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Oscar asks advice from Delfin about Lily | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Any development on your
investigation on Lily? I have to admit, Secretary, it’s difficult. But I can’t just give up now. I know you’re in a hurry, especially now that
everyone knows that Lily and the
President are together. Their marriage is
on the horizon. And Lily will be the
President’s wife. What if she does have
ulterior motives? You’re right. She might have a
hidden agenda. …on the wanted foreigners
in our country? Yes, Mr. President. The coast guard caught
two foreigners trying to enter
through our back door. They had 400 kilograms
of cocaine. I’ll send you the updated report
when I receive it. Thank you. Well, if that’s all,
Mr. President, – I’ll go back to my office.
– Secretary Borja. Please sit down. – Yes, Mr. President?
– Just a moment. I just want to
hear your thoughts on my decision
to tell the public about me and Lily. Mr. President, I’m your National
Security Adviser. I can’t interfere in
your private affairs. Forgive me, Secretary Borja. I just don’t have anyone else
to talk to about this.=We’ve fought beside
each other many times, and I don’t think of you
as just my adviser, but my friend, too. I know our country still has a lot of problems
that need fixing. But… …I’m planning on asking
for Lily’s hand in marriage. Mr. President… You hold the highest
position in the land. Any decision you make will definitely affect
the whole country. If you want my opinion,
then I’ll tell you. I hope you think this
through carefully. I hope you really get to know the woman who will be
your lifelong partner. Why, Secretary? Is there something
I should know about Lily? Mr. Morales. What is it? Just saying hello, Lily. Or should I say First Lady? Get to the point.
What do you want? I know how valuable
your position is I know how valuable
your position is It’s very valuable. It’s definitely worth more
than 300 million pesos. – What are you saying?
– Give me 300 million pesos. – Or else–
– Or else what? Everybody knows the story… …of you and former
First Lady Marissa. You were long-time friends
and classmates back in college. You had a strong foundation. But we’ve known Lily
for a long time, too. She helped us a lot in our
fight against Cabrera. – And she’s still helping us.
– That’s right. But I hope you take the time to get to know her better. Nevertheless, no matter what you decide, you will always have my support. Thank you, Secretary Borja. You’re right. Maybe… …I shouldn’t rush things
with Lily.


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