OPINION: Oscar Sudi's record in Parliament is 'uninspiring' but says can be better President

  • Mr Noordin(DPP) is talking sense, he's arresting someone is realising the culprit, here the judge's nonsense should be stopped.

  • Sudi is a confused molecule suffering from verbal diarrhoea, mental madness, reminisce of a full fatty but broke jigger!!!

  • Kenya is too tribal that the panelists are biased and arrogant. The good thing is that it won't go forever regardless of grammar vomit.

  • For a man, Oscar Sudi has a very big mouth. Someone please you need to shut his big filthy mouth. Anapayuka pakuya bila akili. He has no common sense.

  • ODPP should also swiftly persue the golana kolalu irrigation was spent…billions no maize harvested to fill the deficit CS kiunjuri has recomended that there's need to import maize.The project was meant to ensure food security in the country.Is the kenyan government the cause of Kenya's problems or Kenyans the cause of Kenya's problems? Time will tell.

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