Oscar and Resistencia Tijuana helping out their community, Tijuana

Musketeers Oscar we're coming here to hit the need in the needy at casa de los pobres we're giving some cups of a vote meal right here we're doing our community work right here with a Mexican national it's name is Enza and myself helping the poor people we need to help the poor people right here in our community and our city that's what we're doing right here you know instead of complaining instead of complaining there's a lot of homeless people in America you should do this I want to say I want to say something that you know I want to say something – there's a few Patriots in San Diego they do this and I'm not afraid to say to her name it's not a paper that help the homeless in San Diego Malinda Porto you do this a lot so I want to congratulate you nobody correctly qu and I want to say you know revelations for helping your homeless giving the oatmeal and we're giving sandwiches right here la casa dos pobres so we're doing right here can you send a message to somebody a friend of mine until it until everybody tell somebody hey bebop Whittle there's a friend of my way you have a lot of homeless people right here in our city and we have too many homeless and we're so concentrated and other people from another country I'm not I'm not saying that they are suffering they're suffering too but we need to do more of this – okay so this is what we need to do you know for our community you know else thus a lot of this too we are doing in token Elsa division as when Alyssa resistance at Aquinas Thomasville sake en la casa de los pobres La Mina is sanguchito no Osaka the newscaster Nacional poquito mas you all know no fucking Tennessee tava in business that's what what happens I can't see there's too much I made too much oatmeal I think there's gonna be a lot whether you're gonna win they say say hello to Anthony my partner and she's running for Congress over there an apostle and we are put in an example pnn is putting the example to get back to the community right here bubbly we're just right here we're parked on the side of the street we don't need a tent it'll need a special he's something special to be giving back he doesn't need a tent a little bit of oatmeal and that's it they're happy this is about this is about the deported Mexicans that they're not putting attention to the deported Mexicans and they form an attention to other people that are coming from other countries what in your what is your feeling about that I really don't mind cuz I've been deported for over six years yeah so but like they're not putting attention to the port of Mexico that's just Mexico just like when the agents came they just pay attention to them yes it's unfair you know this is what I just told you last night just saw another one basically to see that is really unfair that you see the deported Mexican right here at a poor house waiting for food complaining about the food should be appreciative of what you have just saw an example just got the 46 times we don't know what he got deported from you know I don't know and I really want to get into it he has a criminal record or whatever that is his problem this is the thing there are no programs from our government for these people for this deported Mexicans there's no programs for them there's no schools there's no second chances there's only you know go ahead and do whatever you have to do with your life it's still okay hold it I can make it go see honesty was a common on the Potomac can he say la verdad ya know mean Teresa por que siempre cannot important opponent NASA tells you again apparently is a welcome open ear Luciano North Remus I ignore him attenzione akiza a middle making is the thing that is really upsetting see the guy that you know is that it was like what a hell with it I did I don't care really the Mexican government and Mexican government needs to be ashamed what they're doing and it needs to be punished where's our governor a new governor nobody cares all right the skin no puede cambiar arrived Estonia alikum innocent hey remember commenting over here just felt my probably like more than 50 people you know there's always altercations right here because they're homeless you know they're fighting for food they're fighting for territory Bennett Rado doesn't stop or the people in America you need to do for this how much you can spend on war five with six bags of oatmeal and some sandwiches just help me guys need to start doing this there's more than 500,000 people homeless in America and America Muraki have you you have been deported from the United States of the gifts yes what is what in your opinion on people from another countries getting more privileges than Mexicans right now what is your feeling I think you feel that it's unfair yes you didn't even get the priorities or because first come serve scissors and then comes everybody else publicity here's another deported human to him yes I you know with the court of community from what I was what is that what I need what is your look bad it makes me feel like I know buddy I know buddy but and your own man in my own country that I was born it makes me feel so bad thank you though we feel they make this life not a number they don't make this feel like life like Mexicans they always keep the privileges to somebody else and they say hey this is not for you this is gorgeous Central American or whatever other racer is as the government help you in some ways with paperwork with your IDE with a very certificate or something like that would help that would help a lot because oh they haven't done but they haven't done that but yeah it makes us feel bad it makes it feel bad it makes us that's all fair and they should take care of their own people first they should take take care of their own people you send a message to everybody in America said always your country first and say hello to my friend a widow all these your country first hello alright man thank you thank you knowing that they're fighting over here it is like this over here is always fighting for this mr. Terrence this is what home that's gone every time you know they're fighting who's who that's what I'm saying like there's a lot of people they know how to speak English they've been the court the united states and they have you know job skills you know they've been through the you have to see another example how we're not given the privileges that they need mr. problemas en microgram oppresses can taste even in the portal there was a coffee there's no help coming there's no help for the people that they want you chances like who are we to say no we're feeding right here the homeless come on like people in America come on wake up and help help your people start going more of this and the activists the activists left this and the Socialists stop to start by doing this in your home start doing this and you're all sitting you're all community no significant oh no I mean look at them I'll cancel cancel Doble wanna say hi to everybody a hospital I want to see I'm gonna say hi to my partner Anthony calling my partner concerned running for our Congress is running for Congress that's the the situation right here well now the thing about that's America great again it's a really metaphoric and have to make America great again is not just one man is all the citizens and all of them need to change not just screaming and yelling it's not just pulling and hurting it's not just sitting on a desk doing what a lot of people are doing helping homeless helping people then bless you bill O'Neil settlement this is what is you know a lot of people a lot of people right here have a have addictions yes in life there's no program this is the maintenance there's no programs in our communities and if you have you got to see there's no programs for nobody and there's no second chances and there are putting more attention other that's how what do you think I think too many people here this is the only meal they'll get throughout the day want to say hi to everybody and I want to say I want to take this minute to say to follow my partner conservative