Northern Maternity & Midwifery Festival Awards 2019

before we start actually physically doing the awards if I can just introduce and dr. Jana richens who's OB deputy head of maternity nursing Directorate in NHS England and she's also trustee of for Louie and as that sour cherry for the day she I think she'd like to say a couple of few words about the charity then we're going to go into the awards do excitedly thank you Thanks so I'm really sorry that I'm slightly delayed today so I've been chairing the NIH our meeting around stillbirths in sub-saharan Africa so working with eight countries looking at reducing the seal birth rate 2.6 million globally still a lot of huge work to be done but I'm here today and it was really important I came and I've been looking for Bob and chasey and I can't see them I think they might be with their stand before Lewis I think that most of you would have be aware of the work for Lewis and how important it is now these people are very personal and very dear to me so what happened was a year ago I had a phone call from Bob and Tracy saying to me and asking me to be their patron what they didn't know is that two days before my daughter had a stillbirth I'm three so it was really really important that we celebrate their work because I think what we we all know is the tragedy that comes out of it but it doesn't define who you are well it's really about making good memories at the worst time in your life that you go away thinking actually that that was okay and I supported my daughter but and what I wanted to say was the support of those midwives was phenomenal and I you know and I'm not just saying that cuz I am a midwife some didn't know me and so they shouldn't all I wanted to care about and support with my daughter you know when people say well it must have been difficult for you losing a baby it was my baby so so a gay you know it's about applauding midwives midwifery but also people like Bob Tracy and their daughter that make a difference supporting us to do what we can do so that's why it was so really really important me to be here and in my role you know Jackie donkey been is absolutely a phenomenal leader she has now put into the long term plan around supporting women from black Asian minority ethnic groups and why is that important that's so important because of disproportionate amount to stillborn babies that are born I know for my earlier work with the Mary Seacole fellowship 20 years ago that we've made no significant inroads into black Asian minority ethnic groups in terms of stillbirth it was always oh it's concern when it's marriages it was always about blame but actually the time now is looking at continuity of care and I look at my consultant/midwife my colleagues here that are doing phenomenal work making sure the voices of women are heard are supported so yeah so thank you everybody and thank you for waiting so yeah thank you thank you of course we we'd also christiana into action into being part of their photo opportunity and part of the award award ceremony which she's very kindly agreed to do which we were very delighted about and you'll notice there's some little boxes here and all people will get a certificate put on their wall or whatever and the the winners will receive a plaque the we've been doing these awards for a couple of years now and they're an important way of recognizing the contribution of midwives especially within the maternity services and they're real celebration of achievement effort change innovation management insight and all those things that are really important to keep the maternity service floating and a high quality the awards recognize individuals teams management educators anyone who values excellence and makes improvement they might feel like a top competition but we don't see it as a competition not in not everything in life has to be a competition is there a real celebration of achievement and we felt it was important to recognize excellence and provide examples of day to day achievement and progress now the first award that we wouldn't make is the midwife achievement award as you before I say that what I ought to emphasize is that the judges have such a hard job we give them all the submissions and they have to go through them and I have to agree the winners and the commended and a kind of sample of this is that for this next award there are two highly commended Awards as well as the winner to be put forward for the midwife achievement more this is someone who's been nominated for their achievement in maternity or midwifery services any clinical practice leadership or education role someone who's made a difference who's inspired others someone who might have had a lifetime of service and patent taken on extraordinary challenges what's going on here the two highly commended the first highly commended is someone who arrived today and that's Jenny Clark if I could just say before she comes up to receive her highly commended award she's an experienced midwife who should as a really influence Midwife your practice on a global scale she's really given of herself she's gone above and beyond because of her courage and compassion which she really Illustrated today in a presentation lovely way she has about her using her much acclaimed blog post on the website HTTP should have slash slash Jenny the Midwife and social media Jenny's Twitter handle is a recognized worldwide her name has become synonymous with skin-to-skin practice in addition to there she quietly supports many many midwives a student midwife firstly so congratulations to Jenny Clark who's been highly commended [Applause] actually vote me the most beautiful poem when she found out that my granddaughter died she was phenomenal but thank you and it was really gorgeous wonderful but for everybody doing skin-to-skin I should also said we have to come down the steps because the Lighting's better for the photographs and so the next highly commended award goes to Jonathan cliff also Midwife a truly fantastic rising star in midwifery maternity care he's been qualified for nearly four years and a member of the British Journal of midwifery editorial board I think he's not now is he where is Jamie Wiley