One World Media TV Documentary Award 2019

now on to the television documentary category sponsored by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development we give this award for a factual journalistic program that deals with stories topics or issues in or about a developing country let's take a look at a clip from each of the three nominees Myanmar's killing fields the worst known massacre of all happened in the village of Tula thali when soldiers attacked from the north hundreds of ranges fled eastward but were trapped by a bend in the river survivors we interviewed told us this video was filmed downstream from Tula thali it shows the bodies of children and babies being recovered from the river Nigeria's stolen daughters local children are some not sure what younger do not woody that I have no no quarter bow and is there any then I should watch you Middlebury I'm a new cologne come on you acquire Omni I know I go for my shot the marker on star boom girl Coco Chung Hong Ki Beom Adorno muscle action girl but I am pata by I will come I went up Organa I'm your pal our chicken curry Amba didn't I meet you see a walk around a circle a circle theorem sweet sweet codeine many of the cough syrup addicts are suffering shivering and unstable if we draw symptoms I spoke to a young man chained to the floor we agreed to hide faces out of respect and scatter what he was seeing I do I said we're doing to rescue well yarn someone could see the white be turbulence and say my wife was away until the knuckle and someone could see why didn't you Alba in one room we found the girl of just 16 years she's been in the center two months feeling weak and still shaking as the syrup leaves her system a message to others is simple I got my spot I don't know so Sopranos I read about a man in a coma it's like a charity show yeah not to present the award please welcome Jonathan Charles manatee director of communications at the EBRD hello and very good to see you again here very good to see so many familiar faces in the audience I was reflecting watching those three films on the sense of mission the drives journalists to go to difficult places to tell difficult stories exactly the same sense of mission that drove me I think to be a foreign correspondent for the BBC some more than three decades ago the sense of mission which is why we at the EBRD supports the one world media awards and this award the sense that in societies that are undergoing difficult times difficult changes journalists really need to scrutinize what is happening and to tell the stories otherwise history often says those stories did not happen in the IBRD we spend about 10 billion a year investing in countries like these very difficult places countries where we hope to improve people's lives we're investing on behalf of the international community on behalf of you the 70 countries and the citizens of those 70 countries including the UK who own the EBRD and that journalistic sense of mission is something that we will continue to feel very strongly about we saw three fantastic examples there so let's now proceed to the winner have a look at the nominees and the winner is sweet sweet I obviously didn't think we were gonna win these awards so we start right at the top and I feel very silly shoes sensible shoes and I just like to accept this on behalf of all of Africa that's mark Perkins amazing team in London but also the hundred and fifty journalists that we work with fearless journalists across the Africa now Africa right sweet sweet coding with our first documentary that we did not cry which we launched a year ago and Rona and adds a cheer on who you saw followed their kind of trail of the do you want to take over I'm not doing a very good job so Africa I the marketing spiel is African stories for African journalists for an African audience but it's so much more than that so much more than that it's about talent graft dedication most of all about bravery and courage which are themes that I've heard here tonight we've seen so many examples already every day at Africa I I am in awe of just how much our journalists are prepared to put on their luck to put on the line and as we have both seen over the last year it's their lives this award is for all of them just this morning we had to move like one of our journalists he was threatened with their life into safe accommodation I can't tell you the amount of times that that has happened but this award is most especially for the team he made sweet sweet codeine which launched us and which set the tone for all that followed for Charlie Northcott for Rona mayor for everyone so Inc oh and the 22 other Africans who delivered big time thank you for recognizing that [Applause]

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