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Oscar asks for an update on Chikoy’s funeral | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Hello? Mr. President? I’m sorry I couldn’t go
to Chikoy’s funeral, Cardo. Don’t worry about it,
Mr. President. Lolo Delfin and I
talked about it. As long as Dante Madarang
is on the loose, you’re not safe. No one is safe, Cardo. That’s why you need to capture
him as soon as possible. Don’t worry, Mr. President. We assure you that Task Force Agila and
the CIDG won’t stop until we capture Dante Madarang. I trust you, Cardo. Thank you, Mr. President. Are you ready? – Everything’s ready, Boss.
– Alright. Let’s capture some members
of Task Force Agila… …and take them to our hideout. Great idea, boss. I’m sure we’ll all have
a great time tonight. Catherine, pull over. Stay alert. He’s still alive. Call an ambulance! Call for backup! – Get down!
– Don’t even try to escape!


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