One World Media Feature Documentary Award 2019

now it's time for the feature documentary award for an outstanding documentary that deals with a story or issue in a developing country this year's nominees are a thousand girls like me like about a half-caste make of them Kimmy walked at the Spadina Minami gonna make an itch cos born I make a profit LSE people that I'm assuming that I'll call about the shall make it but Hotel maker to make at Bastas a father must've made of a submission of Osman Allah Allah make of selectors be Cologne on dirt boom ha Turkish woke up my boy and I make attack a sec mega stinkiness arrest me whore no most fun it's because born and I get Gibbs Megan sonic asifa's freedom fields you [Applause] I reckon she succeeded here to present the award is Sandra whippin Foundation director at dock society and chair of the jury if we change the stories we live by quite possibly we change our lives this quote by Ben okra shows us the power of narrative to shape our culture and nowhere is this more true than in the feature documentary which can be an empathy generating machine like no other in this category the jury watched ten films from all around the world telling stories from many regions in the end though it was the stories by women about women from the meaner and wider region that rose to the top and were nominated for this award above all we were impressed by the woman's optimism and astounding resilience through difficult times which stayed with us all after viewing we paid particular attention in our discussions to the specific demands of the feature documentary genre and all the nominees displayed a skillful grasp of storytelling character exposition editing and cinematography our unanimous winner is a cinematic feature which gives us a privileged and intimate access into a hidden world bravely told in extraordinarily dangerous circumstances by the director and the subject of the film and the winner is a thousand girls like me [Applause] [Applause] thank you so much I really surprised I accepted the third one will be winner so I I just sit down and said I I will see who is the winner so I I don't accept accept at all so I forgot what I want to say I makes film about women struggles in Afghanistan about subject rape incest and rape and divorce and all women issues my protagonist hot rare in my film a thousand years like me she believes she believes the silence around rape and incest should be broken that's why she invited me to her life with my camera hoping the power of my camera and the power of media could help her to overcome the fear and get justice and we believe the film could have massive impact on my country for a woman who are living in the fear and who are fighting for justice and their right and also any other place woman they are fighting for their right [Applause] I'm working with with with solder and with katara and colleague Leena Henry to ensure that the film has the greatest possible impact so we're building a campaign around the film that will be used at high policy level and a grassroots level engaging lawyers activists and campaigners are already involved in this incredibly critical issue of improving women's access to justice not only in Afghanistan but in other countries where women face injustice in other words everywhere in the world so this film has huge potential and Katara's story is unique to to come clean on this story it is quite extraordinary and it also brought huge danger because she is not able to live in Afghanistan she's now in exile because although she achieved justice and her father was convicted her her uncle's pursued her and she had to leave the country so this is an incredibly critical very sensitive very dangerous story but it's one that I'm absolutely thrilled for Sarah and for Katherine with this award thank you so much for recognizing them it's just I just remembered to say thanks to one percent who is here and probably tomorrow I will remember the rest of the people but my professor Pratap is here today and I learned from him a lot and I just want to say thank you to him and all people who helped me to me

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