the reason why is because it can be speculated that they're renting them for other purposes and the other purposes is that they could be renting it for you know for housing immigrants or for housing miners like they've been doing in a lot of private hotels over here in the city or they've been renting a lot of you know apartments or houses so it can be a can go both ways and one of the warehouses that they were renting that they were that was their main office I will show you where it was a lot of things right here there was one particular place they have a lot of another station right here for deported veterans but this is another one I just found it I didn't know that it was right here it says deported Veterans of America this is another one it's not it's not it's not the it's not exactly the the other one that we that we that we visited remember the one that we visited like two three weeks ago this is the board of veterans WWE better ends of America calm Coast Guard Army Air Force Navy Marines mission we are American veterans from around the world fighting for our right to United States Citizenship and our benefits from the United States Department of Veteran Affairs sponsored and founded by fate and deported veterans captain Juan Carlos Mercado address via della we went to the Oriental vecina wanna Baja California so you have an office like that but the curious thing is you have an office forty forty people on the left so this office from the forty people is a la mano Canosa Fronteras love doesn't know rotors and as for mothers is for mothers that they've been deported docked gmail at that is we found this place right here so we are another office for the porter veterans they have a lot of them for tea for veterans apparently there's a lot of the porter veterans so let's just go back and I will show you the office where they used to have a warehouse you guys already know this but for the new viewers that they're just watching this the majority of it is abandoned already and let us just go to show you where was the office that it used to have and this office was was a you know they were the people that were living on in it were people fall in America so let me show you right now where this right here I said right here in the top bottom calamus when the first Caravan came over here and there was a lot of there was a hunger strike right here on the underneath the UH underneath the bridge right here particularly right here there was a hunger strike right here and you had a lot of activism from the states all these activists and collided with him working also with people from form organizations from Tijuana they rented this little warehouse that is right here that is Barack Obama's right here they rented this little warehouse and in this warehouse they had all types of things they used to reunite right here and this and this place right here all of this was packed with activists and with immigrants and there was a hunger strike right here where the police officer was so this is why I'm telling you guys that these plazas these plaza that is right here needs to be regulated they need to be checked who's renting and who's not because right now is a really dangerous zone where you don't know who is doing what and what kind of activity the activity that most worries me is that trafficking to children there's a lot of that over here and you don't know these warehouses they're hiding children they're there they're maintaining children but what they're doing so that is the reason why I think that it's really important for the Mexican authorities to be checking this Plaza why because what happened right here this right here used to be a place that used to get water food clothing for immigrants which you know they can do whatever they want regarding that but there was a speculation of using a drugs trafficking of children sex offerings from both parties from activists and also from from immigrants so you know this is why there needs to be authoritative this plaza they need to regulate this plaza and they need to put the national guard inside the plaza so that way they won't have you know the liberty of doing whatever they want if they want to rent a place you know they need to checked with the Mexican authorities to tell them you know I want to rent a place to help immigrants so you need to have the regulations and the permits to be having a business like that other than that what are you doing I don't know if I'm wrong or right people but I think that that should be the way that we should basically work you know and I want to go to again to show you the canal how you know this poverty of our people is continuous the poverty of our people is not stopping it intend a week I show you guys a place that we went and the place that we went it was I was a it was a mountain that this mountain was taken by Mexican citizens it was taken by Mexican citizens because they don't have a place to live and they're asking for a nice piece of land and the facility to buy it and the government is not doing anything about it but they're doing and they're helping you know they're helping immigrants to get a five thousand people shelter that's how it just as it is over here in our government and that's how it is over here in our city and it's really unfair now this goes out to all the people that are saying there's there's more poverty in Guatemala there's more poverty in Venezuela there's more poverty and El Salvador and Honduras well I can I cannot right you know I cannot relate to Venezuela the only thing I look at them the only thing that I can tell you guys is that basically it's not almost us and this is the kind of on hygiene that I'm telling you guys look there's diapers of kids right here yeah also all these things they need to clean it up we got a guy right here that he's Mexican deported and he cleans up this place he's saying that they leave a mess all the time that they are over here we're gonna cross to the other side of the canal so I can show you again how the canal gets every day worst and how these people right here you know they have really nice clothes they have a shelter to live they have a place to live they have hot water they have food you got right here look there's nothing podium person right there some poor homeless guy Ellis Lee you got right here another one and there's all the sad things about you know our country really sad let us let us go to that place over there we are gonna try it across that's really hard across right now really hard across right now to that outside let us go right here we're crossing to that other side let me take you right now you we're back right here we're back that's we're just right here walking there's some guys right there you know these are Mexican people this is the canal people again there's people living over there on that space you know and the police officer over there and a top for security issues those people were there whole so now this is there's going one guy living over there look right there see them right there isn't a sad thing about anyone it's that thing about the wanna that we're focusing on we're focusing on people that they are from another continent we're spending millions