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Online Arbitrage Q&A [Part 1]

what’s going on guys welcome to the
video so today we’re gonna do a QA for online arbitrage basically all the
arbitrage business models that I teach on this channel I thought it would be a
really really good way to kind of cover a lot of the questions that I’ve been
getting recently I have them all right here and there’s a lot of them so I
might turn this into a two-part series we’ll see how fast I can get through
them because I don’t want to dwell too too much on each individual the
individual question I want to make sure I get all the answers out to you guys
because I’ve been getting a lot of similar ones so obviously you know if
you have a similar question this might help you now the reason I’m doing this
is because like I said I’ve been getting a lot of recent questions and I want to
basically get these out of the way to clear up any misconceptions or any
confusion due to the launch of my new version 2 of online arbitrage Pro so a
version 2 literally launched about a week and a half two weeks ago I’ve been
running a 50% off sale for a limited time so 50% off you can use the code Oh
a launch I’ll pop that up on the screen right now and that’s only gonna last for
a short period of time until a lot of people get into the course and then it
will shut down so without further ado let’s jump into some of the questions
and I’ll start answering these for you if you guys do at any point in time to
have any specific questions that you want me to answer on online arbitrage or
just any of the business models I teach in general drop them in the comment
section down below and I will be sure to come back to this video specifically if
I want to answer or if I decide to do another Q&A in the future first and
foremost Daniel Simpson and I’ll pop all these up on the screen too so like you
see them much as like making these questions up these are all questions
that people have asked on the channel realistically probably within the past
week or two so Daniel Simpson says is it perfectly okay to buy products on Amazon
and sell them back on Amazon will it get you banned so yes Daniel it’s perfectly
okay to buy products on Amazon and then resell them back on Amazon there is a
slight gray area in the clause of the Terms of Service that talks about using
a prime buyer account with the intention to resell that said I’ve never heard of
anybody getting suspended for it I’ve never heard of anybody getting in
trouble for it I would have been sure to assume that
if you look at the economics of it Amazon it actually helps Amazon outright
because they get the extra fee when you buy it then they get the extra fee when
you resell it I am under the impression and this is just my you know opinion
this is also something that other online arbitrage sellers that a network with
has said as well and is also something that I have heard directly from several
different Amazon reps when I’ve called Amazon seller sport and it’s basically
in there to combat drop shipping so if anybody tells you that you’re not
supposed to use Prime to resell or you’re not supposed to buy Amazon and
then resell back on Amazon it’s not like they’re lying to you but that’s actually
false and I’ve never had any issues with it I’ve been doing it for about two to
three years now and none of my students have either so Stacy Jones that was a
little bit long I’m gonna try to power through these a little bit faster for
you guys Stacy Jones says hey I wanted to know why you let the items sit there
for a couple days exactly and so she’s referring to when I get them to my house
so when I ordered the items to my house and then why don’t I ship them out right
away well the reason I keep them at my house for a while is so that I can build
up a number of products so that I can ship them all in at once so if you know
hypothetically I’m ordering five a day or ten a day right I don’t let it build
up to like 20 to 50 and then initiate a shipment at twenty to fifty so I’m
shipping them all in in the same box ideally or a few boxes instead of like
ten boxes or twenty boxes and I’m shipping the product back out it’s gonna
negate my shipping charges because obviously if I ship everything in one
box it’s gonna be a lot cheaper and if I ship it out every single day and
shipping in multiple boxes and it’s less work so Blake the Saint says you forgot
to mention the cost of shipping of the shipping fee dear customer and he’s
referring to one of the videos that I did on Poshmark drop shipping now this
is across the board so if you’re on Amazon and you’re shipping into FBA then
you don’t have to worry about the shipping because you shifted into FBA
Amazon handles the shipping for you for free obviously – some of the selling
fees that you get charged for having an an FBA that’s semantics if you’re doing
an all mark re I always recommend offering free shipping so you’re gonna
mark your your products up a little bit if you’re offering on ebay same thing I
always recommend marking it up a little bit and offering free shipping now on
Poshmark specifically where he’s asking this question about for the Poshmark
drop shipping the customer pays the shipping on Poshmark so you don’t have
