Opening things what we bought for the entertainer

hey guys welcome back today we are going to be opening stuff and what we just brought from the entertainer and today I'm here with my brother Isaac he has a channel 6 3 1 1 I can't download if your answers right now my channel's Isaac Bryan Gordy oh my god updated a dirty pink mm-hmm now I do is take my fingernail yeah oh my god so we changed it to pink and I don't want in it Oh take your mouth I like why don't when I do have to it's not submitted so my brother just opened his comb I want to shake I feel like I know you know yes this goes in the bottom of here I'm excited but does it there let me see mind Isaac please because I was about to move the chair up so my mom's help any 101 you trying to fix Y min that I'm gonna open this utter Wow I really did the how this has been her up in a row what and make sure you think – that is right is a scary one and yeah hopefully I'll find out glory then when Kate comes up but maybe you need to get an address or a name to put it too Wow oh whoa hey guys oh great because if you put the purple or not this or anybody remember hustling yellow together pacify we got a little yawn opposed to the green little dead so time to open up this one comment absolutely play with words I what's your favorite able game on and let me comment down below if you want our username you guys now by opening it they well these are nice microliters you guys making me pink I get buff I'm surprised right I'm tough whoa that came right out I think this one's outfit now oh okay sorry you're staring up guys but I think I just put this open yep whoa I think this might be a summer boy one do you want pump boy yeah buddy or even a nursery plants it open or mmm yeah yep surprise surprise surprise welcome back to my face very interesting oh um so as you can see the dark blue a wonderfully amazing came out I don't know oh wow that's where I said you know the bottom of this is I said plastic you can't break it but it's very written like this but you can just break its video via tide right this one getting this break it off I didn't break it just cuz I oh wow wow there's another that I made please subscribe to my channel make sure you put the clothes on him wait a minute No yes that's not good boy that's no cool so you're right she got this one that one right there hmm his name's I don't know how to read his name his name is about out you you hey you come down beneath the middle that smells right I'll show you you're going because why not the bottom one right there see where's my finger I can't see my finger I believe the camera focusing yep it is so gay I don't know how DG works it says how long the videos I just thought this is him no outfit um he has yeah come on globe you watch for night because my channel is covered and for tonight yeah so good out and I'm selling them I don't drive I am bid and with the skins because why not we have money they don't make on a robot I'm 99 hearing aid I eat plastic we don't do something at the fashion I'm I need my how many smiles so I said come here Rochus iPad pro which I dented in the back for some reason my knife at nine Saturdays they forgot my balloon one day if you get a golden saber diamond eye sunglasses and guys if you think so this this is a wall so we have this and using this what can I do change demonstrate so that's what let me show you so I'm going to cut them in a shade of black right here I'm shade up on my buzzards green a – blue so now we go all the colors let's start what black is that comes into that shape a little shade like that it's do it so Owen hands into even it be it's yellow color purple talent is a nice pin 302 this might be blue pantry right blue change you try to you guys with it that's it for today's video thank you for watching and thank you get it hit that thumbs up subscribe and hit the bell and cut down below if you done that things by eye contact level your favorite finger was bye guys and then you will be pardoned you know cosplay by anybody


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