Anthony as he's running for Congress at the 6th district 16 to win because we are going to win Mosca red blue and Elsa national exactness from group resistance of iguana we're right here feeding the poor fitting the port right here that's what you know a lot of people in the United States need to start doing we understand that there's a lot of homeless people and there's a lot of Oh I'm okay when I do I want this this is the thing that we need to do we're saying uh it's a large amount and of homeless people in America because it's the number one country in the world so it's a large amount that you're talking about then we're talking about it is there's more than five hundred thousand homeless people and if you've got more than one five hundred thousand homeless me thousand veterans I'm just wondering the people in America what we're doing what what are you guys doing so this is what you need to start doing the people that they're doing it you guys need to start one or more in reality all right what it is people this is what it's all about satisfactory satisfaction is not getting one satisfaction is not as I always done community work I have done fights for people with cancer and help kids with AIDS and the satisfaction that we're getting right now Elsa and myself and water network news is not money and it's not like some Facebook it's the message that we're giving that we need to wake up and help our community in our city that is the number one thing that we need to start doing and hopefully we will do this more often and so hopefully let me see if we can round up a little bit more people for the Omiya to finish up I'm already done this was I think there was six or eight packs of we'll be we're not okay was a molested by okay okay macaroni vana come on over here he's gonna win a little bit right here see if there's more people you know tune in later on as we are going to do some investigation in some hotels and some shelters new shelters I want to go and visit and you know and in broadcast from there and particularly as immigrants what are their expectation as soon as I get here you know as you have seen their deported Mexicans right here that their expectation is just to be helped their expectation is not more than their American dream is always there but their expectation right now to be helped they don't have no food no clothing no shoes no nothing so that is the upsetting thing about us you wanna see they don't get no second chances everybody deserves a second chance you're not this is the upsetting thing a lot of these activists think that I'm rolling solo we don't have no activist on our side or now you got the people that's the most important thing my waiter [Laughter] stay grass has no working on something oh yeah tsa is it no no problem you know we start off Monday doing this and you know sometimes we need a wake-up call like what happened it's a Petula seen a lot of Petula citizens without food and you see a lot of migrants from Africa from Guatemala I'm from Honduras from the Salvadoran from the Middle East there were a nice tennis shoes really good cell phones these people you don't see good cell phones you don't see good tip to good tennis shoes posture hello good morning everyone what a way to wake up helping people working for the community in the Society of the Juana hey boy I was an unicorn boy the satisfaction that if I walk through here in the morning remember my faces they're gonna say hey man good apetite yeah we're done none this is a hope that we can do it a little bit more often you know we got some donations of oatmeal from a particular individual supermarket that I know of and also we asked another supermarket if they wanted a donate you know bread and jam and all that stuff so I want to say I want to say thank you to McAuliffe Juarez in Colonia caffeine and also I want to say thank you to one guy that works at a restaurant a negative aura so thank you so much time is playing taemin taemin thank you so much we're done people we're done Delta last opinions that you want to give the feed of your opinion as a citizen how unfair do you look as a Mexican nationalist how what if you're feeling right now you know difference of lives of migrants and we don't discriminate but I think we have to take care of our own people first these people they might they might just be having the only meal they won't get today I've seen other people in Tijuana doing this in other shelters but it is the amount of people doing this is so small and the amount of people needing help is so large so I invite everyone to join to make donations we have a lot of people leaving at the border by the canal living in tents living under the bridge they have no clothing sometimes no shoes only one meal a day most of that people go to a shelter close to the water and they say you know then Padre Chava and they get only one meal I think we all deserve to have a full stomach at least twice a day the problem that I see is as I was in what Amala was talking to one guy that he's that he was from Africa and he was telling me that it's so hard for them to get accustomed to food from other countries as they are right here in our country the problem is that you don't have to be unappreciated and thank God that you're getting an Apple thank God that you're getting an oatmeal thank God that you're getting to whatever you're getting and you're feeding yourself meanwhile you migrate to whatever country you want to go you know and that is as you can see there's a lot of people right here that they haven't they didn't complain nothing at all about the old meal nothing at all about the sandwiches and they're like you know what you should do this more often I would said I can have the money to do it every day but you know this is a satisfaction that we take the people got fed morning so I want to say hi to everybody follow my partner conservative Anthony has he's running for Congress and district 16 follow border never news and also as we we are doing the fake great warrior Caravan again to go to Guatemala to go to Tampa Tula and go to Chiapas to broadcast and to give everybody you know to give everybody the news about what's going on over there one left either one Italy I'm waiting on them people run away Oh an Oscar also wants to say thank you to one of our viewers the RZA she made some donations we're gonna give them away today so there is that thank you so much for the donations you sent to to Tijuana about two weeks ago you know that Oscar has been busy but we are going to try to deliver donations today he doesn't he says that he ones work so whoever wants to whoever has a friend from San Diego that has a company over here in c1 now or something like that that he needs help regarding work for whoever wants to donate clothing or shoes or whatever they want to donate you know you can send them to my peel box and I will directly give it to them and I will do a live video with myself giving him you know the donations that you sent me so es para la gente que esta man Dondo in sake diciendo a cerca de la ayuda para Guinea judge you cannot get an email muchacho Lisa can carry it trabajo that's what I'm talking about it he doesn't want money he wants work I mean that's pride that's part of Mexicans right yep we are going to finish this live feed for everybody stay tuned we are going to do an investigation later on probably probably we want to go we're going to go to to be live at a hotel Chronicle infiltrate to see how much they're paying daily weekly monthly and also go to another shelter and try to find out what what how many migrants there in is and each shelter so you know from Elsa from consistency at the Quan I want to say thank you to her that she came over here and help me with this feeding the poor what we here want to thank her and I want to thank the people think when I get is Loretta science' Davis extends here wanna you kiddo that legged a system in a total foodie 21 in say he say honest what I say everything follow my partner cause everything that they know with peace and love and always your hundred first bus evn for two pies experimental