to worry it moving on Chris Baker says hi Brian
I’m sure you’re sick of this question but I have a prime account and a stellar
account I don’t recommend setting up the seller account but how can I be sure the
two are different he’s just starting to sell and he wants to make sure that you
know he’s not doing anything that’s you know against the terms of service on
Amazon so this is a question I get a lot I’m sure I put it in here again in a
different form of fashion so yes you want two different accounts right you
want to Amazon buy your account preferably Prime so you can get free
shipping on all your products and your margins will be higher plus you’ll get
the the two day shipping or sometime the one day shipping so that you know
without getting too too into it your products are the same you know obviously
seller rank faster when you shift them into FBA and you obviously get your
products faster that said – you also want to be selling with the Amazon
seller accounts so they’re two different accounts one Amazon Prime buyer one
Amazon seller now if you’re unfamiliar or if you’re unsure if they’re different
chances are they’re different because to get a buyer account you have to to get a
buyer account that’s linked you have to sign up through that in seller central
so the chances are you probably don’t have that Couture central or Couture
central says what’s the site where to get lots so obviously there’s three
different sites and I’m working on actually if I’m looking at the board
behind me there’s about it’s literally full there’s probably 20 to 25 other web
sites up there that I’m currently vetting to add to the online arbitrage
version 2 of the course but there’s three liquidation pallet sites that I
use in my specific course right now there might be like four or five other
ones up there that I’m vetting a lot of them are coupon websites a lot of them
are both deal sites and some of them are liquidation pallets and cash back sites
so I’m vetting all those but currently right now there’s three in the course
now the one is my favorite and it’s a freaking gold mine but obviously I don’t
disclose all the sites and all the you know the different value and techniques
that I use to the online arbitrage pro version to students so I give a lot of
free value on this on this channel and in tutorials but I’m not giving
everything away so that third one I’m going to disclose but the other two that
I like and use a lot that are also in the course are Bolcom and honcho
wholesale which used to be smash Lots you can find tutorials of those on this
channel if you go to my online arbitrage playlists I’ll drop that
playlist up in the right hand corner right now for you I’ll also make sure to
link that in the description below and there’s a couple of different sourcing
tutorials on both of those both deal or those liquidation pallets site Burstyn
bagel or bursting bagel says how do these sites make money lol so he’s
referring to the cash back sites because basically with cashback arbitrage you’re
getting a product of 100% free because you’re buying it full retail and then
you’re getting paid back via PayPal you know 100 percent margin 99 percent of
the time right so it’s a free product and he’s like how these these sites
making money while they’re making money off the sellers so they charges the
Amazon sellers a fee to list their products up there so it’s win-win for
everybody the website makes money because they’re charging the sellers the
seller makes money and gets their product ranked because they’re getting
their product ranked which is their main goal and the more legitimate sales that
they get the more reviews that they get obviously the higher their products in a
rank and search and obviously you win and I win as the online arbitrage seller
because we get free products to our door that we can then resell for 100% profit
margin I’m gonna butcher this name so it looks like this is like English teacher
Derek in a different language I’m sorry if I butchered anyone’s names I’m very
bad with names guys he says when you factor in the time it takes to add the
eBay description details and photos repackage the items go to the post
office etc do you have to figure do you have a figure for your a Lurie hourly
rate so this is a question I get a lot with I’ve gotten a couple times in the
Facebook group from an arbitrage pro 2.0 I’ve also got it a lot through email
just over the course of launching this course and no I don’t factor in my
hourly rate I don’t really calculate that the way that I personally look at
it because in my opinion it’s just not I don’t factor that I think it’s a waste
of time to figure out how much you’re getting paid per hour I like to look at
it monthly so what I basically do is I do this part-time I’m not doing this
full-time as you can see currently right now I’m literally creating a video a lot
of my my the stuff that I do is online content and information products I sell
products on udemy and skill share and all sorts of stuff like that right so I
don’t do this full-time if I did and I scaled it up more I could
probably make more money doing it that said I’d do it part-time maybe maybe 20
hours a week I don’t really calculate my hours maybe
