Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Roundtable: Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, More | Entertainment Weekly

  • Read Clark Collis' interview for behind-the-scenes secrets about the highly-anticipated movie straight from Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Margot Robbie ►►

  • So Tarantino asked for a discount at a movie theater because he wrote the film??..and while on a date? Lmao

    Im sure they were all thinking.he was a total weirdo for that..but held back from grinding his gears.

  • This movie is going to be crazy! Quentin always delivers! I also highly suggest the book "On My Way to Hollywood" by Roman Castle! HELLA entertaining! I could picture EVERYTHING! The parties, sexual predators, etc. Get that book!!

  • Hey, its Harley Quinn… Baffled that actors like her or Will Smith accept roles like in Suicide Squad, you read the script, cant you see its sh**?:>

  • This was the worst interviewer, and this dull, boring and bored subjects. I was born in Los Angeles and have been in journalism for almost 20 years, in the Midwest. Someone please hire me and send this guy whose been in L.A. a year back to his home newspaper so I can take his job. Just saying…

  • I feel like Brad is Cliff. If his career never went far, I feel he would be a lot like Cliff. This is definitely one of his finest roles and most unique characters. It’s his Wooderson.

  • Seen the movie 1 hour ago. Its a treat of a film. It has wheelbarrows of Tarantino traits in it as usual movie was like 2.5 hours felt like it was 1.5 I only got up to fart I had terrible gas but held ya know that fart you hold with no release in case the fragrance submerges I had the fart trickle and I squeezed it back in with no valve release and 40 minutes later had to do thew same and 20 minutes after that again she was trying but I refused I ended up I knew I had to fart went outside let her rip and back to the show.

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