  • Here's the difference between the Mexican people and poor Americans. When we feed people during disasters in the US like hurricanes they actually complain about the food.



  • What a great idea. My beautiful daughter is dangerous and sick with schizophrenia. I don't what her to live in the streets.t The other day she kicked in my reinforced door with my biggest just sharpened knife and attacked me to kill me. I lived by the grace of God, when I'm well I'm going to do this 馃馃尫馃嚭馃嚫

  • That is good to see Oscar. Caring for others is a good thing to do by giving them something to eat , America in some places is better then other cities some cities over here their are Food pantries where people in need can come and pick up some food You are showing Jesus"s love for them by feeding them Take Care Oscar you are in my Prayers

  • Que Dios te lo devuelven bendiciones a ti y a tu familia y en abundancia te lo multiplique 70 veces 7 am茅n

  • Oscar, I hope you'll be able to attend the march scheduled this Sunday, June 30th at 11:00 a.m. at the Cuauht茅moc Circle in Zona Rio to protest against the United Nations Global Compact for Immigration and Refugees. And, I hope you'll be able to record the event because the tyrant that lives in Palacio Nacional prefers to help Central Americans instead of helping Mexicans. As you might be ware of that Mexican President L贸pez Obrador has been censoring many YouTube channels that are not with his socialist regime. Channels such as Beto Alfa Noticias, Francisco Lopez, Esquivelito vlogs, and might soon, too, Youtuber Community Channel. Little by little, L贸pez Obrador has become a dictator. God bless you all!