20 hours a week and I probably turn about five to seven grand on any given
month roughly so you do the math that’s part-time if you really want to
calculate that hourly you can go ahead and do that someone sits it’s 4.5 K some
months it’s 8 K but roughly speaking it’s anywhere usually in between 5 to 7
K across platforms so that’s Amazon Macari and Poshmark
all my sales and my profit and that’s profit guys that’s not just like revenue
Oscar Martinez says I’ve heard that this is also where they pay you five to ten
dollars for review as well so more potential profit for doing this it’s
really easy to make money honestly and he’s basically referring to the cash
back arbitrage because a lot of times and I actually put this for the very
next question – a lot of times with when you’re doing cashback arbitrage or
you’re doing Facebook arbitrage where you’re going to Facebook groups and
you’re getting free PayPal money back for those those products right and
you’re getting those products for free a lot of times not only will the seller if
you buy a product for $10 right not only will the seller send you $10 back but
they’ll also send you like 5 or 10 dollars after you complete a review on
Amazon as well so not only are you getting a free product but you’re also
making money so you have you’re making five to ten dollars free review and then
you have a free product to your door that’s that you have the listing for
that you can then resell for another margin on top of that right so it’s a
great way to make money now oscar has a great channel guys – he’s an
entrepreneurship channel and an investing channel go check it out I’ll
be sure to link it in the description below and I’ll also pop a card – one of
Oscars videos directly above a little bill says on some groups they say like
five dollar Commission does that mean that they’ll pay me for the review so
basically the same overall question and the answer is yes so you have two
options realistically right you can either buy it from these sites or buy it
from these Facebook groups and then resell it back on Amazon but don’t
review it so in that specific you know situation then you’re getting the
product a hundred percent off and then you have a product to sell at a hundred
percent profit margin or you could make more money like he’s asking essentially
make so you get the product for free to your door and then you can get the five
dollar or the ten dollar Commission depending on the seller to review the
product but if you’re doing that you don’t want to sell
it back on Amazon the reason being is if you buy it and then you review it and
then you listed to resale Amazon’s not going to look at that as like you’re
just reselling one product they’re gonna look at it as review manipulation like
you’re a reviewer and a seller of the same product that’s an issue across
private labeling not so much in arbitrage but Amazon doesn’t make a
distinction between the two so be careful with that either buy it and then
resell it back on Amazon and then you have a hundred percent profit margin or
buy it resell it back on a different platform and then review it so you have
a product to resell for a hundred percent profit margin and then you can
make a five or ten dollar Commission on top of that as well it’s basically up to
you Yukio enemy twenty five says so we pay the seller using PayPal on Amazon or
use a credit card so what you basically do and he’s referring to the cashback
websites and this goes across the board to the Facebook groups as well in the
Facebook arbitrage right so you’re not paying the seller necessarily what
you’re basically doing is you’re using your Amazon account to buy it on Amazon
then you’re gonna send the seller on the website or through you know direct
message on Facebook if you’re doing in a review group and then you’re gonna send
them your order number as proof that you have a legitimate order as soon as they
check your order and see that it’s legitimate they’re gonna send you PayPal
the money that for your purchase for whatever the order was right so that’s
how it works you’re not actually paying the seller anything upfront you’re
basically all you’re doing is you’re buying it from your Amazon account
sending them the order number as proof and then they’ll PayPal you the refund
back Nasir says hey Bryan thanks for the informative content you
share with us do you buy these items on Amazon with you’re selling account or do
you use another Amazon account for buying so I wanted to add this in there
because I I get this question a lot and so I wanted to hit it home yeah you want
two different seller accounts I know I already answered this but I want to make
it clear to separate seller accounts this is one of the questions I get
probably one of the top five questions I get across the board you want an Amazon
buyer account preferably Prime and then an Amazon seller account they are
different concepts what kind of products are those can you resell every single
product brands just like that even the big brands like Puma LG Apple for
example and cons actually in the course so I think I’m pretty sure I actually
message him back and answer this specifically but yeah you can basically
resell 99.9% of products there are some brands that you chances are regardless
