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Offset Apologizes To Cardi B On Emotional New Track ‘Don’t Lose Me’: I’m Sorry For Being A ‘Messed U

Offset’s 1st ever solo album is here! But one incredibly honest track details that messy split with Cardi B & fans are shook by the lyrics    While it seemed that the dust had settled in the breakup saga of Offset, 27, and Cardi B, 26, the rapper just dropped a new song that touches upon the messy split The track “Don’t Lose Me,” featured on his brand new solo record, Father Of 4, arrived on Feb 22, and fans have some strong thoughts about it. We can hardly blame them given the song’s lyrics! Before the Migos member even jumped into rapping, he issued an apology that has us tearing up: “And I apologize, you know what I’m saying, for breaking your heart, breaking our heart, breaking God’s promise And for being a selfish and messed up husband, you know what I’m saying. I’m trying to be a better person ” In the actual verses, he wrapped lines like “You know I really miss her / I really miss her / Demons in my souls got issues” and “She told me don’t use me ”    Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised Offset dished details of his breakup in the new album The split completely consumed his life (and headlines) over the last few months. Fans were rocked when Cardi first announced that she was parting ways with the Migos rapper on Dec 5 via an Instagram video. “Everybody been bugging me and everything, and you know, I’ve been trying to work things out with my baby father for a hot minute now,” she said at the time “We’re really good friends and you know, we’re really good business partners…he’s always somebody that I run to, to talk to And we’ve got a lot of love for each other,” she added. “But, we’re not together anymore I don’t know, it might take time to get a divorce,” she shockingly said in the video  However, the split didn’t last long, and we soon saw the couple reunite. Cardi DID admit it would take time before they were 100% happy again “I hang out with him, I talk to him every day and we do our thing,” Cardi said of her on-again husband “It’s just like…to make things perfect… it takes time. You know, f**king and hanging out doesn’t mean that you guys are on like a perfect note, it takes time It takes time. And it’s a marriage and there’s a child involved and family involved,” she told People in the midst of the breakup  These days, the pair are once again the picture of happiness, and they even cozied up at the 2019 Grammy Awards They turned heads on the red carpet with a wild display of PDA when they stuck their tongues out met in the middle for a wet smooch It was a big night for Cardi who was nominated for five awards, and Offset was there to support all the way! We can only wonder what his lady thinks of his new track!

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