was John Harmon oh yeah he was stick with phenomenal he became a professional midwifery advocate in made 2018 and is currently completing his master's degree he's an ambassador for the fabulous mummies star charity he sports women locally with cancer and a pregnant and links him up with mummies star to support them in their families he's been a central part of the t UC campaign for breaking down stereo typical perceptions of career choices also and he really deserves recognition what he does above and beyond so well done Jonathan [Applause] thank you very much and the winner is Kath Holland and this is a midwife who's demonstrated great care and compassion acting as a true advocate for women suffering FGM and has gone more than the extra mile thousands of miles was versed in her submission to help her addict eight this practice the founder of the chapter charity beyond FGM has made huge advancement in this field while she's now officially retired she still works regularly on the bank she first went to Kenya with VSO in 1998 in autumn to be a midwifery tutor there she was horrified to find this community still practice FGM the turning point came when a young girl called Nellie whom she'd befriended in the village where she lived inviting invited her to attend her initiation ceremony event where she would be mutilated colleagues and friends helped her fundraise in 2005 with enough funds she persuaded me remember on Rhoda to Kenyan midwife to travel to the UK they met midwives in Kendal and specialists who campaign against FGM in Liverpool women's hospitals in Thomas's and community workers in Leytonstone they'll be instrumental in speaking about the effects of FGM and how education awareness can bring the impetus for change and she's took this new knowledge back to Pokot Pokot pocket pocket the new community-based organization a CBO kept steno retro rot who tip in I bet you to say that better wouldn't unit and the uk-based charity beyond FGM was fallen to 2010 to work in partnership with this and over the years Kath would return two to four times our annually working with grassroots groups the the group has seen thousands of girls 12 to 20 age attend workshops in class about the dangers of gym and she's currently working to set up in a more strategic CBO and West Boca so congratulations to Castle Holland a worthy winner I think yeah okay well thanks everyone and it's Judy over there who nominated me and thanks Judith and I'm a strong believer in the team and nobody does with anything in isolation I've had so much support from loads of people friends family my colleagues up in Kendall two of them are here now and we're always doing fundraising and and it's great team effort and FGM you know female genital mutilation it strikes at the very heart of what it is to be a midwife there you are trying to deliver somebody and her whole all of her genitalia have been removed and destroyed it's a terrible abhorrent cruel practice and it's about time it was ended globally and thanks everybody and thank you a mettaton jana in tanzania in 2009 amazing okay we now come to the NF Innovation Awards and this is for service and staff restructuring the better birth outcomes application of research and changing in changing process for better outcomes use of new technology and integration into maternity processes and adapting to new science and testing regimes was quite wide-ranging so we for this award we have won highly commended and a winner and the highly commended is the clinical skills team educators I believe at the Middlesex I believe yeah and this is innovation they've done some really important work and it's very much in progress innovation at its best in the first in the UK which needs to be celebrated has the potential for saving maternal neonatal lives the strategy is how several interest from Japan Malta Dubai and Turkey which Middlesex University are helping not just at an international level but locally with several NHS trusts it's featured on the BBC and has over 2 million views this is pioneered the first strategy and teaching simulations really excited using the targeted targeted use of augmented reality for teaching anatomy and physiology as well as management of obstetric emergencies for midwifery students this allows students and clinicians to practice prepartum assessment labor and delivery emergency care have they have with modeled and validated physiology that's integrated with fetal physiology this talent and technology respond automatically to BER obstetric maneuvers and clinical interventions and through this birthing through the birthing simulators offer the most complete training in things like shoulder dystocia management and mechanical ventilation can you imagine that a few years back how fantastic is that it represents a promising area with a high potential enhancing midwifery education so congratulations to the clinical skills team University of Middlesex highly commended [Applause] this goes a bit beyond the doll and pelvis I think oh well done the winner of the Innovation Award is the Ingleside birth and community center this and this is awarded through a bidding process for the transformational approach and implementation of findings of better births within Greater Manchester it's a state-of-the-art birth and community center which offered a one-stop shop for services that wrapped around the needs of local families the births entrance services have grown to fast pace to include transforming Ingleside into a magical place to birth and initiate best beginnings it has four birthing suites with birthing pools ensuite HD projectors display natural images and sounds birthing aids and access to a garden three clinical rooms of offering flexible space to facilitate midwifery and obstetric clinics and three community spaces for public events professional forum meetings and training the innovative team underpins its success to extensive collaborative partnerships with women and their families and this was really an important part of their winning as a national pioneer for better births the team set up a continuity of care a team of midwives and since opening 2008 18 have already redesigned its pathway and integrated health