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NYX Face Awards Ukraine 2019 | Top 5 | Wonderland After Dark by G.A. |

Our problem is that we do not live as we want and we often become hostages,
circumstances of public opinion or centuries-old traditions that make us
live by their rules. As a result, we suffer in unloved work,
sometimes we even live with unloved people and not everyone can break out with
this vicious circle. I was like everyone, served in the army,
worked in the office, depended on the opinions of others. Every day I woke up at the same
time to catch an unloved job and at the evening I hurried home to be in time
relax before a new vicious circle. But once in my life, something happened
after reading one entertaining book I decided to take a chance and put everything
at stake, after that moment in my wonderland the dawn began,
a lot of things happened and it wasn’t simple way, but somehow i came to
my first pictгre for Nyx Face Awards. I gave up the old life and started
live as always and dreamed filling her like an empty room with new emotions,
hobby, skills, I started with la clean leaf,
that’s why I am who I am Hi I am G.A. and this is my last
video for the Nyx Face Awards. Everyone is thinking about winning, about their drawing now, and I don’t even worry about this That competition has become more than
competition. It gave me an opportunities, experience and friends from different corners
of the world. When I saw a new topic I had a lot of ideas, my
eyes burned and hands did not stop draw layouts
but literally a day before filming, I realized that I was looking at the topic too superficially, and when I delved into it, it hit me. I looked at it as an action that takes place after sunset, but it turned over to my mind when I realized that this topic was about me, because I did not live in wonderland, at first there was darkness in my life. Now it doesn’t matter to me whether I will win this contest, this year is special for me, and I am glad that I have the opportunity to thank everyone who has been with me over the years, who believed in me and sometimes kicked me in the ass I did not relax. I proved to myself everything I wanted, and I am incredibly grateful to the Nyx Professional Make Up for supporting development in this way and helping young talents to prove themselves! I remember my first picture. This was my classic 2d comic style character. Since childhood, I dreamed of drawing comics and can even become a cartoonist. I recall that incredible storm of emotions when people liked my drawing, liked the jury, I received letters and comments with support and words of praise, they made me believe in myself and since then I have been moving forward, getting better, more experienced and trying not to let those down that holds fists for me.
And this is not just a video for the contest, this is my little story, the story that you don’t need to be afraid to be a black sheep, you do not need to bashfully put your dream in the long box, are not afraid that you will be condemned or not understood, you are unique and the best, remember this! Thank you all for your attention, G.A. was with you. Goodbye! Hello to everyone, let’s start creating my
world of wonders with border drawing all over my body and hands for this I
I will use a pencil Faux Whites I create the effect of a wooden butterfly on one side will be the bright side on the other dark I draw a tree that symbolizes
my life to draw the sky at sunrise
using the following shades I draw the man by
black paint draw mountains in the nights that
symbolize for me under burning peaks and achieving a goal by next products I draw a jellyfish in the ocean which symbolizes the depth of thought and deep soul also I draw a wave and bubbles I draw a clock inside which is located
whole galaxy, part of the clock broken, symbolizes wasted time to nothing
and the other side of the watch is the time that worth spending in the future wisely,
mechanism already symbolize movement structure of character and personality therefore
one of the sides of mechanism is also broken and another continues to work further I draw a book that symbolizes
life story tale and adventure but one side of the books is dark and another
bright on the side of the night I depict cards which
symbolizes excitement I draw mushrooms
which partly symbolize poison or poison I draw a wolf howling at the full moon for the wolf is my totem animal draw the moon and the night sky I draw a ruined castle in a dark forest
which symbolizes the crypt of unfulfilled dreams and there is no place for miracles in part
showing the dark side of man Let’s move on to creating a colorful world on
the dawn of a chessboard symbolizes logic miscalculation of moves for the future and flowers stretch to the sun for warmth and symbolize
joy and care Be honestly with you draw nature that I do not often portray in
in my pictures and even with left hand draw the right side the task was not easy
but to my surprise I did it I draw a light castle by the sea which
symbolizes home sweet home portraying myself in comic style so
say a small reference to my first video I paint drips on my hands which symbolize the creation
of my whole world as a dark side so the bright and my image is ready to create my wonderland took 18 hours thanks for watching
video to the end, Goodbuy

  • Глеб,как всегда аплодирую стоя! А ручку ты держишь так же,как и в школе 😆

  • Глеб собрал годовой запас декора, "Поле чудес" прямо))) Ты огнище!!! А это всего лишь конкурс..

  • Отличный финал 🙂 Но немного грустненько, что этот этап твоей жизни подошел к концу. Зато будет новый 😉

  • Ты самый запоминающийся участник и, можно сказать, легенда украинского face awards! С каждым этапом уровень работ подымался всё выше и выше)) а теперь пора покинуть гнёздышко конкурса и пилить свой контент без рамок и условий!

  • Глеб, я, как и все здесь собравшиеся, тоже хочу тебя поддержать! Ты большой молодец и радостно видеть, что есть такие люди как ты, уверенной походкой шагающие к своей цели и мечте! Желаю тебе удачи и победы в конкурсе! Держу за тебя кулачки 🤗

  • Мне кажется это твоя лучшая работа! Удивил в который раз! Молодец!

  • Это нереально красиво и символично 😍 очень жаль что потом приходится смывать такую сложную работу.

  • Суперрррр! Очень круто получилось ! Держим кулачки за тебя !! 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Держу за Вас кулачки! Сказать что это круто – это почти ничего не сказать!

  • Как будто мотивационный ролик посмотрела) так философски получилось. Достойная работа!

  • работа-откровение👍!!
    очень понравилось. круто! сказочная работа на фоне обычного жизненного пространства, под рассказ о том, как ты пришёл к своей мечте, выглядит пронзительно!!!! кайфанула от того, что увидела👍👍👍👍👍
    и то, что страна чудес после заката осталась такой же прекрасной, без жести, тоже очень понравилось♥️🍄🐇

  • I have no words for this amazing work!!!
    I'd never think that I'll find a really special, ridiculous and stratospheric friend like you!

    God bless you bro! You are the best Ukrainian make up artist!
    You are over 9 thousand!!!! xD ❤️

  • братан, офисная работа это тоже очень важно)))))) главное ко всему подходить с креативом!))

  • Атаман ты красава, так держать! Люди нажелали тебе многое, добавить что то еще сложно, но хочу сказать пусть твое упорство, целеустремленность и шаги к новым жизненным победам остаются такие прочные не рушимые как есть. Желаю новых идей, жизнинных целей, успехов и конечно же Музу) которая будет вдохновлять и поддерживать тебя по жизни, при поражении или победе не важно.

  • Глеб, ты супер, тебе удалось донести свой message! В-первые, смотрю твою абсолютно на все 100% серьезную работу, и это потрясающе. Ты действительно сумел раскрасить свою жизнь красками.
    Так случилось, что мой просмотр твоего ролика совпал с известием о твоей победе. ПОЗДРАВЛЯЮ!
    Ты этого заслуживаешь, как никто другой! Удачи тебе и творческих побед в красочном будущем!!!

  • Поздравляю!!!❤❤❤❤❤Очень счастлива.И гордость разгребает за сына.Ты действительно толантише.Спасибо тебе ,что ты есть в нашей жизни.!!!!

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