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Online Delivery of the Statement of Account in e-Tides

Hi, I’m Eileen McNulty
Secretary of Revenue Business tax payers and
tax practitioners have been asking for a faster way to view
their statement of account. We’re committed to improving the
services that we provide our customers so we’ve upgraded e-Tides to provide you with an electronic statement of account
the next business day. It’s another way we’re striving to create a government that works for you. So how does this all work? The Department of Revenue is
here to help. You will now be able to request
the electronic delivery of your statement of account. Previously, taxpayers can only
request a print copy that would arrive in the mail days later. It was time consuming for you
and costly to the department. Now, after registering as
a business tax payer or tax practitioner, you can request a statement of account and it will be delivered
to your account in e-Tides as a PDF within one business day. You will save time, can request a statements of account
outside business hours, and your information will be
more up-to-date. Electronic statements of account have also been enhanced to provide more detail. To make viewing the document
easier, the statement of account is broken down into a summary section at
the top and details below. The summary area includes
the three most recently filed tax periods, periods with the balance, and periods where no tax return was filed
grouped by tax type. Additional sections only show if applicable. Such as tax periods under appeal, unused restricted credits, and W2 annual reconciliation. The details area shows the transactional information for the periods in the summary area. You are probably wondering
what you need to do as a tax practitioner in order to request a statement of account online in e-Tides. First, you’ll need to register
as a tax practitioner to give you access to the
applicable business taxpayer in e-Tides. Then, you’ll select the tax accounts for which you request the
statements of account. The options available for selection are corporation tax, employer tax, sales tax and, miscellaneous taxes. Once the taxpayers enterprise administrator approves your request in e-Tides, you can request statements of
account. Finally, remember to check back in e-Tides the next business day to view
the statement of account you requested. The exact steps you need to take
will vary slightly based on your current e-Tides access. For step-by-step instructions
on setting up your e-Tides account or to request statement of
account please visit the get assistance section in e-Tides. As a reminder, e-Tides also
allows business tax payers the ability to file and pay electronically, update account information, change filing frequency, view filing history and, schedule tax due date reminder. For more information, visit or call 717-787-1064.

  • There is a con going on inside your department in Harrisburg. Someone is finding former state residents and billing them for tax out of state. I have not lived in PA for 30 plus years and they are claiming I lived there in 2013 and owe tax. it's an outrage, someone needs to find out who is pursuing this extortion scam inside the department. I guarantee someone is enriching themselves on the inside. I am very angry about this and it is disrupting my entire life. Someone needs to get to the bottom of this insider scam and stop it. This is supposed to be America. PA is the worst state even worse than CA, Stasi, they just take whatever they want. They don't call it Pans Woods for nothing. If anyone out there is also being harassed by the PA dept of revenue who does not live in the state and has not for decades we need to find each other and stop this. This is extortion.

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