services in the trajectory has risen from 300 to 500 women over nine-month period which is fabulous the team have also embraced other health agendas to host national forums inclusive work with the most disadvantaged led by Andy Burnham Ossian and dads mutters this team and bodies bodies innovation on a day to day basis finding solutions to the challenges of transform maternity services of the future so congratulations to Ingleside birth and community center I'm missing always pressing foods now Claire Catherine Owens John Openshaw Tracy Tracy Porter Nia and Angela Bowman sigh points for every Midwife or Bolton and every obstetrician in a neurologist that helped this and made this happen so thank you [Applause] I don't know how they cope with the Oscars how do they do that okay now the next award category is the MMF students a newly qualified Midwife award and this is recognizing an individual student midwife or newly qualified Midwife or their contribution or achievement in midwifery all maternity practice while in training left the judges look for and outstanding achievement in training undertaking training in exceptional circumstances someone who made in the contribution to the profession or student experience of training or made a contribution to maternity midwifery while in training and acting as a role model or advocate and the heart we have a highly commended for this category and it's Deborah Hayes who's at the university of central lancashire Debra is a third-year student midwife she's coming towards the end of her degree program founding a long-standing dream to become a midwife she worked as an infant feeding peer support at local hospital before entry we're also delighted to see the impact she's had on women and families in her care and also her colleagues and peers on the course she's hard-working motivated and her commitment has seen excel both in academic and clinical work she's loved by all the work alongside her and she we know she'll impact positively on the future of midwifery and will make a difference to every woman and family she serves so well done Deborah [Applause] [Applause] as he qualifies in August okay and the winner is Melissa Connolly who's a student midwife at Royal Bolton [Applause] this is where Melissa will go a bit pink in the face I think she's a second year midwifery student and is extremely passionate about the profession and has actively dumped documented her journey into midwifery via social media those who aren't in Twitter yet get there through documenting and sharing her experience with others she positively promotes the professionals received messages from individuals who contacted to say she inspired them to follow her dream and study midwifery – she's also had to balance studying full-time and working thirty seven and a half hours a week whilst on placement but also a carer for her two-year-old son Alexander who's disabled or has a disability and suffers from hypotonia and high permeability whilst volunteering to work at open days the University of Salford she noticed that many midwifery application applicants were expressing their concern about not knowing how to go about doing a stand out personal statement that's the thing that heat applicants find really hard and she's recently self-published the midwifery personal statement guide which would be fantastic she's currently in the process of organizing a volunteer led breastfeeding support group the women in her local community area that's in Radcliffe as she recently discovered that the breastfeeding support group that she utilized while breastfeeding her own baby had been pulled due to lack of funding so congratulations Melissa [Applause] that's elation worthy winner goodness gracious okay now for the next the next category is always a very popular one and this is the MMF team award and we have two highly commended and one winner for this team award and this is when people apply is for it can be for a mid maternity team midwifery team unit or a leader or educational practice whatever who have demonstrated excellent interprofessional working transform services and demonstrated innovation in the use of staff working with women or applying new processes and technologies in the maternity unit to community or home our first team who've been highly commended is Blackpool wire and failed miscarriage support group [Applause] and this group has been providing free of charge supports families within the community for three and a half years the team is run by volunteers who offer face-to-face support groups telephone contact daily and email support also they've raised over nine thousand pounds doing various activities no the five thousand pounds has been invested into blackboard Victoria Hospital early pregnancy unit four facilities that provide comfort and dignity to all that visit the unit the team have worked hard to set up the group build relationships within the hospital fight to get a private waiting room raise awareness fundraise so monies can be raised to refurbish EP a you and offer support to all families on a voluntary basis each and every day [Applause] and another commended for the team award are the Ingleside birth and community center team they are already in case you did not didn't miss you missed it a winner for the innovation but they were also commended for the sheer scale of their teamwork needed to drive forward such a free-standing birth central community hub for their outstanding achievement in such a short timeframe they've embraced the recommendations better birth and despite local and professional skepticism that journey has been a roller coaster and their greatest success has been their ability to collaborative effective and lifelong multi professional partnerships the wrap the services I love this idea of wrapping the service around the health needs of the women and their families during and Beyond pregnancy and their this this team are on the map of the national maternity transformation project so Jana will know this well and they've been visited by Baroness come village who acclaimed English science achievements as a blueprint for others to replicate so congratulations to [Applause] okay okay and the winner of