Offset Shows Love for Wife Cardi B at the BET Awards

I'm loving what you're wearing who is the spy yeah by the migos we customized rips put it together one on one okay how did you decide who's gonna wear what color color match the skintone color coordinates it like y'all gonna be opening the show tonight you excited is it special 2019 2019 is special we just brought another one home we're best group thanks to the fans for making that happen for us again we're gonna bring the props we're gonna bring it right here to you guys won't be performing with cardis starting out what can we expect what is she gonna perform you got flips what's happening that's the part of the show we're gonna we're gonna let you see that it just wow this is a WoW lineup is crazy majority of the home team so I'm excited to see everybody and we're going up tonight is easy extra special when he gets to perform with cardi everything we don't extra right now so just extra her marriage a boys is being honored John Legend's gonna do a tribute to it's crazy to you it's always a when as I was in there when as black people can get together and make so much power and be somewhat so influential ooh answer to the world you dig one more extra hit the subscribe button in the Bell you never miss a video


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