Oscar at Playas de Tijuana

how's everybody doing the signal is really bad over here I playas apparently you know the the bad connection continues right here as they don't want us to do coverage right here there's movement on the other side people I came over here as I was telling you guys you know I was changing the camera right here how's everybody doing I'm Oscar blue from Porter neighbor news good afternoon and good evening to everyone we are alive right here in Tijuana Baja California with this beautiful view over in my back that is the bull fighting Stadium right here and also you know I want to want to appreciate everybody that has supported me and asked you know questions about where I was I was taking a few days kind of weather change in the hood kinda like affect me a little bit right here we're back in the Sunday and we're gonna keep on working we have a really busy week we have a really busy schedule now were you guys for tomorrow we are going to do you know a great deed we're going to a shelter to help some poor people so be sure to brought be sure to be bro be tuning in as we are going to be live streaming from a shelter in Tijuana Baja California to help the poor people of the one Abajo California with our little you know little help that we can do and you know and regarding people home to one another pinching pinching in a little bit so we can help them in a similar lives luma City I'm muy bien mi un poquito Monica media Chula stop we were never make a book into mark its nearest a mathematical or pero su eurasia Somoza en vivo you my players want my yellow nose repaired on estaremos Angeles they come here I wear gay Pharaoh the poorest mexicanos they follow me he can assist in borrowing the money coming la gente que no tiene okay good afternoon to everyone we're live right here our players it's one of the reason why I came over here and I'm gonna change the camera immediately because you guys don't you guys know that I don't like the camera on myself I want to change the camera real quick but I want to tell you guys that there's speculations that people from Cameroon all right here at at this particular part in playas it is not a speculation people I just talked to one of them he doesn't know how to speak Spanish he doesn't know how to speak you know French he only knows how to speak English and his native language from Cameroon I I just talked to him he doesn't want to do an interview but as we are walking I will show you where they had and I will show you which person I just asked where he was coming from and he told me that he was from camera so let me just change the camera a little bit you know this activists from the United States they're coming lots of miles who are city and they're doing this kind of things and an American property you know they're always painting and they're always doing this kind of stuff for people that you know they they they know what kind of work they do they always do this kind of things and it says you are the other part of me it is me alter ego but otherwise I chaos we know it's the location of South America again any Pinton in person su propia no forget su propia de perro anything you sorry it allows you guys for a little bit apparently it's as much as clothes that I get to the fence it cuts off a little bit but I want to show you I want to show you right now there's movement on the other side there's people over there and I don't know what they are I believe they're agents well they're just normal people walking around on the side of the fence on the other side and this is it's nice the sclera menti as we are right now walking around there's a lot of movement right here people the last time I show you there was a coyote right here and there is there is movement right here and there is a coyote on the back of me is the same one that has been working here for thousands of time I'm which only meant okie Senor es mucho mucho meant because this vein stratum in tech savy Salomon Davila Newsarama el momento subsidy Ndoki there's a lot of movement right here I will I will turn around immediately and I can show you who it is is the same guy that when I came when we here they were jumping with a ladder but as I am right here I don't want to stay here for a little while I don't wanna you know interfere with their job or whatever they're doing pretty much you know these people are like this this is how it looks right now it is real calm as you guys can see the boulder is real calm right now but I just saw this particular individual that has been working on this border and really I don't think that it's safe for me to be over here so we are going to cut the feed and we will come back and show you guys another place this guy actually went away he's over there as you can see there's the guy all the way there and you know it's I'm gonna say anything all the way down there you guys can see and it's in the middle of the day this is the thing that is so ridiculous it's in the middle of the day we imagine ourselves that you know this this is this is you know a completely responsibility of the Mexican authorities but it's a calm day over here and we just you know broadcasting as you can see there's vehicles on the other side they're just part right there so there's visitors I don't know you know there's always visitors on the on this side of the park these people over here they're working really I don't want to interfere with their work really I don't want to mess with their line of work en masse estamos caminando señora sake mostrar no es un poquito lo que es playa de tijuana parece que tengo suerte en este momento pondo con esta amigo a cada Renato soon amigo que trabaja keno raha el el muro Barrow Clemente CA focus in a mental mental yesteryears the llama is s terminal tapenade this is so unfortunate [Applause] this time I won't I'm doing I'm not doing anything let's just you know show you guys a little bit of what L with this but right here where our plans like when I'm good afternoon to everyone we need a sweater a lot of activity a lot and this individual they're moving back and forth we are gonna basically wait until life go today to the United States so we are going to go to another point


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