One World Media Environmental Reporting Award 2019

we now comes the environmental reporting award which recognizes excellence in media that explores the relationship between people and the planet earlier this year one world's media annual industry day hosted by channel four was devoted to environmental reporting this new award is our latest response to the urgent need for more coverage and more accurate reporting on the climate crisis and environmental degradation the nominees are critically endangered giant fish on menu at luxury restaurants although it's illegal to sell them in Vietnam signs entice diners with photos of Mekong giant catfish and giant Bob's ads on social media boast of the delightful flavour of the enormous fish and of their rarity this is part of a growing trend of restaurants that are aggressively cultivating a new dangerous market for mega fish the species they offer are so rare that the removal of even a few may tip the animals toward extinction but because wild freshwater fish don't attract the same attention as tigers elephants rhinos or pangolins very few people know they're being targeted and even fewer are doing anything to stop it Gambians fight Chinese fishmeal factory as fish prices saw stocks fall they are taking the fish says adresses ack pointing towards two chinese mechanized fishing vessels in the sea right now there are no fish and we need fish a few inches away his small hand-painted wooden canoe sits idle strong winds mean there can be no fishing today he explains but the trawlers he sees in the distance can handle such weather when fishers aren't taking to the sea they villagers and fish traders are taking to the streets ongoing protests have hit Gunja since golden lead a Chinese owned fish meal factory opened in 2016 the community is suing the company over pollution generated by the facility voices of Parrikar – and bento Mooji Cinco de novembro toad mando scoutin pehla pehla Haj Kayaba Hudgens torrid me our deepest obento cha-cha Chabad porque a barrage among pros money to bend cuando la mouche ago in terracotta shot Ava's crescendo Antonio bravi mice do pro-v to Vinton do pro travel console vids to present the award please welcome filmmaker Franny Armstrong who was part of this year's jury panel I'm judging this award was actually I'm I found really reassuring just the range and the quality of environmental reporting that's coming from all over the world in all different formats and some from from both the mainstream well-funded media or quite well-funded and also absolutely tiny independent media as well but our winner was very very clear actually we all of the entrants were extremely impressive but there was one very clear winner and our winner had well everything that you'd want in an environmental award it had drama it had highs and lows it had but goodbye good guys and I had a villain and it also had a narrative arc which which ended in a way which it resolved in a way in a place that I think we all need as John was saying in this very frightening time of ecological collapse and that was in a place of hope so we all agreed that the winner is critically and Jane endangered giant fish on menu at luxury restaurants but unfortunately the winner of this award managed to miss his plane in I think it was Croatia and they were trying to get him to do a little video update from his phone did that happen no it didn't okay so I'll look after the world for him [Applause]

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