  • La persona que aparece en el minuto 12:20, parece ser mi hermano que est谩 desaparecido ya por varios a帽os. Lo llevamos al Hospital de Salud Mental de Tijuana A.C. Localizado en Blvd Internacional, Col. Ciudad Industrial en Otay Mesa y, nos dijeron que tendr铆amos que pagar arriba de un mil d贸lares que, porque el gobierno federal hab铆a recortado los fondos econ贸micos. No entiendo el por qu茅 del presidente L贸pez Obrador de endeudar a M茅xico e invertir esos millones de d贸lares para sacar de la miseria a Centro Am茅rica. No tienes idea de la gran c贸lera que siento que AMLO prefiera a los extranjeros en lugar de los mexicanos (as).

    My brother was deported from the U.S. under the radical socialist and Muslim President of Barack Hussein Obama. We took him to the Hospital de Salud Mental de Tijuana, A.C., located at Blvd Internacional No. 20501, Ciudad Industrial Mesa de Otay. C.P. 22400, Tijuana, Baja California. At the Hospital de Salud Mental, I was told we have to pay $600 USD per week hospitalization only. On top of that, another $500 USD for his antipsychotic medicines. We begged for mercy, but no one at the hospital listened to us. The Hospital Social Worker claimed that the Mexico's Federal Government cut all funding. Cases like my brother are uncountable. I cannot understand why President L贸pez Obrador has indebted M茅xico with millions of dollars to give it to El Salvador. Just wait for Guatemala and Honduras. Oscar may Gob bless you for helping our people, for feeding my brother.

  • Oscar, this Sunday, June 30th is the march against Global Compact for Immigrants & Refugees in Tijuana. Hope you can be there and record the event. Amigos, 茅ste 30 de junio es la marcha contra el Pacto Global de Inmigraci贸n y de Refugiados. Te esperamos. Unidos hacemos la fuerza contra el gobierno corrupto del inquilino de "La Bastilla". Oscar, esperamos verte en la marcha y que grabes el evento para dar fe de su magnitud.

  • Oscar, this Sunday, June 30th is the march against Global Compact for Immigrants & Refugees in Tijuana. Hope you can be there and record the event. Amigos, 茅ste 30 de junio es la marcha contra el Pacto Global de Inmigraci贸n y de Refugiados. Te esperamos. Unidos hacemos la fuerza contra el gobierno corrupto del inquilino de "La Bastilla". Oscar, esperamos verte en la marcha y que grabes el evento para dar fe de su magnitud.

  • Oscar, this Sunday, June 30th is the march against Global Compact for Immigrants & Refugees in Tijuana. Hope you can be there and record the event. Amigos, 茅ste 30 de junio es la marcha contra el Pacto Global de Inmigraci贸n y de Refugiados. Te esperamos. Unidos hacemos la fuerza contra el gobierno corrupto del inquilino de "La Bastilla". Oscar, esperamos verte en la marcha y que grabes el evento para dar fe de su magnitud.

  • you are bringing tears to my eyes oscar, bless you, In America we have many sorts of help for homeless and hungry. I know because I have been there. I am so sad to see what happens to the deported and citizens in your country while haitians are complaining about the food. Addiction is a complicated problem that no one has the answer to.

  • God Bless You Oscar it鈥檚 so true so many citizens going hungry, it鈥檚 wonderful your feeding them ! We do give to the homeless in the US most people do it on their own, but anyone with a heart needs to realize that could be any of us. 馃檹馃徏鈾ワ笍馃嚭馃嚫馃嚥馃嚱

  • Loaves and Fishes. You are a man of your word. God blesses you and will be with you always. Both our governments need to step up and clean house. Thank God for those who do this. LOL

  • OSCAR you are a good man tanks for all you do for mexico good hart it,s good that you show the poor people of tijuana tank,s for feeding the poor

  • Hi Oscar, is there anyway to start up a co-op garden program for the homeless. Just and idea I've seen implemented here in Seattle. I know you're far to busy to get involved in this but I wonder if there are such groups there in Tijuana. I think some of us would donate to this groups to help out, especially for those deported veterans.

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