OSCAR: An Overview of the Application Process

welcome to mastering Oscar applicant series welcome to an overview of the oscar application process this tutorial will briefly discuss the four basic steps required to apply for positions upload documents identify recommenders research and manage positions and submit applications additional videos will be available to cover each of these topics in more detail remember that Oscar now limits you to 100 finalized applications for chambers law clerk position step 1 upload documents before you can apply for positions you will need to upload the documents that you plan to use to build your applications these can vary depending on the position you're applying for remember a resume is always required to get started you will need to log into oscar go to the main navigation bar and click my documents now you will see the my documents page to upload a new document click the add new button at the bottom of this page oscar will then display the document detail screen where you can upload your new application document the creation of cover letters with the online editor and grade sheets will be covered in additional videos in this example we will walk through the process of uploading a resume enter a name in the document label field and then choose a document type for our example we will choose resume the grey file box will appear and you will be able to click the Browse button to select the document for upload off your own personal computer once you have chosen your file and verify that the path of the document displays in the box next to the Browse button click the upload button your new document should now be listed on the my documents page the next step is to identify recommenders recommenders are also a critical part of any oscar application you must identify a pool of recommenders that will then be notified of any subsequent applications let's assume you're still logged into oscar and you should next mouse-over to my recommendations on the main navigation bar click on choose my recommenders on the my recommenders page you will have three options select from your school's faculty recommender list by using the drop down menu under choose existing recommender for your select your faculty recommender or you can search the oscar database for a recommender the search field will begin searching as soon as you type a few characters and then narrow your results as you go you can scroll through the search results and click on a name to populate the field once you have either chosen a faculty recommender or have added a name from the oscar search results click the add to my recommenders button to add the recommender oscar will generate a message reminding you that you must complete an application to generate an actual recommendation request you can also create a new recommender when the previously mentioned methods fail click the create recommender button and then fill in the requested information in the form that pops up once you click Save and then continue on the reminder message your new recommender will appear in the list on the my recommenders page more details on adding recommenders are available in the how to identify recommenders video and tip sheet step 3 research and manage positions again we will assume you are logged into your account and are now ready to search for open positions mouse to the search for positions in the main navigation bar and choose the position type appropriate for your situation the search for judges page provides additional choices from the staff attorneys but both are essentially the same you apply various filters to your search in the gray box and your results display below you can sort your results in a variety of ways and if you find a position of interest you can save it to your personal folders for later please see the how to copy positions to folders video or tip sheet for more detail you can also get more detail on using advanced search by viewing the Associated video or tip sheet step 4 submit applications once you have found a position you wish to apply for you can click the judges last name or circuit name to open the position click on either the clerkships or positions list tab to find the position details on the position details tab you will see a build and application form in the right column here you will build your application using existing or new documents and existing or new recommenders and be sure to complete any items marked by a red asterisk once you've completed the application you can then save it as a draft using the create draft application button this keeps your application in a draft or non final state and allows you to modify it at this stage you can also delete your draft application and then reapply to the position if you desire when you are ready to apply click finalize application once this is clicked the application cannot be changed and if you withdraw this application you cannot reapply after clicking the finalize application button your application should appear on the my applications page which you can reach via the my applications link on the main navigation bar for more detail the how to build an application video or read the tip sheet of the same name with oscar version 7 finalized applications to clerkship positions except pro say death penalty and bankruptcy appellate panel will count against your 100 application limit also if you already have met your 100 application limit and this application would count against that limit you will not be able to finalize it you can view your applications and their various statuses including the number of application slots remaining from the applicant dashboard on your home page for further assistance please contact the oscar help desk at 860 six six six six to one to zero or email Oscar – support at AO US courts guv

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