and millions of pencils of people that they're from another continent on this line right here I'm in the middle of two lines right here this is the asylum-seeker line right there on the bottom you've got people dying of hunger right here without clothes without food living on this conditions but we're spending millions of pencils right here you got a you got a house right here on the bottom look how they live over there look I'm a focus right here how they live all the way to the bottom right there how they living over there this isn't iguana Mexico these are homeless people from Mexico County wanna and this is how Saturday is and you're just walking out these people expect a whole different a whole different operating from Mexico respect expect uh commodities that Mexico doesn't have and we have this crossing you know just crossing the street if you cross the street this is what you get this is what you get this is a little San Francisco that is happening right here this looks a lot like a little part of San Francisco it's really sad everything that happens here right here they need to do a put more attention to this part instead of spending millions and millions there goes the National Guard again people there's three units of the National Guard I just wave with the guy there's three units of the National Guard right here they've just left and this is a this is the area that it needs to be vigil ated a lot why because this where all the action happen is where it was where the you know the little riot that the people from Tamara wanted to do this is the exit from the United States to me so let me just change the camera roping for you guys how's everybody doing I'm Oscar blue for border neighbor news we're live right now people as I am at the asylum seeker line right here on my back as you see and I'm in the middle of two places that it is really important to analyze it's really important this word in my vocabulary this word is really important for me every country should have priorities every country should have the priority of becoming a better country every day every minute every second every hour every month every year and this right here our priority is to help people from another continent to help people from other cities to help people from other countries not to help and to make this area a much cleaner area and recreational area for people to have addictions for people that you know that they have never had at home we are focusing on giving homes to people from another continent right here on my back we're focusing on giving food to people from another countries where folk is in the given housing in school and benefits to people then and that they are not even from Mexico but the people that they are for Mexico right here in the middle at this point we're not focusing on that we're focusing on putting them on a canal there are you're dying of hunger we're not focusing on bringing them oatmeal we're not focusing on bringing in sandwiches we're not focusing on bringing them clothing housing a second opportunity in life this is our priority this is our mind moneymaker right now this right here on my back why is the moneymaker because they're making a whole lot of money of immigrants they're funding their funding they're funding their funding but this immigrants are these homeless people right here they're not worth funding so that's why right here on this middle part right in the middle to give you guys a glimpse of how important it is other people from other continents and over here there's not priorities pride or priorities it is a word that we need to choose and as this goes not only for me that I'm in the third third world world class country it goes for the United States of America it goes for Czechoslovakia it goes for Russia it goes for whatever it goes for whatever country but particularly for us Mexico in the United States it goes to the saying always your country is first always your people is first for that if your people are good and if your country is good and you don't have this type of poverty these people can help now these people but how can you're going to help these people when you have this crisis over here on your back that is an illogical thing that in Mexico the word priorities is not in our dictionary the word your people first is not it's not a sentence that is important it is not the word money the word corruption that is those are words that they're implemented now in our dictionary that is the worst thing about it so it was nice talking to you guys this morning as we are broadcasting right here from this particular place we will be live in later on this afternoon from another place or probably we will do super chat on YouTube oh and almost forgot there's a lot of people that they're saying I can find you right now on your page there's a lot of people there saying that I can't find your page I can't find your page you know I will be doing lives of motor network news for everybody to know because we're having problems that is you know I don't know what was the problem yesterday probably you know it has to do with the Mueller report and all that kind of stuff and you know social media was cluttered with all these all these information but if you cannot find me at Oscar blue and it there's no notifications please come to Porter netware news and I will be posting at you know constantly end up in the page of Oscar blue so that way you will be advised with time where I'm going to be at if I'm going to do a live video or not for everybody that wants to contribute thank you so much there's my paypal on the bottom thank you so much have you got a what want to contribute to my work I appreciate it so much and also you know if you want to follow my partner conservative Anthony has he's running for Congress of this step 16 and he is trying to fix this this is our ideology that's why we see eye to eye each other that's why we see eye to eye that this has to be fixed we'll order to help other people your country needs to be great your country needs to be first and then you can get the funds and then you can get you know more people involved in the movement that you want to help but this it has to be fixed first this has to be fixed first I live here all my life all my life and this has been a problem and now that is a justified it is on justice that these people are getting more benefits than our own people I'm Oscar Global Water neighborhood news it was nice talking to you guys stay safe everyone priorities remember that priorities peace and love everyone and always your country is first thank you

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  • He's a businessman and he can't understand simple questions. Seriously? Yes, there's a conflict in Camaroon and the separatists are the English speakers- like the guy you talked to. Also, Africans with money who flee their country are often run out because they were part of a corrupt regime.


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  • Oscar, not collided. Better word is collaborated. Joining with another for a purpose. Collided is two objects crashing or banging into each other.

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