OnePlus 7 Pro Medal of Honor/Naruto Clash of Ninja Dolphin test/Snapdragon 855/2K resolution

oh can you just welcome back yes one plus seven throwing my hands time taken 855 exclusive here we can also test the 720p resolution and for 2k resolution Jeff oh my god take your sounds running full speed you can imagine managed to fight over [Applause] okay let's just it immediately on to gain which is higher than 2k this is higher resolution than 2k see Basava the FPS did drop possible HN 1 2 K full speed Hut even managed to catch me [Applause] great finish great finishing deal that's it – King running really good you guys welcome back welcome back Medal of Honor European assault on 1 + 7 bro we can attach this game and see how many more number 7 this is on 720p resolution using OpenGL nice nice nice killer Oh JA possession other than that let's save it and move immediately to K so I'm gonna try to use up a Vokoun with this game and right now it's running on OpenGL call of metal phone Europeans assault hey this one here right yeah nice still running full speed road check it out Oh doing sign sore eyes right let's send these bastards back to hell oh my god it's running so good I'm 2k resolution that these are mine okay human Shogun's petrol tank straight head something really is given to Kara's listener and I'm completely satisfied happy all in one check it out the back for speed good job that's bomber [Applause] thanks men Oh have you ever wondered where to buy smart phones from chicka chicka Jing Jing Jing Jing China that is the and the most reliable two sides sir for online buying use my promo links below in the description to purchase anything ninja that's the best way to support me let's go

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