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One Chicago Stories | Oscar C

The first time we tried to cross, it was a group about eleven people. We were walking through night, like three in the morning, pitch dark. It was just like the movies I remember it. Pitch dark. We walked and then we saw the immigration patrol car coming from the other side. We all ducked down. And then my brother he stuck his head up so they saw us, right? So they took us to the detention center. I remember everything. I guess I was old enough to know what was going on but not really like it was at that age. What I was thinking is I guess I was just going through the motions, right? Like now that I think about it I was like damn that was big risk that people take just to come to the United States for better opportunity. And I guess that was my dad’s decision, right? Because he saw that here we would get a better education, more opportunity and we will live better. Like right now I live by three principles. Like I have to be fully invested in my career. Involved in my university. And involved in my community. That’s what I love about Chicago too that it brings opportunity. Being a Latino and especially that I’m undocumented is tough but I’ve been working hard. I know that the opportunities that I have today are because of some people that came before me. Either by protesting or going up to senators and being like this matters. Like there’s people who want a great education. I know some students are scared they are like legitimately scared but for me like I’m not scared anymore because I know I’m not doing nothing bad. I’m helping students. I’m giving them access to college, right? That’s big. I’ve been to other places but I think I love Chicago man. Like this is where I belong.

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