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Oscar, Ana and Aye hope for Cardo’s recovery | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Secretary Borja,
how is Cardo doing? His condition is still
critical, Mr. President. I’m sorry to hear that. Mr. President… I couldn’t tell this
to my family, but this is the first time
I got this worried but this is the first time
I got this worried I can’t show that to
Ate Flora and Alyana. I need to be strong. I’m here for you,
Secretary Borja. I’m hoping and praying
with your family that Cardo will recover soon. Please tell that to
Lola Flora and Alyana. I will, Mr. President.
Thank you. Good evening, Mr. President. Why are you still up? We couldn’t sleep,
Mr. President. We’re really worried
about Cardo. We want to see Kuya Cardo,
Mr. President. We want to know how
he’s doing right now. There’s nothing
we can do for now but to hope that your Kuya
Cardo will get through this and pray that God
will save him. You’re right, Mr. President. We should pray for him. And I’m sure God will hear
our prayers for Cardo. He’s a very good man. That’s true. He already saved
our lives before. Cardo helped and
saved all of us. Please heal Kuya Cardo. And I hope we can still be
with him for a long time. He took us in when
our mother abandoned us. He’s also the reason
why we met Mr. President who treated us like
our own father. We don’t want him
to die like this. Lord, Cardo’s life is
in Your hands now. We hope that You give
Cardo another chance to live. He is a good law enforcer
and protector of the weak. Please save him from evil.


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