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Oscar admits to people that Lily is special to him | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

– Lily.
– Mr. President. Ms. Cortez,
let me congratulate you for the success of your
recent charity event. I heard about that too. So you were there? How did you find out? It’s all over social media. You didn’t know? It was my personal
outreach program. I wanted to
keep things private. Ms. Lily,
you’re a public figure now. The public’s itching
to know more about The public’s itching
to know more about When I saw it, it reached
over a thousand views, and all the comments
were positive. I didn’t know
I was being recorded. It only means that
you’ve made some fans. That’s the point. I want to keep LAC Foundation’s
activities secret since it’s a
private organization. Don’t worry, Lily. Just think of it as
inspiring the public to help others
in their own ways. Thanks, Oscar. In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit. – Amen.
– Amen. May the Lord be with you. May the Lord be with you. Brothers and sisters,
let us repent our sins as we gather for
the Holy Eucharist. Let’s ask God
to heal our nation so we can attain peace. Let’s also pray for
both the law of man… …and the law of God
to prevail, that criminals will feel guilt, repent, or have
a change of heart, and surrender. May they accept
the consequences of their actions. You’re always in
my prayers, Mr. President. You’re always in
my prayers, Mr. President. I need your prayers. I hope the Lord gives me the
strength to run this country. Father. – Father, Lily Ann Cortez.
– I know you, Ms. Lily. The whole country’s
talking about you. Father, I hope that’s
a good thing. It is. Everyone knows about
your good deeds. Excuse me, Mr. President. We have a meeting after this. We have a meeting after this. Father, I have to go. God bless. – It’s Mr. President!
– Sir! Mr. President,
what’s the reason behind the Mass organized
by the Palace? This is for the
government’s programs and to get rid of crime
and violence in the country. We bring these issues to God in the hopes that our country
may know peace. Mr. President, is there
something between you and Ms. Lily Ann Cortez? If you’re asking about
the issues… …faced by our government,
I can answer that. So you’re admitting that
Ms. Cortez is special to you? I didn’t say that. But if you want to know… Yes. But this isn’t the right time
to discuss that. It’s a very private matter. And I hope you respect us
not talking about it. Thank you. – Mr. President!
– Sir!


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