the team award is the Lancashire teaching hospitals maternity service led by Kathy Africa and the judges felt that the sheer scale of work and engagement with change in national programs makes this a well-deserved award this whole team excels install service excels in so many ways some of their achievements just as a selected few community midwives with local mother set up a home birth forum where mothers who've had a home birth support other women and families and they produce a home birth video together two midwives are undertaking the clinical academic trainee and currently worked on a project to improve the pathway for women having elective cesarean section supporting a local mother who suffered from postnatal psychosis to speak that there are seeing confluence into local healthcare workers and students a student there student midwife Alison brindle was key to starting the theater cap challenge by writing her name and designation on her theatre cap again Twitterers will know about this – just making point and delivery sweet has been one of the two trusts involved in better birth by to improve at the actual environment and the service collaborated with two neighboring trusts to create a multidisciplinary training better training better birth and they're actually currently evaluating the program a community Midwife has worked with the deaf society after caring for a woman who was deaf and that's resulted in the organisation developing information pods now available on the Internet maternity support workers have a bespoke training package and work on the post labeling community they collaborate with the dads Network they were awarded beacon state as one of three 'trust nationally midwifery led services 2018 and Cathy artist Atherton who leads the service was nominated for the NHS top 70 leaders in the NHS seventy years celebration very worthy was and they were also the runner-up in this year's RCM midwifery service of the year so and and also having involvement in the first wave of maternity neonatal health saved safety with collaborative led by the NHS I so congratulations to the Lancashire teach teaching hospitals maternity service winners of 2019 [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] and there's the final and I think we've talked this morning about the need to now there's this middle Midwife managers as the butter in that in the sandwich I don't know if anyone remembers that but I think it was Sudan that said that so we've come to the winner of the maternity management award and this is always someone who's goes above again but above and beyond what you could expect in your normal life as it were and the winner of this award there isn't a command is purely a winner is Kathy Atherton [Applause] koffie has recently retired can midwives over return a head of midwifery Cathy Atherton's worked tirelessly in the NHS for 42 years she's been the voice for her whole team speech to speaking out on their behalf she's pushed through many boundaries to achieve the absolute best care throughout throughout evidence-based practice she's been fully committed to better births for all and improved maternity services and has made transformations and service delivery changes happen through working with wide multidisciplinary teams she's led the introductions of many new processes and patterns for better outcomes the care of women babies and families has been improved through Cathy's influence for example being involved with fathers to hear their views through maternity voices partnership in Central Lancashire her passion hard work dedication enthusiasm primed pride and commitment has also always shown through she really deserves the recognition this is it what she's achieved she's truly gone above and beyond in all her roles and has been such an inspirational meet Midwife and leader her legacy will live on for many years through throughout the staff mothers and fathers and families whose life or lives have been touched she set the bar very high with her first-class standards a wonderful Midwife manager and leader and we did have many testimonials Kathy so congratulations to you [Applause] not often speechless and I am speechless thank you so much thank you so much for people who have wrote those words Bank oh yeah I have just retired if midwives do retire and but I've had the most amazing amazing career and just taking the opportunities that have been set in front of me after work with amazing teams well the job that I've just retired from supporting midwives maternity support worker student midwives has been an absolute joy because they have been that I've been pushing it an open door of people that just want to make a difference for women in barriers and families watching some amazing things this means so much to me thank you so much now whatever C said about the Oscars we've made a little bit of a yeah it's probably me so the Oscars have got yeah yeah so there's a little war we do have a Carly commended for the maternity management award somehow I do apologize most profusely and this is a this is a and I should have said about the management leader in well all of the things that Cathy's be described as this particular management award goes to and the maternity management team worrying to halt and the hospital's trust and and this this is a trust that just been revisited by a CQC and they've said what a huge difference they can see since their last visit this is a real positive and this is attributed to the midwifery management led by dr. Tracy Cooper MBE this team have turned the service around in the last two years to create a woman and family-centered service and they should be recognized as such so that the members of the team are and Goodwin who's the matron of the complex care and gynecology Joanne Lambert matron for midwifery lead care Louise Tucker consultant/midwife Helen McDonald community mlu manager Clara Braithwaite community mlu manager de Nika Pendlebury ward manager Lisa Davis and NC triage manager and Mary Jo water and births we manage and I do apologize this is slightly out of order but it's a commend a highly commended management [Applause] [Applause]

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