every one I made it into the NYX face awards top 30 the first challenge is hash tag now it's trending so today I'm bringing you my area 51 alien who just discovered it's hot girl summer I'll be linking where you can vote for me in the description below so be sure to check that out if you like this look now let's get started first I'm going to get the base of my glam going by applying NYX professional makeup can't stop won't stop Foundation and concealer and then setting everything with the SFX setting powder when my base is finished I'll be applying the fill and fluff brow pencil in black and cleaning it up with the same concealer I forgot to grab my face product so for the rest of this look I'll be using the modern dreamer palette I'll be taking this warm toned brown shade and using it as a bronzer as well as a transition shade in my crease I'll be taking that same concealer as before and carving out my lid to apply this shimmery green shade over top and then I'll be taking the darkest brown shade in the palette and deepening out the outer corner and lower crease now we're going to add a wing and smoke out the lower lash line with the epic ink liner and eye pencil in black and before adding lashes I'm going to add a pop of a neon green glitter to the inner corner but first putting down a bit of mixed professional makeups pigment primer then to finish off this eye look I'll be adding these super dramatic wicked lashes and coating them with on the rise mascara we're about done with this lamb I'll just be adding some blush to my cheeks using another shadow from the modern dreamer palette and a little bit of the orange glow highlighter overtop and of course to complete the look I'll be applying some black lipstick now the study part we're going to wipe off half of the glam if you're interested in just being a hot girl alien then don't bother doing this site to begin with once my face dries I'll be gluing down my brows I'll be doing this three times waiting for the glue to dry before adding another layer I'm gluing them down to protect them from the adhesive another way to do this is to coat them completely in Vaseline I'm setting the brows down with powder and then creating a prosthetic over the brow and cheek bone using cotton balls and liquid latex once I have the cotton in place I'll be adding another layer of liquid latex over top and setting it all with the powder to avoid any shine I definitely could have made the brow and cheek prosthetic a little larger but I didn't want it to contrast to the glam side too much I'm now going to mock up where I want my alien to mount using NYX professional makeup jumbo eye pencil in milk I was 100% free handing the drips and you can easily wipe them away if you decide to go different direction once I have a rough draft of what I want the drips to look like I'm going to begin painting myself green and avoiding the areas I'm keeping blam now I'm going to begin the shading process using a black to dark green gradient along the lines of the drips and the hollows of the brow and cheek prosthetic and I'll be creating an alien shaped by using these same liners I used for the glam side and the NYX professional makeup SFX paint to fill it all in I also use the SFX paint to create some summer alien nostrils and then continue to work on the body paint by adding a bit of white shadow to the center of the drips and high points of my face to add more dimension I also decided I did not want this trip on my neck so I'm removing it with a makeup wipe and covering it up with more face paint I'm going to create some weird alien lips using some more black lipstick and then popping a black out contact to the alien side of my eye and for the final special effect I'll be using this 3d gel to make it look like my skin is actually melting off due to a hot girl summer this product is a sticky mess but overall I love the dimension it adds to the look alright everyone that's it for my NYX face awards entry please don't forget to vote if you thought this look was cool and hope to see you guys in the next round [Applause] yeah perfect angle there no actually that's not in person new it does give your water bottle if you like pretended to like take a sip of water this is like not so there's a little more you'll give me directions to talk about there no water come on I want a statement


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