if you have good selling history if you have an invoice from a legitimate
manufacturer even as proof that you won’t be able to get unguided for so
that’s like your Nikes potentially in your apples two of the ones that he
suggested that chances are you won’t get on gated for top top top tier brands
like that because you kinda have to get grandfathered in but for 99.9% of the
other brands and even some of the top-tier brands just not like your Nikes
you can get unguided and a lot of times if you you don’t even need like a
purchase invoice from legitimate manufacturer if you have a decent
selling history and a positive selling history for an extended period of time
so if you get on there and you’re doing arbitrage for like a month or two then
you can start requesting approval on certain brands and on certain products
and in certain categories and amazon should a lot of times just go ahead and
accept you automatically because you have a good selling history so fox says
hello brother i have a query about whether this project is for people
living in america so yeah it’s it’s the majority the people in the course are in
the united states however you can do this anywhere in the world there’s two
basic ways that you can do this anywhere in the world right either you’re gonna
use all the coupon sites and he’s specifically referring to the coupon
sites obviously you can do liquidation arbitrage from anywhere in the world and
a lot of the bulk deal sites you can buy from your specific marketplace as well
so you can do them from anywhere in the world
so for cashback arbitrage specifically with the courses in the or the sites in
the course and for the coupon arbitrage what you can basically do is you can use
those specific sites use a prep center so your products are never leaving the
united states for a slight fee now it’s very very easy to set up basically
you’re gonna contact about five to ten prep centers see which one’s the most
helpful and has a cheap cheapest prices and go with that one and that way you’re
just ordering from your products from amazon to a prep center who’s then
repackaging your products back up and shipping them in the amazon FBA you
don’t have to be in the country you can simply manage your computer and your
amazon seller inventory from anywhere now the second
method is to simply use products and you know sourcing websites and coupon
websites specifically for your country or the amazon marketplace closest to you
depending on where you live in the world that might be you know Amazon Mexico
Amazon Canada there’s coupon sites for Amazon UK a lot of times there I’ve seen
ones for India I’ve seen ones for Australia I’ve seen ones for Germany and
Japan there’s a number of online marketplaces for Amazon you would have
to search for specific coupon products for the marketplace that you’re closest
to but obviously I can’t really answer that for a one size fits all because
there’s so many marketplaces and I don’t know where you live so this is the last
question I want to break it into two because I don’t I don’t want this video
to go like 40 minutes so the next actual the next actual video I’ll make sure to
answer part 2 of the QA so specifically if you have any questions make sure to
drop them down in the comments and I’ll come back to this and maybe revisit them
for part two of the Q&A so Briana says my question would be what do you
actually send the item in any wrapping or plastic or what is it what if it’s
coming from a brand store such as Bath & Body Works do I keep it in whatever
packaging it comes in and take it out or just put the label or sticker on myself
so she’s specifically referring to the Poshmark drop shipping but this goes
across the board for literally any arbitrage model or drop shipping model
this question can be tailored to so specifically for me what I do is 99.9%
of the products I don’t do anything with if Amazon prompts me to basically print
a new label out and I need you for those specific products it won’t be for every
product but if it is for that specific product then all I’ll really do is I’ll
tape my new label over the old label now if it comes in your actual product box
and it comes with like a ship on it so I’m talking about the Amazon labels it
comes with a shipping label on it then obviously remove any shipping labels
that are on the product box however most stores and most companies
are gonna send you your item even if it’s a boxed item in another box outside
so you don’t have to remove any shipping label specifically and then obviously if
you want to just you know make sure that you don’t need to real able that with a
specific Amazon new Asin label then that’s just gonna depend on your
specific product in question I have an entire tutorial that I basically ran
through I’ll drop a card to that up in the right-hand corner if you want to
check out my entire process of unboxing and
relabeling certain packages back up to ship into FBA so I’m gonna end it here
there was a lot of questions there and like I said I don’t want this to run for
like 40 minutes so we’re gonna do part 2 in the next video come back and check it
out I’ll see you there


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